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Behind and beyond! While we divide into you and we!

In Afasia's corner... on November 14, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Behind and beyond! While we divide into you and we!

Before bringing freedom to rest of the ME countries, please check the ones you have already done.

Taliban’s soldiers in Afghanistan – Ghazni stoned a woman and her daughter blaming of adultery.

Can you see the future of Libya now? They just declared in Libya that they are going to govern the country by Islamic Rules! Can you see the future of Iraq now? Can you see the future of Syria now? Do you see a future now?

Then we are looking at politician’s propaganda on election time. For example they win by saying those words in Spain; Romanian or Pakistani people are not very welcome if they are not coming to work here. They prepare to win by using racist videos and images. People go and vote them. Same people’s representatives sign a pact to bomb Libya or Afghanistan or etc. etc. You may not be conscience of your responsibility, but we are all responsible of each and all moves happening in our planet. Just use your right to say STOP. At least, say stop instead supporting them on their bloody and oily actions.

PD: By the Islamic rules of Taliban, mixed wedding celebrations with music are forbidden. Women at home and men outside can celebrate it without music. Thanks USA! Thanks Europe! World is a better place by your support!

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