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Playing games in the backyard of USA…

In Afasia's corner... on August 27, 2013 at 9:09 am

Just like a theater.. Even if it´s a real story sometimes hard to believe in what and how. They call their friends and play games in their backyard called middle east. They try new generation weapons. They satisfy their soldiers of hunger. They can play this game over and over and always as joyful as the first time they played. Even the dumbest can smell their sweat from miles.

But when there is no confirmed reality, how can someone take an action. On whom you attack when you don’t even know who has used chemical weapons. I know only one country who uses chemical weapons in history. Why don’t we blame on them providing some to the oppositions. Neither we know about such a thing but we are in a world of fake informations and manipulations by media. To whom can we believe? Even so respectful people, politicians, medics are bought by them. We see each time what happens to you when you say the truth. From who you expect to hear the truth. Really? All I know that you die when you say something real, because truth is hurtful.. But only to the one, who mentions it.

In conclusion I don’t support such an operation again to middle east. Less in an enviorement where all arround politicians mentioning about big middle east project which we “don’t” know the details yet. Iraq is done, Afghanistan is gone, Libia, Lebanon, Egypt etc.. How many Middle East and African country they left and set free after those amazing and “sucesfull” operations? I don’t even know 1 of them…

I know they wont listen people’s opinion, but we rise our word just not to shot our mouths. Even if we cannot change a thing.

I only beg for one important thing, leave innocent children out of your dirty business!

I only beg for one thing, leave innocent children out of your dirty business!

I only beg for one thing, leave innocent children out of your dirty business!


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In Fanny Lulu's diary on October 10, 2012 at 12:32 pm

We all know what has been happening in the Middle East countries since december 2010.

The designers of this “Project” probably made most of the us believed that the upheavals in the Arab World meant to bring democracy, justice, equality, liberty etc. under the umbrella laicism together with moderate İslam through the eyes of the western states.(Turkish model)

All the clues I could follow from those well-organised protests, strikes, marches, demonstrations etc. are carefully orchestrated by Invisible Hands.(Guess who they are?)

Now at this point could we all have common sense to figure out whatever is served on the TV screens and the other news sources?

Could we show our mental resistance against all the manipulations and censorships of visual and print media before believing all imprudently?

If we want to know the pure truth to live humanly, it is a must to search the news and situations extensively in an objective and unprejudiced way.

The people living in the world are now face to face with disinformation and this makes the wars legally acceptable and more open to be supported by the international community which may be influenced  by global mass media tools. Especially when the developped states in every aspect are involved in these crimes…

The world is being changed by bloody hands of the bloody minds. I am not against the “change” and “revolution”. But these words make sense when they are all done for the people themselves. That’s why I will never understand the meaning of “war”. Do you think that there are winners in war? It is hard to say that war is the best solution for ending the conflicts or changing the regimes. We all must make sure the conflicts will never come to an end unless we quit the idea of  wiping out the others with whom we disagree. The leaves are not alike so are the people, ideas, actions etc…”Democracy” which they are in a big endeavour to bring to the eastern countries mean what I try to say. I am not dreaming, I believe that their own people can choose their leader in its organic process of  “change”. All I see is now “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and “the end justifies the means”. The system works the same as in the past years: Make them believe in freedom and democracy by arming and funding them to achieve their duties but while doing that make use of non-governmental organisations and social media. As a second step: support all the opponents and bring them together for reasonable aims such as following footsteps of  “SPRING: ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth.”

Bloody change which will mostly serve Invisible Hands’ profits in Middle East.

The falls of dictatorial regimes will open new horizons for the people of the Middle East, (Oil-Thirsty) Western States together with Russia and China brothers.

It is quite worth to mention that i am worried about our foreign policy as ”zero problems with neighbours” is turning into “zero neighbours with problems”. We are all alone in the borderland of  Syria and exposed to the Syrian strikes that may occur anytime. Briefly, Turkey hosted about 95.000 refugees according to AFAD (Turkish Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate). They’ve been living in the camps in humanitarian conditions (with lodging, food, health services, security, social activities, education, religious services, translation services and communications). Even worse 2 air force pilots were killed when their jet was shot down by Syrian troops in 22nd june and 4 month later 5 more Turkish civilians(three of them were children) were killed during the mortar bombs fired from Syria territory  for the sake of nothing. The habitants of the border region are living in fear and questions. Social unrest is all around and daily life is unbalanced since the nightmare began. I believe that this is a huge cost for all Turkish people that will not be repaired easily..

“Nato member” Turkey is deprived of the financial and military support of the Western States. What about North Atlantic Treaty’s Article 5, which states that “an armed attack against one . . . shall be considered an attack against them all.”  This article is dead and NULL! It’s clearly justified by the loyal member Turkish Goverment and the International Community! We are confronted with the WAR! Thanks to the West and allied states, what you wish is nearly fulfilled with the permission from the parliament for cross border military operations if  it’s deemed necessary.

I hope this time when elephants fight, the grass will not suffer.




In Fanny Lulu's diary on August 15, 2012 at 10:21 am

Let’s draw the swords of our minds, time is running out my friends! Our day will come, too!

Let’s be the side of the pure truth and even it’s so far away let’s pry it out of the earth.

Let’s save ourselves from prejudices& superstitions&ultranationalism and intolerant religions.

Let’s not simply rely on what mainstream media says. Democracies benefit from it as a tool of propaganda and servant to its funders.

Once in a lifetime if we haven’t tried to feel like the others we don’t like, we can afford to put ourselves in their places. Yes, we can. Believe in me, we can do it if we indeed want to.

Now, let’s shift the helm and sail to the never ending Spring in the Middle East and North Africa. What does the meaning of the spring season? I suppose that Spring means awakening of the nature and actual process of renewing our mindsthrough the warm, sunny rays of light. Well, what about so-called Arab Spring? Who put the name of these consecutive protests and upheavals in the indicated lands? Please tell me what you see in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya,Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and…

Is there anyone like me who is utterly puzzled by what’s really happening there and here in Turkey?

Let’s indeed speak of facts. Because they are the only way out of this labyrinth of chaos.

Have you ever thought that someone pushed the button of these military coups in North Africa and the heart of the “Greater Middle East Project.”?

I certainly believe that it is because the time has come to spread “the renaissance of the ideal of justice in the Arab world.” As we know their philosophie which is “if you don’t come to democracy, democracy will come to you!.”

Western States, their allies and puppet governments have been working hard on the projects which are related to redrawing the borders of the region with energy resource (oil) rich countries just because it’s essentially important for the world’s leading states to find new markets and provide energy at reasonable prices.

It quite seems that “they” can do everything for making these aims get true as Niccolo Machiavelli’s well-known quotes: The ends justified the means and Politics have no relation to morals. I don’t know how i can express my points of view about the world wide corruption and injustice to you in a better way than this quotes. Either you can have doubts or commence thinking all round. The dictators are already out of date and they must be renewed! Welcome to the New World War Project: “Elephants and Grass.” When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. It is always like that and it is always sunny in L.A. Modern dictators win as their people end up with very high costs.

Let’s have a look at Libya, Tunusia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria! Could you see any signs of something more like spring blossoms? I can see a hundred thousands of people in the battlefields are killed by armed gangs. I can see military governments have already started to oppress their people.

I can see Syrian refugees are fleeing abroad to escape from the civil war since it began .The growing number of the refugees in Turkey are about 50.227 and hence my country will face with refugee crisis as it has much more troubles with PKK. This terrorist organisation is in a cooperation with Syrian Kurdish militants who invaded some cities of the North Syria.. Accordingly it seems that it will lead to PKK cross-border operations inside Turkey. Moreover a month ago Syrian air defences shot down Turkish military aircraft in case of test drive and two pilots burnt to death. I can clearly see that Syria will make the “Perfect Storm” in the Middle East and this storm will change the region as if it would never be in the past. Unfortunately my country Turkey has been paying a price for being a side of the US and its western allies. I am so sorry on behalf of my country for directly supporting opponents (whom i don’t believe that they represent  in Syrian people), being a part of the Greater Middle East Project (including the idea of Great Kurdistan) and dragging into a regional war. Moreover we are almost in a potential war with our neighbors on the borders while carrying out “zero problems” policy…

There are a millions words to be said about Coup D’etat Production in the Middle East but i feel urge to put three dots at this moment “…”

With below info which will assist you to perceive the back ground of  so-called Arab Spring supported by nonviolent struggles of the crowds:

(Dictatorial regimes are destroyed carefully, but not for bringing democracy instead!)

Thanks and Best Regards.


In Afasia's corner... on January 19, 2012 at 11:08 am

Yes, maybe not this year or next one, but yes of course United States of America has to prepare itself for some new war possibilities by new candidates. Rick Perry is a Republican, a new presidential candidate and Texas Governor. He very cleverly thinks that Turkish government is ruled by Islamic Terrorists. Somehow it’s really difficult not to be agreed with him. All we are aware of what Turkey was doing on last years after Ottoman Empire. Or lets better check first what United States have already done on last 150 years!..

U.S. Involved Wars(and/or “MADE BY U.S.”)

1774-…                  Indian Genocide(it’s not in last 150 years but as it’s an ongoing process I wanted to include in the list)
1882                       Egyptian Expedition or Second Anglo-Egyptian War
1885                       Colombian Civil War
1891-                     Chilean Civil War
1894                       Rio de Janeiro Affair
1898-1899            Spanish-America War in Cuba (Led Teddy Roosevelt to the Presidency)
1899-1902            Phillippine Insurrection, Phillippine Islands
1917-1918            War to end all Wars in Europe (World War I)
1939-1945            World War II, global conflict (First use of the Atomic Bomb, twice, on Japan)
1950-1953            Korean War
1961-1970            Vietnam War
1981                       Bombing Libya
1991                       Persian Gulf War
Some operations to Haiti, Pakistan etc. which are already under control of US.
1993                       Bosnian War
1994                       Haiti Operation Uphold Democracy
1999                       Kosovo War
2001                       Afghan war
2002                       Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines                          
2003                       United States invaded Iraq to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein.
2004                       Haitian rebellion
2004                       War in north-west Pakistan
2011                       Libyan civil war

 You can also check

I could even add more items in this list but there would be a huge list of bloody wars and honestly I didn’t want to make my article worst or dirtier than it is now. So, I invite Mr possible president to just “THINK” before having some speech! I don’t think it’s that difficult. Isn’t it? Thinking is an activity which we do since we are not monkeys. I actually would apologize for my words from all monkeys for using this metaphor. I am sure they are using their brains for much useful stuff than we do.

Thanks for not creating kind of noise pollution around. If you are willing to create a war or attack somewhere, we are already use to. You don’t need to prepare nothing before. No one is complaining or protesting your acts. We will vote you anyhow knowing that you are brave enough to protect American rights there in Middle East or in entire world. So just “hush” and leave us live in peace!..

Thanks and Best Regards


In Afasia's corner... on January 12, 2012 at 10:28 am


Below link will bring you to an example place where your imagination may make you think over about what is going on when a country’s soldiers going somewhere to clean the zone from terrorists, when they just there to free people, when they just take a decision of solving diplomatic problems by war. This is an example of thousand ugly things, murder, rape, violence etc. happening in time of war.

I hope to have an end to all kind of war crimes including the ones like Guantanamo which is open since 10years!..

Thanks and Best Regards


How would you prefer your war served?

In Afasia's corner... on January 11, 2012 at 5:09 pm

HOT WAR? COLD WAR? Does it matter when you don´t care about human life? When you can kill anyone/anything else for your benefits. When  you can prepare a war by that way and be responsible for your acts. Before in history you could create a war easier. It was not really possible to discover someone´s fingerprint on a sword or cannon. But nowadays, we don´t even need ultra special technologies to understand what is going on and who is behind of which action.

Three different terrorist attempts with the same components: a motorcyclist attempter, a magnetic bomb and a scientist’s car exploded. Results : 3 scientist are died since 2010. Two of them were working for Iran´s nuclear program and one was a physics professor probably included in some similar project.

What is your first opinion about this attacks? What do you think of first? Which country, organization, terror group or whatever would do serve to this war preparation. Who would have benefits in this dirty game? I know many of you have the same 2 names in your heads. Those two countries who were asking Iran to stop producing nuclear weapons and if not they were threaten to attack.

I am wondering who will accuse them with war crime or at least only with killing 3 human being, 3 scientists or 3 fathers. Who will follow a justice process for those men who died for politic reasons of their countries?

Those kind of dirty games are played in day time, front of children, without any preoccupation.

A complete generation will not forgive you!..

For more details.

Best Regards

Test dummy Iraq?

In Afasia's corner... on December 15, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Iraq is going to be tested in the days ahead says defense secretary of USA.

Tested? Going to be tested about terrorism and the ones who want to divide the country! What does it mean? Ok, I have EDUCATED Iraqis and now time to let them TRY to live by their own and see if they can manage it without attacking somewhere else? But all of us know that the chaos in zone like a spoon of honey for your bread. So what kind of test is that? You mean if they success living without any problem you will get back? So better they start fighting each other from now on as you are off? I am sorry for my irony but my little brain doesn’t work in same way how they do.

In 10 years time, losing 4.500 US soldiers and murdering tens of thousands*(msnbc) was not enough for your testing’s? Sorry but I have to correct you there. We  might misunderstood what you mean by testing. They mean TESTING new tech super weapons! Testing bloody bombs they mean! Testing physiology of Iraqis, testing angry US soldiers on Iraqi women. What do you really want to test more in this zone? Can’t you just leave and stop producing war in entire WORLD.

Then there are some funny talk from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Gen. Lloyd Austin, the top U.S. commander posted on I share them below as they are, with my ironic comments.

 Updated at 5:46 a.m. ET: Austin says Iraqis now have “unprecedented opportunities.” Before your arrival or after?
 Updated at 5:42 a.m ET: “Since 2003, we have helped the Iraqi security forces grow from zero to 650,000-strong,” Austin says. FOR WHAT THEY NEED SECURITY FORCES ? ARE YOU TRAINING THEM FOR YOUR NEXT ARRIVAL?
 Updated at 5:32 a.m. ET: “This is not the end, this is the beginning,” Panetta says. “May God bless Iraq, its people and its future.” No comment!..
 Updated at 5:29 a.m. ET:“Let me be clear, Iraq will be tested in the days ahead — by terrorism, by those who would seek to divide,” Panetta says. “Challenges remain but the United States will be there to stand with the Iraqi people. We are not about to turn our backs on all that has been sacrificed and accomplished.” UNFORTUNATELY!!!
 Updated at 5:29 a.m. ET:“Let me be clear, Iraq will be tested in the days ahead — by terrorism, by those who would seek to divide,” Panetta says. “Challenges remain but the United States will be there to stand with the Iraqi people. We are not about to turn our backs on all that has been sacrificed and accomplished.” PLEASE ASK THIS TO IRAQ CITIZENS, US CITIZENS, ME, YOU, US, everyone on this planet if we agreed with you about killing thousands there, spending billions instead of using this money for education or for children who are dying in hunger anywhere in the world? Just turn anyone in the street and ask this question! Just go to a family which lost his son/daughter in US Army during Iraq war! Stop fooling people! We are an awake nation of world and we are full to your lies, games, your racist actions, your blindness for money, oil  etc etc.

In a way I am really glad that there is one less dictator in world. But I feel sorry for each child, each family, each father, mother, sister and brother who died or lost some relatives. I feel sorry for each coin spent for this bloody action. I hope we will not see the same movie called Afghanistan in Iraq!

This article has no conclusion since about 1990! And I believe it will never have!..

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Attack me too!.. I am just thinking out-loud and I have some oil in my car!..

In Afasia's corner... on November 20, 2011 at 8:21 pm

a quick question;

Why there is no manifestation in Iran? Why there are no rebels? Why no one affected by ME Spring there in this country in despite 100 eyes looking at them from outside to pull the trigger ? Why no one trying to get Ahmedinejad down? Do Iranian people respect him? Because in some countries, it’s quite difficult to make people against in-between. For example, in WWI they have tried this in Turkey to win the war. But was so difficult because the rebels was stopped by the village, not even by the military or police or whatever. Until 1980. On 1980, people of  Turkey started killing each other for politic reasons. Right to left and left to right even brothers were killing each other. On 12th September 1980, a coup d´état done by Military ended this situation. This was faxed to the US government by CIA as “our boys did it”.

This also happened in Iran between politic groups. They killed each other. Brother’s blood spilled out everywhere. And that was democratic Iran’s end. Once upon a time Iran was a democratic modern country same as any European. Till Islamic Regime which took place at 1979.  As you also know that many of those leader’s came by coup d´état in all those countries were their men. You can ask me who are Their? They are Italy, France, UK, USA etc.(I am sorry if I am missing any). So they always left an extreme government behind with extreme character leaders. Each time happened the same. They said stop doing this(this could be anything) or we will come and stop you, those extreme puppets said come and stop me. Yeah those are the last words before all and each war in this zone. Why would a crazy leader just woke up on 2 August 1990  and remembered old cured wounds, suddenly felt a lot of  pain and thought that the only way to stop this pain is to conquest Kuwait. Ahh! of course we should not forget to add that it was a kind of oily pain. Before I explained who is Saddam and how he became Iraq’s leader, check please

Same in Iran, the Islamic revolution’s leader Ruhollah Khomeini was a Greek mythology student.  This well studied young (I repeat that because I just want to give you an idea that the situation in Iran now is totally different than when he was a student in University. Women and men could study together, they could read(if they would have in this time) Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter, they could dress however they wanted and they could maybe have gay relation) was a soldier of Islamic Rules preparing the revolution. But first he was known as terrorist by his country and he could not travel to Iran because it was forbidden to him. First Iraq accepted him. For some time living in Iraq, he moved to Turkey and lived there for a while. And as many of those crazy leader’s common characteristic  he was living in a European country. France. Then the doors of Iran was open to him again. However it happened. A flight to Iran brought him back on 1979.  A flight company named Air-France. He was back to his land and welcomed by 5 million people. So the base of revolution was well prepared before his arrival to Iran.

Weirdly just 1 year later than his arrival to Iran and his first year of leadership, Iraq’s crazy leader Saddam decided to conquest his old friend’s land. What a surprise. This war took 8 long years. Iraq was supported by USA. Yes, it’s not a joke. Iraq was supported by USSR, Brazil, Egypt, USA and Arab Union. Iran had no support from outside. About 1.400.000 Iranian and 300.00 Iraqi was dead(Included soldiers and civilians) . Iran and Iraq both spent US$ 1 trillion. And no one really knows the bloody reason for the war!!! Then, same supported Saddam hanged on 30 December 2006 by his supporters.

So, let’s come over to my real question and conclusion. What is the reason that there are no manifestations? There is no war since Iran started producing Nuclear Weapons? Are you afraid of your hand made leaders who may throw one of those nuclear weapons just on top of your head? It’s why you want to use Israel instead of going there by your own armies? One more time you want to make them kill each other like Iraq – Kuwait, Iraq – Iran etc etc.? Why Arab world cannot stop this oily invasions to avoid their people’s death?

Yes I know, my questions are useless! They will anyhow begin the fire and kill many civilians. But makes me sad that there are no people going out like in Vietnam war. Like those discriminated hippies when they were singing songs against Vietnam War. I don’t know how and when we become that irresponsible, careless for many children’s lives waiting to be taken there by war creators. By those blind for money, for oil. By those imperialists and materialists.
Thanks for reading.

Behind and beyond! While we divide into you and we!

In Afasia's corner... on November 14, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Behind and beyond! While we divide into you and we!

Before bringing freedom to rest of the ME countries, please check the ones you have already done.

Taliban’s soldiers in Afghanistan – Ghazni stoned a woman and her daughter blaming of adultery.

Can you see the future of Libya now? They just declared in Libya that they are going to govern the country by Islamic Rules! Can you see the future of Iraq now? Can you see the future of Syria now? Do you see a future now?

Then we are looking at politician’s propaganda on election time. For example they win by saying those words in Spain; Romanian or Pakistani people are not very welcome if they are not coming to work here. They prepare to win by using racist videos and images. People go and vote them. Same people’s representatives sign a pact to bomb Libya or Afghanistan or etc. etc. You may not be conscience of your responsibility, but we are all responsible of each and all moves happening in our planet. Just use your right to say STOP. At least, say stop instead supporting them on their bloody and oily actions.

PD: By the Islamic rules of Taliban, mixed wedding celebrations with music are forbidden. Women at home and men outside can celebrate it without music. Thanks USA! Thanks Europe! World is a better place by your support!


In Afasia's corner... on October 27, 2011 at 12:24 pm

One more time the same topic going to be a reason for fighting? One more time, a country which already has a nuclear war criminal(check Hiroshima and Nagasaki) asking to other countries to stop producing nuclear weapons. What a bloody dilemma!!! Why do we really need a nuclear weapon, do anyone have an idea on this? Why can´t they sign a pact and say – ok we all going to stop producing nuclear weapons. We will destroy the ones we already produced. And why don´t USA begin this peaceful move? But I know why!. Because they believe they have enemies! Do they know for what reason they have enemies? I believe they do so, it´s why they are keeping their nuclear shit just next to our heads! But you know what, we sometimes damage ourselves instead enemy like in nuclear central of Japan after last earthquake and tsunami. People of Japan is contaminated by air, food, water etc. etc. Why not a produced bomb?

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said “We’ve tried to reach out to the government, just not very successfully.” Yeah for sure, we trust in you Hillary! Yes you have tried to contact Iran´s Government and it was not successfully. if I am not wrong I remember last year Iran´s president Ahmedinejad applied for visa to U.S. for nuclear energy programme which took place last year on 2010 and denied. Correct me if I am wrong please! By the way there is no diplomatic relation between USA and Iran since Islamic revolution at 1979!.

So as a conclusion they are asking entire world´s support if something will happen again there in the zone!. I am not going to comment anything about this “SOMETHING”. It´s open to your interpretation. From my side they have no support till they start changing something and begin the fire of change on themselves first!..

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