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In Afasia's corner... on September 17, 2012 at 10:26 am

They have been insulted on their face directly. Despised, slighted, slaughtered. Their women, mother, sister, daughter have been raped, their son, uncle, brother have been murdered but they have never felt that humiliated. My dear Arab brothers!!! Yes you are. You burn cars, kill people, manifest as crazy as possible throwing bombs when they say a word about your religion or when they draw a picture about your beliefs, but you are in trouble since 100 years there in your own countries mandated by British, French, Italian, Turkish etc. and you never say a word. You have no right to education, your women cannot even drive car, you are poor, your child have nothing to eat, thinking is almost forbidden for you but you go out to find foreigners to kill because a freak in United States recorded a really badly made movie and you are freaked out, very angry and offended. You-tube is definitely forbidden in your countries, you don’t even have internet at home, you didn’t see the movie for sure but somehow you are very very upset.

A movie without a content. Really bad. A movie 100% to be ignored, became very famous because of your fault. This ugly movie full of provocation could not even earn 1 euro for sure, got a lot of money thanks to you. You greatly collaborated with director to make Innocent of Muslim 2. Thanks to you, we may see another crap from same director insulting what you have last.

But if you could spend your energy for your liberty, freedom, your free state, your free land, your free thinking, your free space, for your children’s sake, for your families good, you would not even consider as a menace a very stupid movie and you would not consider it like something which may offend you. Very sadly it’s a proof of the ignorance in Arab land. It’s a proof of how successful your leaders on keeping you as ignorance as possible to keep you under their control to manage things to where and how they want.

You believe in salvation by god. I will tell you something in very Arabic and in GOD’s language. Read it very carefully. This is the first sura from Koran, “IQRA” means “READ”. If you are real good Muslim, just start from the first order. Start reading and preparing yourself to be a qualified person, good and intelligent enough to understand yourself and the others opinions. Just READ aiming anything you find without having any prejudice and just like ordered in your sacred book. Read and understand what god is telling you and what others gods are telling to others.

But my very humble opinion on you and your future, there I don’t see anything related to reading, learning, understanding, improving, producing, talking, listening etc. etc. There I only can see a big “IGNORANCE”. I am telling this with very sad feelings. Neither for me this is an acceptable word to say to someone. Then you know very well what to do. There are 2 possibilities, 1st you can keep killing anyone provoking you or 2nd start changing things for your and your people’s good.

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Thanks and Best Regards

Which is worst: NATO or AIDS?

In Afasia's corner... on June 9, 2012 at 11:48 am

NATO force commander John Allen apologies for killing 18 civilian on last Wednesday! Easy taken. We are sorry for killing you continuously since 1978 by changing roles and actors.

Casualties and losses : Some estimates as high as 5,600,000 killed(wikipedia)

How many of those are civilians? Who  knows? Who can tell how many children die each week? Who can explain how many girls have been raped? Almost 6 million dead for a forgotten proposal? Do you remember why our soldiers are there? Do you remember the reason why Soviet Union declared war for the first time?

Let me try to remind you this shift changing from Soviets to Americans and then to NATO.

First Soviets invaded Afghanistan to keep People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan in power which actually took the power by a military coup. Of course people were angry in the street because of Soviet Invasion. As always and thanks to god, our saver in all bad situations, United States of America with their puppet Pakistan helped Afghanistan against Soviets. Died thousands in this not understandable war. All those were happening due to sold leaders of the Middle East zone. None of them were as lucky as Turkish for not having their own Ataturk to help them out against enemies. Instead of having 1 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, they had thousand of Gulbudin Hekmatiar who is not easy to understand for which side he was fighting for. Extreme communist sported by USSR, than extreme Islamic as prime minister of Afghanistan, Mujahideen leader of the war between Afghan groups and lately as a terrorist fighting against NATO. I have no words to say for those shape shifters. Shortly USSR powers left the country and backed again as Russia to Afghanistan but not officially, only helping to the government of Najibullah and left again but this time they left country into taliban hands. Soviet Russia the protector of Communism decided to leave a EXTREMELY ISLAMIC RULED Afghanistan. Great deal isn’t it. They came to help communist party. How successful they were.

At 2001, the biggest enemy and the biggest ally of Russia took Russia’s place and came as their replacement. Yes, USA!.. This time the reason was? Some one can remember the reason? Ahh of course! After 11 September, USA decided to go there specially to Afghanistan to clean the zone from terrorists. It was a “VERY SUCCESSFUL” operation too. Wasn’t it? They have “CLEANED” and “DEFEATED” all terrorists of al-Qaeda(which currently chooses a new leader) and Taliban. In their time of stay died many many poor young Afghan soldier + US soldier + many other countries poor young child died on this dirty, ugly game of throne.

Now it’s NATO’s turn. Keeping the country save by killing civilians. Fighting against some unknown self created groups of people(I doubt if they are Afghans creating this chaos in the country) and while trying to push them out resulting lots an lots of civil death. Which actually worst than both 2 countries. They were there for their benefits. But NATO? What is their benefits? Do they really kill civilians for some good proposal?

And now I am wondering. Who s the next?


In Afasia's corner... on May 4, 2011 at 12:05 pm

We have killed him, no no we didn’t. With 2 bullets, no no only 1. He was armed. No no he wasn’t. There are no photos, no no photos are so cruel and bloody.

Let’s see on following days what information more will change on the bloody and dirty war between US Army and US Intelligence Agency.

I hope they don’t expect us to believe their unacceptable commentaries.

I don’t really know who just WON this stupid war for profits. But I only know one thing. There are over 5.000 dead and 8.000 injured people by one side. I don’t even know how many of dead and injured by other side which actually belongs to same side at the end. Because unique non-profiteers are civils! So this make things instead terror versus US, converts to Terror + US versus civils.

There is also one more important question!. Do US have the right to kill a criminal without judging him? Can we kill and revenge people because they have killed our belongings?

PLEASE, consider this article against both side!.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Arabic Reforms?

In Afasia's corner... on February 23, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Are those signals of Arabic Reforms at Middle East ? That is really possible or somewhere at secret some one is laughing out loud to this situation? Those dark humor people may really get off their dirty hands from this oily land? Of course it’s not all about some dark powers behind. It’s also my dark humor.

There must be a great change in this lands people. In their head, brain, mentally or whatever. I was just checking out all information about this countries and I found below video. Just take a look. You may find it funny or tragic. The land of hunger. Many people even don’t have food to eat! Just one step far to this Arabic guy’s money rain, African children dying in hunger. His unacceptable way to have fun shows a bit, how unconcerned those people there. So, as a conclusion I may say, if you believe in money as your god, you may enjoy the money rain or thunder or whatever. But there is a world turning day by day, and there are women killed by throwing stones cause of virginity, sex etc. problems. There are soldiers killing, raping etc. their people, neighbors and there are children growing up with hate. If a country, their politicians or it’s people even don’t care about their children, there is no reason to talk about something which even they don’t try to avoid or change! I hope this is going to be a golden mile in all ME region. I hope that they have already waked up from their deep dark sleepy days.

No reform possible without sacrificing something!

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