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Wake up Spain. OS ESTAN VACIANDO!!!

In Afasia's corner... on June 11, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Do you accept your politicians slavery package? Do you realize where the hell they chain your future? Yours, your little brothers, your son, daughter and even their children… 100billion€ (100,000,000,000) debt. You will have to work your entire life to pay this debt. You and 5 maybe 6 or 7 generations after you going to be oblied to pay this debt working their entire life. Your and your children’s life growth going to be all depend on this debt. At the other hand banks are going to be save! Politicians too!. But you? Do you really accept this slavery package which makes your politicans happy. After cutting all your education, sanitary and etc. they are getting a 100billion€ debt to save Spain. In a country where they dont touch a coin of their salary but they ask for a huge credit to save the bank. Wake up Spain. Wake up and raise the voice. Just show them who is the boss and for whom they must use this money. Saving banks will ensure your little daughter’s education? Will it really help her growing plan? What Bankia did for you till now and now you have to sacrifice for Bankia? Wake up Spain!.. Don’t sacrifice from your basic needs till they start sacrificing something real for you!..

No more votes for politicians who only save their asses and save only the moment!. No more votes for politicians who don’t think about their country, their people and children’s future!!!

Thanks and Best Regards


In Afasia's corner... on February 16, 2012 at 10:31 am

Imagine you are the owner of any TV Channel, Magazine or Newspaper. You are searching an incredible news to get all ratings. Wars, diseases, earthquakes, floods, death of any sultan, president, king etc. Or a war between x country and y country! Would you support/manipulate/cheat on it? You know that everybody would buy a lot of newspaper, many people would stick to TV, check internet. If you are already from 1 side or other in fact all they are supporting one side which makes me surprise seeing a news organization taking side!!! Anyhow getting back to our topic, can you concentrate that you are a boss? Some dark organizations coming to you and asking if you hide ¨x¨ news we would make you rich! ¨y¨ political party asking you that he can make you really famous or best TV channel of the market of course for an exchange of some tape. So now you think about your money!. At the end of the month, you are a rich man with some dark money. Aren´t most of news organization, TV Channels, Magazines too rich? Where the hell comes this money? From their ratings? From 2 newspaper you buy or not? From advertorials? Now, same x political party asking you to publish a positive propaganda about their party on your newspaper at headline! He is giving you a folder with information, designs about the propaganda and some “money” for your needs.Of course your common sense telling that a person with a little bit of work principles and professional ethics would not accept it. Just a little bit!

Look around? And wonder as much as I do!. Why are all those organizations too rich? How many years do you have to work to get the money they earn per day? Don’t you see? Every day, a lot of bad things happening around you and many of them aren´t in the newspapers. Why? Because they are not 100% following their instinct of honor and doing something real good for all. For some of them, even GOD is taken side and it must be the correct way occulting stuff for their benefits.

At the same time, many of those organizations are having other business in parallel. They are having banks, holdings etc etc. They are not only benefiting by misleading our society. They also benefit converting you into their system’s slaves. They use media’s huge power to support and increase their other business as well.

I totally understand politicians and their decisions. We know they are corrupts and sold already. If they don´t really care about Africa or Syria, we know they have some benefits behind.  But what the hell is wrong with rest of us? Are we all corrupts? Ahh of course that’s normal. Since they clean up all good journalists by killing them or sending them to the prison because of being oppose, there are not many in the business which are not politician´s man. Well done!!!

So before buying a newspaper, magazine or watching a tv channel, you know that you are going to be cheated, manipulated, deceived!!! They will deform your own ideas to use on their own way.

As a conclusion, I wouldn´t help or trust any of those organizations, or at least I would think before why!!! For what benefit they do create this news!. In this era, they do nothing without benefits. Less for you!

Thanks and Best Regards

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