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In Afasia's corner... on February 23, 2012 at 3:13 pm

This morning, in various suicide attacks, died about 60 people and wounded 225 in Iraq . If I am not wrong, all of them are Iraqis. It doesn’t fit or quadrate in Iraqi’s fight against something or somebody! For example against USA or Europe. For Jihad. No no, it doesn’t really fit. I cannot see the provocation on this war. I cannot see the answer. I cannot see the manifest part of it. Iraqis killing Iraqis. Why? No no, it’s not possible, there is something wrong with this. So who could explain it to me?

Who could help me to understand the reason of 1759 times of suicide bombing attempts of total ~9.873 death and ~12.609 injured? And many of above number of died and injured are men queuing to find a job, having a dinner in a restaurant,  women and children shopping or in a hospital? Someone who knows this war better than anyone could explain us Iraq war was on base of what? Between who? Against who? Why in a war between Iraq and USA, have been killed hundred or thousand of Iraqi civil by Iraqis? Below you will see the number of death and injured Iraqis civil + Officers(policeman, soldiers etc), Iraqi and foreign politics and US marines.


War between sects?
War between different racial groups?
War of habit?
War against to the ones who were really happy when Saddam’s dictate was ended by USA and USA’s dictate began?
A part of ongoing or new strategy coming up?
To whom really serving this fight? Who is benefiting from thousand of civilian’s death? 
Frighten a group of people or folk in the street? I would understand a couple of explosion but not 1759!!!
How they could find almost 2000 crazy suicide bomber ready to explode himself? Are we living with those many freaks together in same world who are ready to blow himself 
up and kill men, women, children in once? It´s another question which is really difficult to answer!.
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Information from Wikipedia and the estimation of numbers by Newspool.

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They couldn’t make it without you!..

In Afasia's corner... on December 22, 2011 at 4:31 pm

As we stated earlier on our blog Iraqis couldn’t make it without their American PAPAs. Yes, right after US Armies departure, first bomb has been drove  by a suicide bomber ambulance and killed 60 people, injured 200 people.

I just cannot understand one important point. If Iraqis are so good about destroying each other, why would they need US army there? Is that really necessary being killed by white guy? If you are that good about killing each other so kindly do and don’t spend United State’s money/time for nothing and you wouldn’t loose your oil neither by that way. Just take an oil bath and burn your lighter!.

People are talking about the Arab Spring, is that what about? I only see an Autumn there and the fire not in their hearth to make things better. Fire they bring inside their bombs only for violence, only to kill each others or other’s live in earth!

Again earlier we stated on our blog Why don’t we give love a chance instead of breeding disasters? Just think about it. Those words mentioned  by an earthling to earthlings using words of humanity. There is no secret inside. Written by a simple-hearted asking good of everyone.  Just give love a chance and stop destroying something only for a minute.

Anyhow I want to apologize for my strong irony and I want to point out that I really feel sorry for everyone who were in this chaos when the bomb exploded . I hope they can stop killing each other and think about their children’s education, future etc. etc.

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