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‘YOU CAME, YOU SAW AND YOU KILLED!’ The Motto is still ‘Divide and Rule’…

In Fanny Lulu's diary on December 17, 2011 at 2:50 pm

What is the American Heritage in Iraq after the one-sided war? Who were you against Mr. America? Was the Leader of Iraq a threat for your ideals in the oil paradise?

Is it called ‘war’ under the usual conditions?

Let’s remember  a well-known aspect together: If the international  community makes most of you believe that it was ‘war’, it’s commonly believed that they have the right to legitimate their occupation, keep their profits, make stronger the impression on the others who has been regarding to them for ages that the leading allied powers as the only God to give support in order to take safe side and to be alive in the global battlefield.

Dear U.S.A,

What did you leave behind in Iraq after 9 years? Did you bring ‘democracy, freedom, human rights, companies, jobs, production, purchasing power, houses to stay, any hope, mother, father, children, families, history, past, today’ together with your box  full of tears, pain, hatred and despair?

Could you manage to find the chemical weapons after struggling with the Iraqis and fighting them and letting them kill each other?

Yeah, you took The Frankenstein Saddam’s life but also the Iraqins’ lives, dreams, hopes,  smiling faces and future…You even didn’t care about your own soldiers’ lives and their beloved ones, families, friends and so on…

According to the American sources, US lost 4500 troops and the Iraqis lost more than 100.000 people in the end of the so-called ‘9 years war’. You see, how easy just to mention about the number of lives lost and the war’s unspeakable effects as numbers in the statistics on the rest of the people being aware of what really happened there…Plus, I am not even gonna have a word about the financial cost of the war for the US and of course for the former Iraq…

Dear U.S.A,

Who will judge you one day?

Please US, do not test the countries with your democratic! methods, do not occupy the lands to bring the freedom to the heterogenous nations that you don’t have the right to poke in to their business and you don’t have the similarity on the political construction.

What is the American Heritage in Iraq after the one-sided war?

Let me tell you the answer: They ‘kindly’ inherited a war to the Iraqis that will never end up .

I wish this series not ‘to be continued’ with the huge awareness of the only reality…

Thanks and Best Regards.

is there anything to hide?

In Afasia's corner... on October 20, 2011 at 9:11 pm

I just want to ask a simple question for all of us.

Why US government kill all their ex? Do they want to bury a long complex story by killing those single used puppets?

What reason behind not to keep them as war criminals or judge them? Why do they just make them disappear as fast as possible. Why can’t American Citizens or World Citizens have right to see the enemy, listen and know why their country have been ages out fighting?

So one more dictator is gone! Who is the next?

Don’t you worry about things which are already happening in/out or by your country?

Are you a bloody insouciant person who never care about things going on? Are you the one who actually causes all this chaos and terror all over the world?

Now just move your ass, go out and be against!!! Ask your rights to know much about what your Representatives are doing in Parliament!!!

Politics are abusing our apathy!.. Just enough to make them know that we keep an eye on their each move and make them aware that we have chosen them all as our representatives in parliament but we are the game makers. They should not forget about my vote’s power which is about the punch on their nose to avoid all this inequitably constructed capitalist system!.. Just to make them remember to cooperate with each of us before deciding things to do.

Don´t wait for the change, just change it yourself!

Thanks and Best Regards

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