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Question: Which one is more fatal: being within the fight or staying out of the fight?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on August 3, 2011 at 2:51 pm

”You can’t be succesful, unless you steal…”

Remember that you are surrounded by the capitalist world and it wants you to ‘embrace the skin you are in…’

I  hate the calming effect of capitalism and destructive power of the money. Moreover my rage against human nature is pushing me to search more about  ‘why we are killing each other; why we worship the money this much and why we are in need of having much more than we really need. I can not stand the truth that ‘happy and carefree minority’ deliberately creates poverty, hunger, thirst, limitless insensitivity and political blindness. As we witness on the tv screens the political decisions based on repeated lies drag the communities in to an unreasonable consumption and  at the same time drag the poor majority in to the tsunami of death. Finally the modern world & its humanity (including happy minority) will welcome the natural disasters because of its greed and ambition.

Let me remind you something related to our future and generation next: We will produce hundreds of millions of weapons for the communities to kill each other by making war without needing any causes. We will produce much more drugs, pills, alcohol, tobacco and anti-depressants for our people by presenting them as a good solution of stress and our exhausting lives. We will waste our natural sources madly and unnecessarily just like digging our own graves. We will make up new  and creative lies and excuses to overturn the leaders & presidents when  they don’t agree with our current policies. We deliberately destroy the nature all together with food chain which will turn our lives in to the hell.

As the photographer Walker Evans said years ago: The structures which have been rising up vertically for years, symbolize the merciless and cruel power of capitalism and the system assimilates the cities & life styles into itself with its entire advancement and brutality…

In every land there is death and decay, you can easily see suffering crowds and you can easily be accustomed to be unconcerned as long as you do not spread your ideas to the rest of the world. (Taking an action would be asset but taking the risk of being killed would be your self sacrifice.) Happy minority does not tend to comprehend the others’ miserable lives and we will all be exposed  to the same disasters unless we stop consuming and destroying everything around us like bloodthirsty vampires.

We will pay them all forward as long as we live in this new world order. But my question is how far we can go with this wild system which supports apathetic and selfish determined consumption and inequality with the conclusion of millions dying each year from poverty and deprivation of standard goods such as home, food, safe water sources, home etc…

Let’s think about the system which transforms each one of us in to ‘Frankenstein and which will destroy itself in the near future.

Fighting with the invisible walls make things harder?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 19, 2011 at 7:13 pm

”The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”

Milan Kundera made me think about his quote written above. As a matter of fact do we know who we have been fighting with as we take sides of the peace and the justice in the home and the whole world? Please check this movie out: Hamadrich LaMahapecha.

I have been thinking about the solutions to resolve all these injustices since then i comprehended that i was indirectly the part of this corruption happening all over the world. Even though most people don’t seem to care, until it strikes close to home. But I must have been seeing things more than they were shown on the screen or published in the journals.

In my opinion, it does not matter how far you are from Middle East countries,  African countries, Old European Colonies, Cambodia, East Turkestan, Tibet and all the other chaotic borderlands. The main issue is how you feel and tend to react when you hear and watch the news that disturb you indeed. Beyond these scenes you just can’t imagine the happenings in the thin red lined borderlands unless you see them and even then you are always well aware that your experience of it is not at all the reality.

I am much more aware of the workings of the global power structure than I was just a few years ago as long as i follow the news from various resourches but i wonder whether it is good or bad this awareness may cause a black hole in my soul unless i have the power to stop this nightmare and to change the reality which takes the human beings’ lives by force and make their life stories miserable.

Everyday i consider that how we could achieve to settle down a properly working system which streghtens and protects the human rights of the society in a globalizing world, bring down the discrimination based on race, culture, religion, traditions, ideology and all the other colourful faces of unitary god. But i am one hundred per cent sure of that i am not able to make the difference without organizing the people who agree with my ideas and response to my call for the interaction on a small scale. At the end of the day i feel glad to be aware of the reality that ninety nine is not one hundred an even one person is able to begin with a small step to go further with the willing supporters.

In conclusion, Kundera points at that it is quite hard to cope with the organized global power which affects and leads the destinies of the nations but it is also remarkable to spread the ideas among the people about peace, equality, democracy, fraternity and all other notions which are just dreamt by human beings according to the systematic ways.

Remember that 99 is not 100 and you are a unique catalyst to make the change.

…and never forget about ”Muammed Bouazizi”.

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