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In Afasia's corner... on November 19, 2012 at 10:31 am

We have already posted many articles about Israel killing Palestinian children. There are no words can express our feelings about lost lives in this little land. There are no words can express our sadness, sorrow, pain, agitation. There are many words but no one can express literally. I would like to find a word and say out loud to make those people understand why they SHOULDN’T KILL civils. I don’t mind if they are happy forming military services and throwing bombs to each other just for FUN!!! Because it looks like they do it for fun as if they wouldn’t , they would stop this ugly war which is ongoing since years. I don’t really care if they want to harm each other. But when they will understand they leave a dark, ugly traumatized future for their children. Both side see every single day blood in the street. A child see his friend’s death body in early morning due to a bomb which has been thrown  on their house just by their neighbor country. Who could truly explain it to that child? Who could tell him why his friend ‘s bloody damaged body lying between ruins. Or who could tell to a child why his father or mother has to be buried and they won’t come back home. For what kind of honorful war they died for? A generation’s children who suffered by Nazis doing same terrible torture to “another nation”(I would actually call them brothers) in same country. I know there is no explanation or word to cover this situation more than POLITICS!.. They can do anything to change any kind of topic to win next elections. They can just so obviously do actions to win or gain something in very daylight front of everyone. Sad but we know Israel’s  strategy against Iranian engineers or scientist. The thing is that people repeatedly voting same bloody hands to represent them as presidents of their country.

Don’t you understand? Somehow! you have the blood of below numbers of death children in your hands!!!

Year Deaths
Palestinians Israelis
2011 118 (13) 11 (5)
2010 81 (9) 8 (0)
2009 1034 (314) 9 (1)
2008 887 (128) 35 (4)
2007 385 (52) 13 (0)
2006 665 (140) 23 (1)
2005 190 (49) 51 (6)
2004 832 (181) 108 (8)
2003 588 (119) 185 (21)
2002 1032 (160) 419 (47)
2001 469 (80) 192 (36)
2000 282 (86) 41 (0)
1999 9 (0) 4 (0)
1998 28 (3) 12 (0)
1997 21 (5) 29 (3)
1996 74 (11) 75 (8)
1995 45 (5) 46 (0)
1994 152 (24) 74 (2)
1993 180 (41) 61 (0)
1992 138 (23) 34 (1)
1991 104 (27) 19 (0)
1990 145 (25) 22 (0)
1989 305 (83) 31 (1)
1988 310 (50) 12 (3)
1987 22 (5) 0 (0)
Total 7978 (1620) 1503 (142)

Figures copyed from wikipedia and those numbers do not include 600 palestians killed by palestians.

Sad link to see on the truth what they live there!!!

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Thanks and Best Regards

Are you one of those who don’t become exhausted of killing?: The rights are not taken by blood.

In Fanny Lulu's diary on October 21, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Dear guests,

I believe that ‘There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people…’

And I am one of  those who feel like a real human being but also can’t do anything concrete to stop the crime against humanity,

Those who defend the right to life of the others,

Those who are against injustice in any form whatsoever,

Those who take side of  peace, justice and liberties which are in accordance with democracy…

Those who are not conditioned to die and kill,

I am not talking about 60’s synthetic Hippie slogans, i am just saying that there must be found out solutions for ongoing terror attacks all over the world.Today is the the day of  LAYING DOWN THE ARMS for ETA, The PM Zapatero declared that ‘This is the victory of democracy, law, intelligence and diplomacy.’

September 26th in 2005 was the day of  LAYING DOWN THE WEAPONS for IRA, The Cease-Fire was very significant developement for not only Irish- English community but also rest of the world to realise the possibility of ending a radical terrorist organisation.

Yesterday, november 20th, was the day of The FALL of A Great Dictator Libyan Gaddafi, he was killed by the armed rebels at the end of the civil conflict which started 9 months ago. Most of the Libyan seemed to be very happy with the breaking news but i hope that ‘Democratic’  Libya- The Oil Paradise- does not turn out to be like North Iraque under Amerikan mandatory and they finally welcome the expected democracy.

In Republic of Turkey, we have been suffering from  separatist terrorist organisation PKK for 27 years and now i will let you know about the statistics of this bloody-cross border game:

Since 1984 till 2011 october the number of the martries who turned into numbers in the statistics : approximately 6700,

The number of the people who lost their lives during the PKK attacks: approximately 5800,

PKK Terror cost totally 41900 lives as martries, civils, terrorists who were captured dead…

21700 is the number of the people who were wounded throughout 27 years,

When we mention the total lost of the sides the number reaches to the top and the statistics point at over the number of 63443.

When we have a glance at the total amount of this bloody years in economic sphere, we see the reality that the economic cost of  PKK terror is about 350 billion dollar as the governments gave the lion’s share to the Defence Ministry for over 27 years in stead of allocating the budget among the health, education, social services and social security…

PKK terror doesn’t seem to be solved by our government & general staff unless L’empire des Loups fall down. It is obviously known that PKK terror organisation has been controlling by Western States such as Germany, Belgium, Norway, Holland e.t.c, Russia, U.S.A, some Middle East countries (like Beshar’s Syria and Ahmedinejad’s Iran) and these ‘friendly’ states have been directly or indirecty supporting PKK  by trade in arms. According to the Turkish intelligence sources and released Wikileaks documents PKK is financially fed by the Western States and USA.  Moreover it is  disclosed that US Army sees members of the terrorrists Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which is classified by the US as a terrorist group, as freedom fighters (?)…

It is also very well known that PKK has been dealing with illegal drug trade between Middle East and Europe.  As you may see even if the ugly truth is known by Turkish government and the  ‘states which are the sides of this wicked game’, the results do not change for years.

In conclusion, i hope that the Fall of  IRA and ETA will be taken as an example of the Salvation from Terror in my country. I need to believe that our officials will take the Ireland and Spain’s diplomatic methods into consideration to end this mortal combat.

If  Turkish government, neighbour states and PKK itself do not tend to sort this complex question out,  mass deaths will continue and we will be the witnesses of  the painful life stories after the people are gone…

Thanks and Warm Regards…

is there anything to hide?

In Afasia's corner... on October 20, 2011 at 9:11 pm

I just want to ask a simple question for all of us.

Why US government kill all their ex? Do they want to bury a long complex story by killing those single used puppets?

What reason behind not to keep them as war criminals or judge them? Why do they just make them disappear as fast as possible. Why can’t American Citizens or World Citizens have right to see the enemy, listen and know why their country have been ages out fighting?

So one more dictator is gone! Who is the next?

Don’t you worry about things which are already happening in/out or by your country?

Are you a bloody insouciant person who never care about things going on? Are you the one who actually causes all this chaos and terror all over the world?

Now just move your ass, go out and be against!!! Ask your rights to know much about what your Representatives are doing in Parliament!!!

Politics are abusing our apathy!.. Just enough to make them know that we keep an eye on their each move and make them aware that we have chosen them all as our representatives in parliament but we are the game makers. They should not forget about my vote’s power which is about the punch on their nose to avoid all this inequitably constructed capitalist system!.. Just to make them remember to cooperate with each of us before deciding things to do.

Don´t wait for the change, just change it yourself!

Thanks and Best Regards

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Such a perfect world we live in…

In Fanny Lulu's diary on September 29, 2011 at 2:43 pm

But the armed titans are making their intentions stronger to destroy the others who do not agree with their current and future aims.

But the natural resources are running low as the world population and demand are increasing and based on this awareness the global snatch will come true among the world’s leading states more violent than ever.

But the world will send us its feed back more than we could predict…actually it’s started to do it since so-called millenium.

We live in such an odd century that it won’t be a big deal to commit murders and to cause massacre in order to expand the borders and to make megalo ideas come true without stumbling any obstructions.

To be honest, i don’t feel like complaining about the same happenings in the earth but when i think that i have the responsibility to spread the idea and dream of living without killing innocent people who have the right to live.

I wanna revolt to the financial tsunami and the leaders who form the communities like the plasticines. Hey, sisters and brothers! Can you see the meltdown? After how many times  we will try to make our voices deeper?

We made the system which is called capitalism as we used our votes for the best liars which are called ‘politicians’.

I strongly believe that the politicians have the power and ability to stop the terrorism in the homelands and in the entire world…Terrorism arises up as a result of injustice, disproportional distrubition of  profit & right to life and briefly let’s say political decisions. Noone can make me believe the opposite ideas and i surely defend that the terrorism is an hand made excuse to effectuate the master plans. Shall we agree with this hypothesis? It is made of the states and as you may see and witness the damages are mostly given to working class hero, homeless, weaks and poor.

Please have some spare time and search more about  some of the well-known terrorist organisations which are involved to the black list of  EU. You will analyse what i’m saying when you link the time periods and causes of their foundations.

Thanks for being conscious and aware of the naked truth which indeed hurts…

Beating us economically was not enough?

In Afasia's corner... on May 29, 2011 at 11:01 pm

Beating us economically was not enough?

I was on vacation in Europe watching TV on a Portuguese TV channel. I saw things which make your blood freeze in your veins. Things that make you think twice or more. A GOVERNMENT and it´s POLICE which you pay for your own protection!!! beats you in your own streets because of only protesting your economic situation, your problems and doubts about future. YOUR GOVERNMENT which you are voting to make things better and YOUR POLICE which you are paying for protection, dragging you by your hair, beating you on the ground, hitting your head with a hard police stick and makes you feel your own blood´s salty test in your mouth. Yes those are all what we deserve after all our economic problems. Those are all we receive from our politicians. Those are all opposite from what we want but who really cares? Politicians with a little bit of honor like in Japan refuse to receive their salaries until they solve their people´s problems. Politicians with a bit of honor!. Sorry for my utopia! POLITICIANS WITH A BIT OF HONOR! Those are all really too impossible wishes.

If we keep on the first topic, when you hear the ugly fact behind it´s even worst than anything. The polices were beating youngsters in the street because of FC Barcelona´s celebration which maybe would take place on Plz Catalunya(FC Barcelona do celebrate at this place each time they win some game) and they wanted to leave the place clean. That actually shows what is more important for the government.

Making us forget our problems? Is that your strategy? It won´t work this time!



Thanks and Best Regards
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In Afasia's corner... on May 4, 2011 at 12:05 pm

We have killed him, no no we didn’t. With 2 bullets, no no only 1. He was armed. No no he wasn’t. There are no photos, no no photos are so cruel and bloody.

Let’s see on following days what information more will change on the bloody and dirty war between US Army and US Intelligence Agency.

I hope they don’t expect us to believe their unacceptable commentaries.

I don’t really know who just WON this stupid war for profits. But I only know one thing. There are over 5.000 dead and 8.000 injured people by one side. I don’t even know how many of dead and injured by other side which actually belongs to same side at the end. Because unique non-profiteers are civils! So this make things instead terror versus US, converts to Terror + US versus civils.

There is also one more important question!. Do US have the right to kill a criminal without judging him? Can we kill and revenge people because they have killed our belongings?

PLEASE, consider this article against both side!.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Viagra and it’s affects in Libya!..

In Afasia's corner... on April 29, 2011 at 9:07 am

When I saw the news on, first I couldn’t believe what they are saying. Then I tried to better understand and it wasn’t successful. And my third time trying failed as well as like the first and second times. Then I understood only one thing from this news that the politic war must be something like that!.. We cannot see what is going on there. We must trust what politicians/diplomats and media are telling us. Neither one or other aren’t trustful so how could those kind of news spread without a proof?

Rape as a weapon by Gaddafi’s troops!!! Gaddafi gives Viagra to his soldiers to rape women in Libya´s villages !!! If this new would be posted other way around I could believe it much easier because we all know what  happend at prisons like Guantanamo or what they were doing to other terror defendants in ME.

Then I scrolled down to check comments and I saw some hope there. US citizens were commenting that they don’t believe what diplomats are telling them like at past. Good to know that their trustful days are almost over. We don’t believe what we hear anymore. We don’t believe politicians fancy lies!..

That is a funny news and I hope it isn’t true!..

Thanks and Best Regards
Anyhow thanks to msnbc for making us aware!..

Give us more football, make us sleep!!!

In Afasia's corner... on April 27, 2011 at 4:58 pm

We feed our brains and souls with football or let’s generalize and say with TV. Unfortunately there are children dying in hunger,no matter give us more football. Even in those poor countries that support has much more importance than the rest of the world. We don’t really care about a child’s life! Why would we? Who would pay 90 euro to take care of an orphaned child instead buying Barcelona football team’s official t-shirt? Do you know the number of people who lives with chronic hunger? Do you know that once upon a time we were human collaborating to help each other to pass difficulties? Once upon a time friends? Before selling our souls to imperialist world! Feeling sorry while mentioning that sad truth! Try to buy it back, maybe you can!

NATO THINK! PEACE AND SECURITY that’s our mission!

In Afasia's corner... on April 14, 2011 at 9:52 am

Nato think they found a secret gun depot at Libia by bombing via their GUN INVENTORY at Tripoli. What kind of paradox is that, an organization which has been constructed under umbrella of peace and security, bombing a country! killing or injuring civils to protect same civils!. Who will protect them from NATO and alliance countries?  Sad but true in any interest of politicians,we civils are the only ones eating the iron bread. Chair lovers are ordering from their ornamented villas to their faithful soldiers without thinking of  a single baby which is gonna die anywhere in this world and they expect us to believe in those cosmetic, make-up lies. There are many other countries in trouble like in Africa or in Asia, but I don’t see any operation of NATO to overturn a dictator in those regions. Why don’t they arrange an operation to South Africa against King Mswati III?  Read his history, you will find that King’s story much more interesting than Gaddafi’s story. Hunger’s land King gives lot’s of suffer and injustice to his people.

We won’t cover your lies anymore! We don’t want to have your dirt in our hands, and the blood of innocent infants.

Thanks to all for reading and commenting!

photo from Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/3/2011
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