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What do you think you sip?

In crato's on March 22, 2012 at 10:38 pm

Coke says the change will be rolled out globally, but with no timeline yet

It was last week; an annoying piece of information stirred up the news all around the world. It came from California and the word quickly spreaded all around the world and vanished as quickly as it spreded: It was a simple law setting in California named Proposition 65 which passed in 1986. In January, they added new chemicals to their list of chemicals which are high risk for health, your health. One of those chemicals is one named controversial chemical—methylimidazole (4- MEI) which is shown to cause cancer on lab animals. It says high level of consumption of the chemical causes tumour. So, according to this setting, any product , which contains health risk, must advertise it’s high risk on the label just like tobacco.

Everything seems quite fine until this point. This setting revealed that two of the most popular beverage manufacturers, Coca Cola and Pepsi, too have been using this chemical in their formulas as caramel colouring. (Obviously, they claim that their caramel manufacturers cause the main problem). So, because the laws for everyone(!), they must have put the warnings on their labels just as tobacco companies have been doing for a while. So, they needed to do something. They needed to remove any chemical with health risk from their formula, right?

Let’s read what they said on

“We are NOT changing our recipe; or our formula,” Coca-Cola Company spokesman Ben Sheidler said in an email.
“What we did do is direct our caramel suppliers to make a manufacturing process modification in order to reduce the level of 4-MEI in our caramel so as to meet the requirement set by the state of California’s Proposition 65.”

For its part, PepsiCo said its beverages “are and always will be safe for consumption.”
“Consumers will notice no difference in our products and have no reason at all for any health concerns. There is no scientific evidence that 4-MEI in foods and beverages is a threat to human health,” it added. ”

You can read more about this here

Ok then, let’s forget about this little accident too, shall we?

I will say it short: I know that I am who I am as stubborn as a goat but if there is someone who didn’t get what I was trying to say in my previous article, here I am saying it again, clearly:

Wake up! Open your eyes and look around. If you don’t mind yourself, mind your son or your daughter or any other beloved ones.

”They” are killing you, me, your friends, my friends, everyone by using chemicals in everything.

You learned how to read in the first years of your education, but tell me how many times did you read a product’s label which you bought from that “green, natural and of course posh” supermarket?

Look around and see! All of the “nasty(!)” presidents of Middle and South America (CONTINENT NOT THE COUNTRY!) are found to be cancer. How it comes?

Stop trying to find excuses.
Do something for yourself.
Act now, tomorrow will be too late.


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