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Blooming Flowers In Concrete

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Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani schoolgirl activist, BBC blogger and the common voice of the women in her country beside she is only fourteen years old.

The name of ” Malala” means “grief stricken” and i think that it symbolises more than what you see in the letters. Malala was born in a country which is surrounded by obstructions and restrictions on living humanly…It seems like a dream to mention the holy word “democracy” in real terms in those sorrowful lands because of the partition of colonial India, bloody wars during seperation and afterwards hard conditions to continue living in the black shadows of Taliban. The beautiful lands of Pakistan and its colourful, kind and warm people have been surviving to find peaceful days and to see the sun they have been longing for…For ages they have been trying to seize the other day and to have dreams about their own future.

Malala has been one of the children who had a great vision, plans and dreams to affect the next generation’s destiny in Pakistan since she was well awared of what was happening around her. She still has her own ideals, a thin red path to walk and create “Mind Army” to demolish the “Empire of the fear” in the country.

On an october day, she has been shot in the head and neck by Taliban gunman while she was coming back from school by shuttle. They had a reason to accomplish their mission in the name of “Islam” and according to the Sariah law: even the children who are carrying out vilification campaign against Taliban and promoting education and women’s rights are sentenced to death penalty. But first of all Malala had to be branded as a “West Spy” and then she has to be killed to serve “Supreme Law”. Yet they weren’t aware of the fact that the ideas were bulletproof and she would be a legend soon.

In my opinion there is no religion that orders “killing people” for any reason in the world. Islam is also against execution without due process. As a religious person i believe and know that Islamic rules have nothing to do with the aspects of  Taliban, Al-Qaida and the other militant ideologies. Religion based organisations like them are  umbrellas in which the militants  need to take a refuge to achieve their mission and find more supporters.

However Taliban’s terrible attack, she challenged to death, resisted and survived! She is now in hospital in Britain, getting much better every single day with the huge support of the children, people around the world but firstly with her dear father who has been always her closest pathfinder. For more and updated information please check the link below:

After waking, her first question was “Which country am i in?”

Now i am curiously asking: Will she go back to Pakistan after she made full recovery? Who will save her life from Taliban militants?

Hope she can do her best…somehow, sometime…


The other girl of another sad story takes place in the heart of Middle East. Palestinian girl who i am talking about lives in West Bank, Nabi Salih, in occupied lands by Israel government. Since 1948 the Palestinians have been in a very big trouble “Al Nakba” with sick state of mind which is based on “Occupy and take what you need, for what it’s worth!”

Ahed Tamimi is 10 years old and when Israeli troops detained her elder brother she reacted, shouted at the soldier, spitted in his face and pushed him back angrily as she knew that she was totally right. Whatever she cried out touched my heart: “Where did you take him? You are a traitor! I know you speak arabic. Our soldiers are stronger than you! I’ll smash your head. I spit in your face. Go watch your mother instead of fighting little children. You are a traitor. You kill people to get money from dogs…”

Neither she nor her friends whom she encouraged seemed to be afraid of the soldiers. What i saw in the youtube video is “reaction against effection”, what i heard is “ the reflection of the sadness and anger”.

They are the children whose houses are stolen and beloved ones are taken by vandals.

One of them is in the below photo. She is staying at orphanage in Palestine and she lost her mother in the armed attacks. In order to commemorate her mother in her way and maybe ease her suffering in a very touching and unique way that i can never put into words…Please take a look, feel her pain and her unusual respect to her mother. (Her shoes are out of the stripes.)


Unfortunately, there are millions of children in the world whose lives are alike her life…Children who are workers, soldiers, prostitutes, thieves and everything else that they have to stay million miles away from! Children who are the colourful flowers in the concrete blocks.

They will be the future itself if they find the chance to grow and develope like the flowers…


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We have already posted many articles about Israel killing Palestinian children. There are no words can express our feelings about lost lives in this little land. There are no words can express our sadness, sorrow, pain, agitation. There are many words but no one can express literally. I would like to find a word and say out loud to make those people understand why they SHOULDN’T KILL civils. I don’t mind if they are happy forming military services and throwing bombs to each other just for FUN!!! Because it looks like they do it for fun as if they wouldn’t , they would stop this ugly war which is ongoing since years. I don’t really care if they want to harm each other. But when they will understand they leave a dark, ugly traumatized future for their children. Both side see every single day blood in the street. A child see his friend’s death body in early morning due to a bomb which has been thrown  on their house just by their neighbor country. Who could truly explain it to that child? Who could tell him why his friend ‘s bloody damaged body lying between ruins. Or who could tell to a child why his father or mother has to be buried and they won’t come back home. For what kind of honorful war they died for? A generation’s children who suffered by Nazis doing same terrible torture to “another nation”(I would actually call them brothers) in same country. I know there is no explanation or word to cover this situation more than POLITICS!.. They can do anything to change any kind of topic to win next elections. They can just so obviously do actions to win or gain something in very daylight front of everyone. Sad but we know Israel’s  strategy against Iranian engineers or scientist. The thing is that people repeatedly voting same bloody hands to represent them as presidents of their country.

Don’t you understand? Somehow! you have the blood of below numbers of death children in your hands!!!

Year Deaths
Palestinians Israelis
2011 118 (13) 11 (5)
2010 81 (9) 8 (0)
2009 1034 (314) 9 (1)
2008 887 (128) 35 (4)
2007 385 (52) 13 (0)
2006 665 (140) 23 (1)
2005 190 (49) 51 (6)
2004 832 (181) 108 (8)
2003 588 (119) 185 (21)
2002 1032 (160) 419 (47)
2001 469 (80) 192 (36)
2000 282 (86) 41 (0)
1999 9 (0) 4 (0)
1998 28 (3) 12 (0)
1997 21 (5) 29 (3)
1996 74 (11) 75 (8)
1995 45 (5) 46 (0)
1994 152 (24) 74 (2)
1993 180 (41) 61 (0)
1992 138 (23) 34 (1)
1991 104 (27) 19 (0)
1990 145 (25) 22 (0)
1989 305 (83) 31 (1)
1988 310 (50) 12 (3)
1987 22 (5) 0 (0)
Total 7978 (1620) 1503 (142)

Figures copyed from wikipedia and those numbers do not include 600 palestians killed by palestians.

Sad link to see on the truth what they live there!!!

Photo from

Thanks and Best Regards

From the year that changed the world to a New Year with full of expectations and high hopes?

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Time never hesitates to pass by and never stops. On the other hand The World FactBook has an extremely good memory to keep all the actions  being performed by human beings and the mother nature..

Just like the previous ‘Farewells’ i will mostly remember the heartbreaking tragedies & highlights of the ‘Year 2011’ and remind you some part of them below in order to be aware of who we are indeed as relating to what we do.

The Year 2011 was the year of the common people and the others who were under the control of external power and also opposition sides. They were the ones who walked the line of death against the dictatorships and bursting out their harassment because of the regimes which are miles away from the democracy. They were the people from different segments of society with revolting and rebellious heart. Arab Spring was the movement of freedom and democracy on the surface but also its colour was neither orange nor green. It had the colour of ‘Red’ and we knew that the revolutions were/are written by blood. In this year what we saw and heard is all about blood, tears and sad & real stories from the Middle East, Africa, Far East, Europe, Russia and even from the U.S but also rise of renaissance in the Middle East countries including North Africa.

You can ask me why do i always see the dark side of the moon? My answer is a never ending question, could you point at me a concrete truth regarding that the 7 billion people are indeed glad with their lives? If you say that no need them to be happy in the world, i can see your point of view on life…But there is such a thing as truth that a negligible quantityof this number is rich, happy and careless about the rest of the world and we, human being, must know that ‘’1 in 7 chance that person will be born hungry. Nearly 1 billion people in the world go to bed hungry each night.’’ WFP

Let’s make a rough turn to the question: What did The Arab World gain and lose at the end of The Arab Spring? Algeria lost his Mohammed Bouazizi who was a young man at the age of 27 and street vendor to make a living for himself and his family. How easy to say that he caughed fire and burned himself saying that ‘if you don’t see me, i’ll burn myself!’in order to prevent the police coming over him to take his goods from him. It was initial fire of the Arab Spring and Bouazizi died in pain soon after setting himself on fire in protest. On the following days we witnessed that The President Zine El Abidin Ben Ali and The PM Ghannouchi were ousted from their duities. Nowadays New Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, promised to make the constitutional reforms. In details, Algeria seemed to have the pluralistic democracy and  it cost thousands of people’s lives and million dollars.

Just after the Tunisia, Arab Tsunami spread its wave to Egypt and afterwards we watched nearly the same protests, crackdowns and violent clashes in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and the other Middle East countries. Likewise it was called ‘Facebook Revolution’: “I’ve always said that if you want to liberate a society just give them the Internet,” said activist and Google marketing manager Wael Ghonim.

Besides these all, in 2011, the western world dealt with the economic crises which tended to disrupt the European Union. Particularly Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy had to declare that they were financially in huge debt burden.

The activists and the common people had a start of  ‘OCCUPY WALL STREET’ movement in  New York because of the unfair distrubition of income, economic inequalities and fast-growing scarp between poor and rich. The activists set up their tents and thus occupied the well known squares of the big cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Greece, London, Madrid, Sydney and so on… According to me, we could have a big chance to select the most democratic countries in the world which let them organise and protest with their meaningful banners.

What happened more? NATO troops collaborated with Libyan opposite groups and they arrested The Ousted Leader Muammar Gaddafi alive & killed him later without judgement. NATO troops also killed many civilians during the operations as they did in Afghanistan.

Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US Forces in Pakistan without judgment and Obama declared proudly that the world was saved from The (Tailormade) Frankenstein by adding that ‘’justice is done…’’

Japan was terribly hurt by the destructive Eartquake and Tsunami on the 11th of March and soon after that it has been started to be discussed about the safety and necessity of the Nuclear Power Plants in the world. Photos can tell you everything much better than me.

The worst drought and famine disaster in half a century hit the East African country Somalia and 750.000 Somalian died because of the disaster which we, rest of the world, support indirectly…”Droughts will happen. They always will, but they don’t have to be disasters. They can be managed,” Oxfam’s Philippa Crosland-Taylor said in neighbouring Kenya.

‘Right wing Christian Terrorist’ Anders Behring Breivik bombed government buildings in Oslo, which resulted in eight deaths. Just after the blast he arrived at a youth camp in police uniform and opened fire on 69 young people with full of dreams, hopes and loves to life…A few months later the mass killer was declared that he has been found criminally insane.

US declared that Irak War came to an end as of november 13…(???)

Israel released 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli captive Gilad Shalid.

*Palestine  Government applied Unesco in order to have the full membership as a free state and the application was approved 37 years later. The Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas has also submitted their request for the UN membership to UN commitee.

North Korean ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong II died of heart attack due to physical and mental over-work and the world opinion have been curious and concerned about his son who took the place of his ‘God Father’ whether he would have the key to getting better results for the public prosperity and national happiness or keep on challenging the world by the nuclear weapons.

In 2011, unfortunately domestic violence against women and waves of detensions & long prosecution process which the journalists, writers,  military officers and academics have been arrested, carried on and it has still being discussed about the expression of freedom of thought and peculiarly ‘democracy’ by the close followers and public opinion in Turkey. Furthermore, 7.1 Mw earthquake in Van province took 604 lives and left up to 40.000 people homeless.

I can continue typing the events which took unforgettable place on my mind but i don’t want to bore you with recalls but i need to emphasise what my points were when i looked back to the recent past and i will appreciate if you add more headlines in addition to my article in order to be aware of our pictures in the world’s memory…

I wish you a magical year with full of hopes, peace, happiness, justice, democracy and equality and…(Please fill in the blanks..) A year in which the International Law is not violated by the Global Monsters.

Thanks for reading my ‘long’ post and being a part of our dream world.

Kind Regards…

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