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In Fanny Lulu's diary on November 24, 2011 at 4:08 pm

I should make myself believe that this modern slaughter will end up somehow and ‘’you’’, mass murderers, can not stand in front of a large number of humans which are called ‘billions’ in the earth unless you tend to use chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons which are not logical for me…

How are ‘’they’’ given the licence to kill the ‘others’ who have the right to live? What gives them the licence to demolish the crowds in order to build up ‘’democracy, freedom, justice and all the other good things’’? We, the people who have the same & repeated words, are quite aware of what you have been doing to the poor and weaks for centuries and i believe that it will end up when mother nature does not respond to your never ending abuses and the people, whom you don’t give a chance to continue their living in humanitarian ways, do not exist in numbers anymore…

What is going on in the world? I don’t feel like talking about ongoing incidents in Middle East countries such as Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and…Yeah…I had better thank to you for bringing ‘’democracy and freedom’’ to those countries after Arab Spring like you did in Iraq in 2005…So, can you hear the sound of the common pains and the screams? The same reactions are echoing through the media tools in all over the world which are ‘’ Hungary? Eat a banker!’’, ‘’ Robin Hood was right.’’, ‘’Everything is okay, please continue shopping.’’ and so on…The very common question is ‘’What will happen to us tomorrow?’’…It is almost surely believed by the billions of people living in this world that the future is uncertain and insecure.

The sources of  problems are known very well by the Global Monsters but the new found solutions don’t work out for some reason in the way we, %99 of the people, desire…Who cares about the poor though…? The matters which paint the world black are mostly based on socio-economic problems and according to me, the religion, class & race distinction and the other differences are at the second tier …We need to survive by feeding ourselves, drinking water, sheltering, at least having the basic human rights and …Yes, it seems to be a simple remark on this significant global issues but to be honest the people have been fighting with each other for their economic situation up-to-date and in the future. Because the supply which is supported by purchase power is limited and unfair as you may be aware of the daily news from the outside world of us. There is lack of employment as a major problem to be solved for the people to be integrated in to the society and life and the main issue which is to be thought over is to make people live in stead of destroying their lives for natural resources, the service of arms industry, international political conflics but of course we do need to have inner conscience while taking our actions in public services and international fields. Otherwise we will be forced to kill ourselves by ‘’your’’ orders like we did entirely during the 2nd World War or the other bloody games which are so-called ”War” between the global monsters.

This is just to remind ourselves that we must realise the dirty hands on our brains, bodies and lives…

This is just an alarm that we must think about  internalizing the global problems which are presented us in the blurry pictures that we can not see the real big picture…

Thanks and Kind Regards…

Let’s bring down the new Berlin Walls all over the world..!

In Fanny Lulu's diary on August 13, 2011 at 3:00 pm

50 years ago…They built a shame wall which separated the Berliners from each others. It was not only a self defense fence but also a challenge to the Iron curtain countries and the Soviet ideology…

Friends, sisters, brothers, beloved ones fell apart and put their clocks back as if they were living in the former Hitler’s era. They say the wall was built to prevent East Berliners from fleeing Soviet control but in fact  they tried out to prevent the spreading bullet proof  ideas by propaganda.

 The ideas were contagious according to their ideology and the best way of suppressing oppinions was to put them under quarantine. The millions had to be seperated in order to reestablish the public order and in case of necessity they used to be humiliated, tortured and killed, the brave ones fell victim as they attemped to flee across the Berlin Wall just to see their precious relatives or friends on the otherside of the strip..The wall was exactly just like a prison for the East Berliners..

 Yeah, the ideas might be taken in to consideration by the community and could go a step further to change the system ‘which has been operating for the common interest for years.’

 In 1989, they tought that they won the competition and distributed the proceed of crime among the public generously by knocking down the wall. .Well, would the ‘new package of the old’ have worked out?

Yeah, Soviet Regime in Russia finally collapsed and the danger largely fade away. But it was not that easy to keep the eyes and minds closed. The German Democratic Republic (GDR/East Germany) joined the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG/West Germany), and Berlin reunited into a single city by the Grundgesetz constitution Article 23.

The reunification brought accumulated  plans, varying expectations along with itself and opened new horizons for the immigrants, the millions living away from their homelands and people looking for a safe land to continue their living in good conditions.

The reunification could not resist the transformation in the society and as a result of this the East Berliners welcomed the shimmering world of capitalism and let’s say they went along with the new world order.

50 years later…We have been still building brand new shame-walls all over the world, the best and the unique example is Israeli West Bank Barrier which is constructed in Gaza Strip. There is only one sentence i can use  in this case:  As long as you increase the pressure level upon society, the reaction and resistance get as much as that…That’s what Israel will face in the near future.

Let’s bring down the new Berlin Walls  all over the world (even if there is a brutal system behind the walls…)

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