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In Fanny Lulu's diary on February 9, 2013 at 4:06 pm


I am quite confused to write or not to write about permanent crises in many African countries. You may say that i don’t have to but i feel that i have to emphasise at least some remarkable titles…

The never ending problems in Africa are mostly about political dilemmas of military based regimes as can be seen on television, in the newspapers and through other news sources such as online journalism.

Kindly think that the idea of ‘United States of Africa’… It sounds unrealistic when you visualize all that chaos, doesn’t it? In most of African countries those who have power first visualize what they want and then materialize it .  Actually i must say that “those” who hold the armed forces have also direction to change the socio-politic route to instability, conflict and lost generation without future.

Civil wars seem as a fated destiny for ‘Dark and Beautiful Continent’  by the hands of  Western civilizations and their armed puppets who has nothing to trust but their weapons against civils.

Like or don’t…It’s not the point but Former Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi who was executed without any judgement by Nato troops was the most well known leader to mention this expression in African Union 2009. His dream was to discuss the remained issues of colonialism which divide Africans into hundreds of etnic groups which have been in controversy with each other from the times of  “geographical discoveries.” He knew that the conflicts were the obstructed veins of the undeveloped countries and there wasn’t any possibility to talk about circulation, wealth, peace and stability… I hope that the new chairperson of the African Union Hailemariam Desalegn can make a progress to spread this dream to the members of the Union.

As Turkish poet Onat Kutlar says:

“I asked myself what is made of mud? The Statue.

And made of pains? The love.

Even you can make a revolution with poverties.

But nothing can be made from disunities.”

Instead of struggling with hunger and drought they have been fighting for their seperations.

Instead of keeping their natural sources from the modern colonial interests,

Instead of keeping their children from their own men who work for colonial interests to earn a living from bloody and illegal ways.

Instead of preventing  them to be “child soldiers who are a part of  any kind of regular or irregular armed force or armed group in any capacity.” (for more:

Besides general issues relating to many African countries, Mali is a biggest question mark for me to comperehend for a very long time… It is reported that there is radical islamic groups in the north of Mali and people are living under the pressure of these armed groups. On the other side there is a military construction which seized power with the Western support in 2012.

Last year European Union decided to stop financial aids  to the military based government in Mali. However this year when Malian government asked for support from EU to eliminate the armed groups in the north and United Nations have never hesitated to give permission for the military intervention of France. Thus, France started to bomb the villages and towns in the northern Mali. It is very simple to write this in words but quite saddening to think how many innocent civilians were killed and will be killed in bombardments.

Who will be responsible for the civilians from systematic killings? Who will be judged for the children whose lives were taken in the air strikes?

Who will help to the people fled from the northern Mali?

What was the real reason of UN to allow France for the operations in Mali?

(What if it is all about rich underground resources of the country or to protect the interests of French companies in Mali or to deport Muslim population from Mali?)

Why didn’t they show any interest to constant civilian casualities over 2 years in Syria as being very interested in Libya?

Why they still don’t…

Why no action for the conflicts in Middle East and the other places where Muslim population mostly live.

What a grave contradiction!

Unfortunately, UN and NATO are the question itself  in this story that i can not solve easily…

Which is worst: NATO or AIDS?

In Afasia's corner... on June 9, 2012 at 11:48 am

NATO force commander John Allen apologies for killing 18 civilian on last Wednesday! Easy taken. We are sorry for killing you continuously since 1978 by changing roles and actors.

Casualties and losses : Some estimates as high as 5,600,000 killed(wikipedia)

How many of those are civilians? Who  knows? Who can tell how many children die each week? Who can explain how many girls have been raped? Almost 6 million dead for a forgotten proposal? Do you remember why our soldiers are there? Do you remember the reason why Soviet Union declared war for the first time?

Let me try to remind you this shift changing from Soviets to Americans and then to NATO.

First Soviets invaded Afghanistan to keep People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan in power which actually took the power by a military coup. Of course people were angry in the street because of Soviet Invasion. As always and thanks to god, our saver in all bad situations, United States of America with their puppet Pakistan helped Afghanistan against Soviets. Died thousands in this not understandable war. All those were happening due to sold leaders of the Middle East zone. None of them were as lucky as Turkish for not having their own Ataturk to help them out against enemies. Instead of having 1 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, they had thousand of Gulbudin Hekmatiar who is not easy to understand for which side he was fighting for. Extreme communist sported by USSR, than extreme Islamic as prime minister of Afghanistan, Mujahideen leader of the war between Afghan groups and lately as a terrorist fighting against NATO. I have no words to say for those shape shifters. Shortly USSR powers left the country and backed again as Russia to Afghanistan but not officially, only helping to the government of Najibullah and left again but this time they left country into taliban hands. Soviet Russia the protector of Communism decided to leave a EXTREMELY ISLAMIC RULED Afghanistan. Great deal isn’t it. They came to help communist party. How successful they were.

At 2001, the biggest enemy and the biggest ally of Russia took Russia’s place and came as their replacement. Yes, USA!.. This time the reason was? Some one can remember the reason? Ahh of course! After 11 September, USA decided to go there specially to Afghanistan to clean the zone from terrorists. It was a “VERY SUCCESSFUL” operation too. Wasn’t it? They have “CLEANED” and “DEFEATED” all terrorists of al-Qaeda(which currently chooses a new leader) and Taliban. In their time of stay died many many poor young Afghan soldier + US soldier + many other countries poor young child died on this dirty, ugly game of throne.

Now it’s NATO’s turn. Keeping the country save by killing civilians. Fighting against some unknown self created groups of people(I doubt if they are Afghans creating this chaos in the country) and while trying to push them out resulting lots an lots of civil death. Which actually worst than both 2 countries. They were there for their benefits. But NATO? What is their benefits? Do they really kill civilians for some good proposal?

And now I am wondering. Who s the next?


In Afasia's corner... on August 5, 2011 at 5:01 pm


10.000 children died per month at past 3 months means 30.000 children due to hunger. Somalia’s government and some terrorist groups don´t let the arrival of humanitarian aid in country. People leaving their houses, killing each other to reach some help but no way to keep their children alive. A woman was keeping one of her child´s death body for some weeks without informing organizations which helping them to receive food for 2 children to have more food for her other boy.

I would love to know where the hell are all those organizations and union of countries which trying to keep world a save place by fighting against hand-made terrorist groups in Iraq, Libia, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,  etc.? Where are them and why don´t they fight against those invisible terrorists appearing time to time to kill innocent Somalian children and steal their foods? Is there any politician still bear a heart in his/her chest or even without a hearth would say stop to this.

Take a look to above photo taken by and think that tomorrow might be your child´s turn. We never know nature´s plans for us. No water means no food. They already know how to survive with almost no food. We have no clue, that means the tragic end of european nation in world. Simply,  just make an empathy and help those children.

I call all those countries and organizations which are working for “world´s safety” to do their duty.

Thanks and Best Regards


In Afasia's corner... on July 25, 2011 at 12:58 pm

I remember the Gulf War. Year 1990… And I also remember when US troops has arrived in Iraq.  Year 2003… Was a happy day for Iraqis. Salvation from long time dictator and the arrival of their new dictators…  72 years later than the independence from Ottomans and 58 years later than the independence from British.

I do remember the Afghan War as well. Since 2001 US army is there to clean the zone from terrorists and keep zone secure out for them and inside for Afghan citizens. Right 82 years after than the independence from British.

And today!!! An 8 years old boy hanged by militants. By who? Who knows? The ones there to protect this child like NATO, UN, ISAF or the ones who based at Afghan mountains. Who knows the exact responsible of this child´s death. I never can deal with those kind of questions. Maybe somebody can help me to better understand. Who is wrong there? Afghans maybe? Maybe? No matter who, in a country which everyday dies many 8 years old boy.

I would actually ask this to Afghans but I don´t think they would have a word to say. I as a European would never understand their in-sensitiveness to their children´s situation.  So let´s scream all together to their big big British father which is there to help them. They may hear our words if we maybe scream loud enough like HELP FATHER, HELP THEM. Give a short pause to playing with their mother and see your Arabic children´s situation. You led them over centuries now, don´t forget that they can´t live if you don´t feed in their mouths!!!..

Thanks and Best Regards

also check!!!

Racialism is not the salvation from your own inner enemies! Fight fair with your inner selves!

In Fanny Lulu's diary on July 11, 2011 at 2:36 pm


I think that I am not good enough to explain my ideas and feelings regarding the happenings in the world but i am strong enough to defend the peace, justice, human rights, equality and all the other notions related to the living creatures  on a safe ground during my life time this is because i have a free mind, a humanitarian heart and objective point of view.

I am a 27 years old passive spectator and sometimes witness of the ever-changing journal but moreover i am an average human being who is aware of the others’ lives and deaths, in particular i am very interested in the question of their good-byes from their precious lives about nothing. (Money, power, a piece of earth that means nothing in cosmos…?)

10 years ago i was 17 years old and could have been that unlucky to be aware of the Bosnian War which had several sides and took time from april 1992 till june1995…I am not in the mood to mention the rate of the deceased persons but i just want to remind you all this was not a kind of war but A ‘one sided massacre’. (In briefly, they were first disarmed, left vulnerable, then raped, killed and the their bodies were left around.) You may reach the further details through various sources if you are interested in facing the nearby history and walls of shame which still exist in front of our near futures.


‘’Our enemies  recognise only one race; their own race, they recognise only one religion; their own religion, they recognise their own political party; their own party. Whatever is not from their sides, they are convicted to be abolished.’’ Aliya İzzetbegoviç

Is that the all reality or do we have the right to ask what lies beneath of all the states & international organisations  which were involved to this 4 year holocaust?’!’

Is that the pure reality we should believe that The Peacekeeper Nato and its beloved angelina ‘UN’ will guard our lives as we see the truth with naked eyes?

”Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real…”

and justice for the suffering souls that await to take the revenge…

Aren’t we exhausted to hear the same bloody news from the New world Pirates?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on May 17, 2011 at 4:03 pm

I am…nowadays I am more concerned about the increasing violence in the world.

Brand new times in some parts of Africa and Middle East written by blood have begun in Tunisia and turned in to Jasmine Revolution, then spread out Libya,Egypt, Syria, Bahreyn, Yemen. There are still people dying, being raped, wounded, having no future & no dreams, forced to immigrate to the far aways after conflicts in the battle fields.  System is forced to be settled down by itselves through the clashes, bloody demonstrations, hard conditions  on the war front. Streets are like fronts, places around the houses, places where you live, go for a walk, your life flows by. Once you take your side, make war, defend your rights they turn in to your national front. You make your democracy by your blood and it’s called ‘revolution’. Nato does keep internal peace by bombing the cities and killing the innocents, UN serves the invisible political powers as if it makes contribution for the peace and beside manupulates it all under the umbrella of ‘ International Court of Justice.’ It is quite easy to see the truth with naked eyes without going to the red lined countries by following the news from the various media sources.

So, where is democracy? Who will stop Israel troops who know the killing better than the others’ armed forces? Who will stop the violence, blood and tear in ‘Democratic’ Republic of Congo? Wasn’t there any way out to stop the demonstrations in Nakba Day on 15th May without martyring over 20 and hurt over 200 activists? Do they have to shoot the humanbeings that easy? Do they have the right to kill them smoothly? Why can’t Nato do anything for the ongoing massacre in Palestine? I don’t tolerate anything about the black holes of democracy in the undeveloped countries which are called as commercial factories of the ‘West’ whilst my Turkish Government still keeps APO (Leader of PKK) who is murderer of 30.000 people alive and has been judging him in front of the court for years.

So…Test the West…


In Afasia's corner... on May 12, 2011 at 9:55 am

Nato’s understanding of peace kills another young girl in ME. Providing peace and better conditions to those poor children was the “best” planned project of centuries so far. Year 2011! Year 2011! An organization aimed to protect civilians kills civilians. My own paradox lead me crazy! I hope no more child dies anywhere in world by hunger or by a dirty bullet.


photo  by Steve Mccurry
thanks to washingtonpost

‘If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes politics!’

In Fanny Lulu's diary on May 4, 2011 at 7:18 pm

Who is one of the world’s leading company in Global Political Sector ? Let me tell you the answer: United States of America.

It’s a never falling star in the eyes of the global citizens. ( We, the people are  called global citizens of New World Order which includes potential hazards such as ‘’Military Draft, World War Three, Forced Vaccinations, Prison Industrial Complex, Elite Controlled Depopulation.’’ )

It’s the dream of those who are influenced by the tecnological illusion and the political power & armed forces which are actively used in order to take the control of the global markets, energy resources, individual liberties. ( Because we are sure of that the U.S.A makes everything right and duly completed for every living creature on earth. )

It’s a freely desicion maker and missionary  for local people’s goodness such as demolishing the governments to save the community from the dictatorial power, to save the world chemical and biological weapons, to ‘’bring the democracy, equality, justice…bla bla…’’ by killing, torturing the millions.

They say it’s always sunny in the U.S.A …( But it saddenes me to witness the people who suffered from the hurricanes, the bad effects of global warmings and climate change which developed countries are caused.)

It makes  the universal description of ‘ Democracy ‘…and i’ve been afraid of democracy since i’ve seen how they worked hard to build the future, liberty, stability, peace and justice  on blood and tear. (Also check the police brutality and inhuman treatment  against Occupy Wall Street Demonstraters in the U.S. !)

It makes you believe that the truth is wherever they point!

It feeds your soul, eyes and dreams by using media and the other tools to fascinate you in every way.

It feeds you and makes you meet the needs through multinational companies such as  Mc Donalds, Coca Cola, Jacobs, Burger King, KFC etc.. (I must confess that i sometimes wear  my All Star, drink Cola and eat KFC…I know many people who will not put an embargo on using  them..What an amazing advertisement ! We are voluntarily sponsors, Aren’t we?)

It’s the peace keeper and creator of a better world by the magic hands of  NATO, UN and the other international organisations.

It’s the one world government which rules the Wild Capitalism!

Now, let’s repeat this all together ( in stead of ‘’In God we trust’’)  —> ‘’In U.S.A we trust..!’’

And we love the one world government’s politics unconditionally, otherwise this artificial resource takes our lives according to its  ‘paramount law-pictures!’…

NATO THINK! PEACE AND SECURITY that’s our mission!

In Afasia's corner... on April 14, 2011 at 9:52 am

Nato think they found a secret gun depot at Libia by bombing via their GUN INVENTORY at Tripoli. What kind of paradox is that, an organization which has been constructed under umbrella of peace and security, bombing a country! killing or injuring civils to protect same civils!. Who will protect them from NATO and alliance countries?  Sad but true in any interest of politicians,we civils are the only ones eating the iron bread. Chair lovers are ordering from their ornamented villas to their faithful soldiers without thinking of  a single baby which is gonna die anywhere in this world and they expect us to believe in those cosmetic, make-up lies. There are many other countries in trouble like in Africa or in Asia, but I don’t see any operation of NATO to overturn a dictator in those regions. Why don’t they arrange an operation to South Africa against King Mswati III?  Read his history, you will find that King’s story much more interesting than Gaddafi’s story. Hunger’s land King gives lot’s of suffer and injustice to his people.

We won’t cover your lies anymore! We don’t want to have your dirt in our hands, and the blood of innocent infants.

Thanks to all for reading and commenting!

photo from Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/3/2011
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