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What you see is totally enough to be aware of the situation in Syria since it all started with mass demonstrations and protests against the Assad regime on 15th of march in 2011. From that day to this, cost of Syrian uprising is approximately 14000 dead (the U.N. says it’s 10000) according to the various sourches…Thousands of civilians including ex soldiers, political activists, journalists, intellectuals and considerable number of officials from intra-Ba’ath party opposition have been forming the organisation. On the other hand there have been armed groups which have been adding fuel to the flame in order to breed the chaos and instability in this bloody geography…

What you see is actually all about the people being killed in Syria including women, children, babies, every living creature and plus; stolen dreams, hopeless lives, no more expectations from the “life”?

What you see is regarding the advantages of so many sides such as Russia, Iran, China, Lebanon, Suudi Arabia etc. On the contrary EU States, US, Israel, Iraq, Arab League Members, Turkey (is a country which is very middle of the all sides and is mostly aggrieved for being on border with Syria)  etc…While they were pretending to be interested in the Syria conflict and  producing alleged solutions, everyday hundreds of civilians are dying in Daraa, Homs, İdlib, Damascus, Hama, Latakia, Houla and so on..!

Thanks a million the ones who contributed for the peace in Syria!

Thanks a million The U. S., Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and the Netherlands for expelling Syrian ambassadors from your countries in order to make this contribution!

Thanks a million U.N. for your “NULL” Annan Plan!

For the Friends of Syria meeting that serves no good purpose!

For the speeches of Ban-Ki-Mun and the others that is full of ornamental and familiar (Political) words!

For the “Humanitarial Corridors for the civilians striving to survive”!

For your thoughtfulness and common sense by stating that you are hesitating from the uncertainty which may arise after any military intervention over Syria!

From the bottom of our heart, thanks to all for reminding us you are not very keen on intervening in civil war as  “World Peacekeepers” when there is no oil over there!

Now, Syria is a country where more civilians may die in every minute and so many questions are asked as the answers are so few which it means already “uncertainty”.

In addition to all this, there has been a mistake regarding a photo which was published on BBC internet site on Saturday May 26. The photo was displaying another result of the war which happened in Iraq during the U.S.occupation  in 2003. (another tens of children who were being killed in Iraq War!)

Yes, it’s a photo of  other people’s dead kids but i need to ask you what difference does it make between the wrong and right photo taken in the battlefield where the people are cruelly killed, where the cities are turned to fire circle, where the streets are like graveyards and open-air prison, as well…



There is a woman behind every successful man!

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Where are you?

There is a woman behind every successful man!

Yes I know, success is an uncertain fact for every situation. We normally feel proud of things which make our hearths full of emotion, positivity and when we do something real good for us and others.

Would you feel successful or proud of killing someone else?

Making people listen your orders in fear of death?

Dictating them?

Would you feel happy for treating  bad to a person, animal or any plant?

Or let’s make it simple, would you feel happy for giving in to fear?

There are people proud of it like Syrian president Assad’s wife Asma Assad.

I want to believe that was a joke.
I want to believe that was a kind of dark humor against their situation.
I want to believe that she was not really enjoying her husband’s status against his people and telling that she was the one behind each act of Assad’s bloody movements.
I believe I am too optimist about it.

This words just to call them to stop killing each other. They won’t hear or read our words but we wish they stop this massacre.

Thanks and Best Regards

“it’s like, when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs and, like, no-one hears you, like what the hell are you supposed to say, you know? what are you supposed to do?”

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From the docu-movie: If a tree falls: Eart Liberation Front

Actually, we feel the same way as in the headline above but it does not help a lot to sort out problems occuring all around the world…

Dr. Fawaz Akhras, the father of Asma al-Assad, told the Sunday Express Assad should proceed with democratic reforms “before it’s too late”.

Read more:

Hence i can easily ask that what “ before it’s too late” means? Could you kindly make the best definition of being too late? Isn’t it that late to witness people’s have been killing by Assad family(your family) and their armed forces? According to the U.N reports more than 8500 civilians died during the Syrian conflict in almost every single cities of Syria which has been already  turned into bloodshed. At the very same time he made a statement that he was quite worried about her daugher’s and grandchildren’s lives because of the fire circle around them. It seems that the so-called uprising has been frightening him just because his beloved ones inhabit in Syria. Yet he must make pretty sure of that their lives are more significant and valuable to the world (more than the unarmed Syrians, journalists & all the -8500- people your family’s combat troops killed atrociously! ) and kept strictly distinct.

Sick minded machine guns have been making self defence and doing the most destructive way of ultra-patrionism which will cause a never ending conflict among Syrians of different etnic groups. Well, maybe this is a kind of etnic cleansing which is horrifying me as an human being and apparently more than international community.Yes, i agree that it requires for the international community and the sides to be diligent and oversensitive to put an end to the this bloody controversy and unfortunately  i am neither the addressee of the fight nor peacekeeping force which is responsible to bring peace (!), democracy (!), justice (!)etc. for all. As you may know Kofi Annan who has been given Nobel Peace Prize for his founding of theGlobal Aids and Health Fund, is now on a peace mission in Syria as UN envoy so he is hardly expected to make miracles, urge the Syrian government and the opposition to cease the violence against civilians. Although he is in the heart of  conflict, he is obviously a myopic envoy so that he can’t see clear what’s happening and will happen over there in the near future. Let’s take a deep look at what he said on his Syria visit:

“We have to be careful that we don’t introduce a medicine that is worse than the disease. We don’t have to go very far in the region to find an example of what I am talking about,” he said at the League headquarters in Cairo by adding he was “optimistic” about the current situation and thus he almost declared to all the world that there was nothing could be achieved in the war zone where humanity went far-far away. This means to support Assad regime to go on humane slaghter freely.

The Great Dictator Assad is of the opinion that the people whom he killed are not the public (including one months old babies & children and unarmed women) and they are surely betrayers who are in collaboration with external powers and the terrorists who leaded to a chaos. Besides, a dictator wouldn’t need anything more to massacre his people so he did…

The point is that i can not comprehend Bashar Al-Assad has been emphasing at times that his people adored him for ages so then why he doesn’t want to go to elections as an opening gate to democracy? He may have the chance in order to be elected again. But i think he tends to do make his difference by collaborating with his brothers in arms and killing all the rest who does not agree with himself.

Why is he afraid of then? What’s happening there, is this a kind of show of force, or challenge but to whom indeed? The brand new front is made by Iran, Russia, China, Syria and Lebanon (HezbollahShi’a Muslim militant group) and it seems that they are all against the US, EU, Israel, Turkey and  League of Arab States in some political & strategic ways. That’s all i can see for the moment and this decade will be the biggest candidate to change turn of the world one more time.

In conclusion, i do wonder if Assad will put a full stop to committing mass murders in his own country or will NATO make a military intervention before it leads to a larger regional war? Why does NATO see the intervention as a taboo? What about the organisation of “ Friends of Syria”? What about Humanitarian Aid Corridor which will work out to rescue injured people’s lives, help people who are starving to death and fleeing from the cities under bombardment. There are thousands of  people in Syria who does not have “tomorrow” and even “today”.  For further information about “Friends of Syria” please check :

Stay with Life, Love, Light and Luck…

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