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Are you “FAIR” trade?

In Afasia's corner... on March 20, 2012 at 9:51 am

In Congo some armed groups are using women, men and children to mining as their slaves for big cell phone companies like Nokia etc.

Knowing that really changes something for the rest of us? We! The ones who can really change something! Do we care about Apple´s grinding Chinese workers ? Do we really care about thousand raped woman´s life in Congo who are slave of our imperialist world working for our needs? How many times did you change your mobile phone in last 5 years? 3 times? 5 times? Great! All we are doing just great.

I would strongly recommend you to check this web page before changing your phone once again!.

Let’s be agree and stop using/buying mobile phones until they stop buying mines from those blood suckers!. Let’s don’t renew computers, cell phones, cloths, shoes till they fix this torture. Till countries start banning those kind of purchase and fine the companies which are having those kind of dirty business relations with armed groups, terrorists or with any kind which against human rights only to spend less money and be more and more rich! Let´s even say NO to driving cars when the governments fight for petrol. Let´s go out and say a big NO. Until you stop this war, we won’t buy petrol, gas, oil or whatever. Can we really put our hands in fire once in our life time by any of those actions, by only not using our luxury stuff and sacrifice for a while to save our planet or save some children. Can´t we really do it? Aren´t we capable to save lives?

LET´s STOP SENSLESS AND USELESS CONSUMING. We must all collaborate. We must exchange stuff instead buying. Don´t you feel lucky for having a mother gave your birth in an hospital?  Don´t you feel lucky just for having an opportunity of studying? Learning? Going university? Don´t you feel lucky even in economical crisis you are free, choosing what to do? Don´t you feel lucky for not being someone´s slave on millennium 2012? Many of those raped women´s children grow up in hate, stolen by some armed group to be trained to work for obscurity’s childsoldiers to make this bloody business running .


True stories make our history. A history full of shame and blood. We try medicines on Africans, we slave them, we use them for our imperialist system, we cheat them to kill each other to sell more guns, we watch them dying in hunger. Can you consider yourself as a good Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, HUMAN knowing that while you are having your meal, there are children dying in hunger, being raped, sold, slaved only for our luxury needs?

I know you are telling me, no no I didn’t do any of those! I am a good person. Even we are not causing any of those, we may know that while we don’t say a word we are also in this business. Yes, we collaborate while we don’t buy “fair trade”( products. Yes we are being part of it while we change our cell phones just to have more games, applications etc. We collaborate while we use Nokia or any other company which collaborates in this dirty business, while we buy pharmaceutical from Pfizer which tests medicine on children in Africa, while we vote politicians in powerful European countries and USA who are shameless liars producing wars only to benefit from this industry in Arab land, Asia, South America or Africa, selling guns, using them as their big bakery house of drug traffic or/and slaving them. Why don’t we ask them promise of peace before voting. Not sending soldier to kill civilians anywhere in the world.

Until now you maybe didn´t know it. But now you know it and it´s our duty to clean this dirt and leave a better world for our children.


In this article, I am not blaming any group of people or companies in particular! All names used are to give some example or only to warn them. It’s just a sad lament falling through my fingers. I know many of us cannot afford expensive fair trade products.















Thanks and Best Regards

KONY 2012, WE CARE!!!

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No need words…

Thanks to everybody involved in this project!.. A BIG THANKS!!!

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