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In Afasia's corner... on February 23, 2012 at 3:13 pm

This morning, in various suicide attacks, died about 60 people and wounded 225 in Iraq . If I am not wrong, all of them are Iraqis. It doesn’t fit or quadrate in Iraqi’s fight against something or somebody! For example against USA or Europe. For Jihad. No no, it doesn’t really fit. I cannot see the provocation on this war. I cannot see the answer. I cannot see the manifest part of it. Iraqis killing Iraqis. Why? No no, it’s not possible, there is something wrong with this. So who could explain it to me?

Who could help me to understand the reason of 1759 times of suicide bombing attempts of total ~9.873 death and ~12.609 injured? And many of above number of died and injured are men queuing to find a job, having a dinner in a restaurant,  women and children shopping or in a hospital? Someone who knows this war better than anyone could explain us Iraq war was on base of what? Between who? Against who? Why in a war between Iraq and USA, have been killed hundred or thousand of Iraqi civil by Iraqis? Below you will see the number of death and injured Iraqis civil + Officers(policeman, soldiers etc), Iraqi and foreign politics and US marines.


War between sects?
War between different racial groups?
War of habit?
War against to the ones who were really happy when Saddam’s dictate was ended by USA and USA’s dictate began?
A part of ongoing or new strategy coming up?
To whom really serving this fight? Who is benefiting from thousand of civilian’s death? 
Frighten a group of people or folk in the street? I would understand a couple of explosion but not 1759!!!
How they could find almost 2000 crazy suicide bomber ready to explode himself? Are we living with those many freaks together in same world who are ready to blow himself 
up and kill men, women, children in once? It´s another question which is really difficult to answer!.
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Information from Wikipedia and the estimation of numbers by Newspool.

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This is just a brief of ‘The Western Style Democracy in the East Countries’, do you like it?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on January 28, 2012 at 10:34 am

I am not quite sure about how i am supposed to start in order to make this article more effective and  worth reading. But i am quite aware of how significant to mention these crucial matters happening on this planet we live.

Almost everyday we read numerous extraordinary news and watch horrible videos on visual and written media. One of them was released on 12th january 2012 and  it was like echoes of thunder in my mind. What made me astonished and sad and angry then? I will let you know about the repeated American Military tradition on the recently occupied territorries:

When we watched the video posted online to show the soldiers urinating on dead Afghan bodies and saying insulting words each other, i found myself struggling in so many questions such as ‘’how come!, what’s next? Why is that?, what is it?…etc.’’

To be honest i’ve asked these kind of questions so many times before UK soldiers were accused of raping 2 Afghan kids aged ‘’ten’’ during Nato Blocade in Afghanistan on 19th january 2012.

What’s more? I am not able to share all these kinds of disgusting and inhuman assaults on this platform however i can not relieve myself without underlining some facts about it . For example, it is reported that in March 2006 during the US occupation in Iraq four US soldiers raped an Iraqi girl aged 14 and murdered her and her family including a five year old child. One of the war criminal spoke out that he didn’t think of Iraqis as human, please check out the link to find more:

PS: It is emphasized that he was the Iraq War Veteran and warzone sent him crazy.

Have you ever thought that these guys were capable of doing this bloody  task before they had been sent to the army? Were these sick brains indeed healty enough to join the army? Is there any possibility as well as they are selected from among the offenders with mental disorders of the US or UK? I can hear your reaction like ‘’No…you can’t mean that!’’. Ok, we had better believe that the soldiers are selected as it must be. The official site of UK Defence Information presents us the criterias of the process proudly in the following link:

But i still do believe that the soldiers who committed these war crimes had the violence inside of themselves already and although this fact they were accepted to serve the Army.(!)

Anyway, my questions go on  like this: Is it matter of fact to you that the soldiers go out of their minds, having mental problems during the operations and do such unreasonable practices including cruel and inhuman treatment, torture, rape causing mental damage over the victims’ brains? If  so, why don’t the generals of the army try to stop or prevent them in some ways? By the way who were the ones we assume as victims? Could someone give me the answer of this query? Are they all terrorists? Are all the people living in the lands under the occupation of Western Armed Forces potential criminals? If not, why are the occupiers’ minds are full of hatred so that we can clearly see the picture of this feeling below:

Would you like me to remind the Torture and Concentration Camp  ‘Abu Gharaib Prison’ outside Baghdad? According to me it must be organised as The US’ Museum of Shame, mustn’t it? For the heartbreaking and disgusting photos you can click on the link below:

If you are mentally strong enough to see the uncensored photos of tortures in the camp please check link below, if you can…

Why is that? How many secret detention camps exist all over the world? Western States, what are your duties? Are you the patrol of the world, occupying the countries, shooting, humiliating, torturing, fooling, deceiving the innocent people (or the others without judgement) living in those lands?

The world is awaking guys! You will not able to suffocate and destroy those who are not under the control of your power! Everyone will pretty much better see what you have been doing for years but your blind supporters and make sure that nothing will be kept hidden you’ve done! This is not only a dream but also an objective reality which is slowly getting true when you indeed desire to see!

They couldn’t make it without you!..

In Afasia's corner... on December 22, 2011 at 4:31 pm

As we stated earlier on our blog Iraqis couldn’t make it without their American PAPAs. Yes, right after US Armies departure, first bomb has been drove  by a suicide bomber ambulance and killed 60 people, injured 200 people.

I just cannot understand one important point. If Iraqis are so good about destroying each other, why would they need US army there? Is that really necessary being killed by white guy? If you are that good about killing each other so kindly do and don’t spend United State’s money/time for nothing and you wouldn’t loose your oil neither by that way. Just take an oil bath and burn your lighter!.

People are talking about the Arab Spring, is that what about? I only see an Autumn there and the fire not in their hearth to make things better. Fire they bring inside their bombs only for violence, only to kill each others or other’s live in earth!

Again earlier we stated on our blog Why don’t we give love a chance instead of breeding disasters? Just think about it. Those words mentioned  by an earthling to earthlings using words of humanity. There is no secret inside. Written by a simple-hearted asking good of everyone.  Just give love a chance and stop destroying something only for a minute.

Anyhow I want to apologize for my strong irony and I want to point out that I really feel sorry for everyone who were in this chaos when the bomb exploded . I hope they can stop killing each other and think about their children’s education, future etc. etc.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Test dummy Iraq?

In Afasia's corner... on December 15, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Iraq is going to be tested in the days ahead says defense secretary of USA.

Tested? Going to be tested about terrorism and the ones who want to divide the country! What does it mean? Ok, I have EDUCATED Iraqis and now time to let them TRY to live by their own and see if they can manage it without attacking somewhere else? But all of us know that the chaos in zone like a spoon of honey for your bread. So what kind of test is that? You mean if they success living without any problem you will get back? So better they start fighting each other from now on as you are off? I am sorry for my irony but my little brain doesn’t work in same way how they do.

In 10 years time, losing 4.500 US soldiers and murdering tens of thousands*(msnbc) was not enough for your testing’s? Sorry but I have to correct you there. We  might misunderstood what you mean by testing. They mean TESTING new tech super weapons! Testing bloody bombs they mean! Testing physiology of Iraqis, testing angry US soldiers on Iraqi women. What do you really want to test more in this zone? Can’t you just leave and stop producing war in entire WORLD.

Then there are some funny talk from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Gen. Lloyd Austin, the top U.S. commander posted on I share them below as they are, with my ironic comments.

 Updated at 5:46 a.m. ET: Austin says Iraqis now have “unprecedented opportunities.” Before your arrival or after?
 Updated at 5:42 a.m ET: “Since 2003, we have helped the Iraqi security forces grow from zero to 650,000-strong,” Austin says. FOR WHAT THEY NEED SECURITY FORCES ? ARE YOU TRAINING THEM FOR YOUR NEXT ARRIVAL?
 Updated at 5:32 a.m. ET: “This is not the end, this is the beginning,” Panetta says. “May God bless Iraq, its people and its future.” No comment!..
 Updated at 5:29 a.m. ET:“Let me be clear, Iraq will be tested in the days ahead — by terrorism, by those who would seek to divide,” Panetta says. “Challenges remain but the United States will be there to stand with the Iraqi people. We are not about to turn our backs on all that has been sacrificed and accomplished.” UNFORTUNATELY!!!
 Updated at 5:29 a.m. ET:“Let me be clear, Iraq will be tested in the days ahead — by terrorism, by those who would seek to divide,” Panetta says. “Challenges remain but the United States will be there to stand with the Iraqi people. We are not about to turn our backs on all that has been sacrificed and accomplished.” PLEASE ASK THIS TO IRAQ CITIZENS, US CITIZENS, ME, YOU, US, everyone on this planet if we agreed with you about killing thousands there, spending billions instead of using this money for education or for children who are dying in hunger anywhere in the world? Just turn anyone in the street and ask this question! Just go to a family which lost his son/daughter in US Army during Iraq war! Stop fooling people! We are an awake nation of world and we are full to your lies, games, your racist actions, your blindness for money, oil  etc etc.

In a way I am really glad that there is one less dictator in world. But I feel sorry for each child, each family, each father, mother, sister and brother who died or lost some relatives. I feel sorry for each coin spent for this bloody action. I hope we will not see the same movie called Afghanistan in Iraq!

This article has no conclusion since about 1990! And I believe it will never have!..

Thanks for following us.

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11th September, Results of Christian terrorism in ME 100YearWars

In Afasia's corner... on April 12, 2010 at 3:03 pm

Christian Terrorism vs Islamic Terrorism.

I was just watching a documentary about the most important militarian(terrorist) attack in american history on 11th of september to the 2Towers in Newyork city.

You may ask why i mention that day as a militarian attack by a islamic terrorist group el kaide(usama bin laden). Let me tell you a story about Middle East which cradle of petrol and the base of sufferings;

15th October 1914, British Ter… have entered Bahreyn and 24th November Basra to control petrol and they did not stop having more lands in Iraq(until Nil in Egypt) untill 1932 Pact between Iraq and UK.

Between these years also french terr… leader Francois Georges Picot and British Terr.. leader Mark Sykes met in Cairo to share Middle East and have kind of community and peace between EU terr…. branchs.

There was missing something in this community. There are some countries from same race were feeling so jealous that they could not kill Arabian childrens, they were not having a portion of petrol and so on. Italian terr…. could not wait anymore to enter Etiyopya on 1935.

After II.WW at 1945, Arabians have constructed a union. (which actually not working so efficiently) to help each other and increase the arabian nationalist feelings. There was a game behind planned by British Terr…. against French Terr…. to have United Arabians in the collaboration of British mandate. There was no more place on a rope for 2 thightrope dancers. One has had to leave and other one has had to use all petrol until to a drop of it.

Regarding globalism and modern news tech. that was not easy to play games and attack whenever they wanted, anyhow british terr…. branch attacked with a new tactic; Divide, Conquest and have it. 1958 Bloody Revolution has started. The destiny of poor Iraqians were listening british ter… and dividing the country to two sides as, communists and nationalists. It was a really bloody end for communists as later on we europeans called it as; nationalists hunting communists.

Same slightly movings were also happening in Syria. British Blood(USA and UK) of Terr…. were in danger. Soviet Russia may conquest Syria!!! It was horrible idea to share power in ME with Soviet Russia. So, finally USA and UK have conquested Lebanon and Jordan as these countries were in danger of chaos. As a BRITISH PROTECTORS OF THE NEW WORLD they saved these area by killing millions of civils and having all petrol, power and of course more land on our little earth. (which still continuing)

The division didn´t stop on this land. With all sport of british terr…. branch, they stopped education and Radical Islamic part took the fake lead of ME. It´s so clear and known that there is not existing such a Radical Religion as islam which people believe in this region.

British Terr….. did not stop on the land of Arabians(and some other asian countries).

A Bloody day. Father Bush decided to help and bring peace to there. 1991 which the dark day, which the arabic massacre, which the most longer genocide on the earth.

Today 2009 21st September. 21 days later, British, French, Italian and American Ter….. Branchs will celebrate the 95th years of Terror on ME and if they can keep staying there it´s going to be a century that they are playing this bloody, dirty, dark, horrible, ugly game on this land.

Now my question is coming. When I was watching the documentary about 11th of Sept. People were screaming Fckng Terrorist, God Damned Terrorist.

Did any American ask himself or mention that God Damned Politicians, Damned Games, Ugly British Games ? Please let these people in peace and come back. You killed enough there, sucked enough blood and petrol. Did anyone think the reason behind why these people were attacking to WTC with flights inside sacrificing themselves.

A century already passed, PLEASE DO NOT LET ANOTHER CENTURY OF TERRORISM passing front of our eyes watching millions of death children due to this ugly game.


Thanks and Regards…

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