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War and Women

In Neuronal Synapses on June 4, 2011 at 1:36 pm

 The majority of countries has soldiers, people prepared to kill… but, of course, bad people who threat our “peace”, because we are peaceful people!

You can see it right now in Libya, OTAN is killing people, but the evil ones, the Gadafi’s supporters. You know, death is different depending who are you, where are you come from and which is your ideology and economy…  Well they want to kill this kind of people, but when you use bombs, you have difficulties to know who is civil and who isn’t. When they kill innocent people, like children, they say it’s a side effect, because all wars have it, like all medicines.

There’s one more thing I can’t understand and I want anyone explain me. When you’re in a war, I suppose your aim is “kill the enemy”, because soldiers work hard to learn how kill people… but this aim is different with women… I don’t know if soldiers have other kind of goals like “kill the enemy, but first rape all girls and women”… Do they learn how to rape a women? Why they do it? Why they rape the wife to hurt the husband?

 I can understand how soldiers, who have mother, sisters, wife and daughters, do this kind of things…. Why? Which is the reason?

Well… we know the reason because rape is the most humiliation for women. History is full of these activities to put women under men, to say to them where their place in society is. The worst is they know they are breaking women life, they know it’s the worst thing they can do to hurt husband and wife, they know it has horrible physical and psychological consequences… and, of course, they don’t want that for theis women…

So… if they don’t want it… why they do it?


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