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In Afasia's corner... on May 6, 2012 at 8:02 pm

A new era in France, by today’s elections Nicolas Sarkozy no more leading the country. He lost against Francoise Hollande getting 48% of votes. Francoise Hollande the leader of French Socialist Party will take the lead as soon as possible and hopefully, he will bring an end to Sarkozy’s racist actions.

We hope that this is going to be an example for the rest of European countries that we are full to stupid games only for votes and we no longer want to see racism, fascism, anything anti-human, inequality, division in our countries. We want that they get the final message from the people who wanted to say a word by voting against them. Rise of socialism in our continent may bring us a new ambient and air of equality in between different social or racial groups living in our countries and breathing the same air.

We should take in count that the majority of those parties which are representing the right side are the sons of the biggest dictators like Napoleon, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini or Churchill.

Thanks to French people for bringing hope to our land after 17 years and we hope that Francoise Hollande will follow his instinct and take the correct actions for his people!!!

Thanks and Best Regards


In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 12, 2012 at 2:13 pm

“In all the decisions I have made in my public life

I have always tried to do what was the best for the nation.

I have never been a quit.”

Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States.

Nixon (who handshaked and had a dinner with Mao on Feb. 21, 1972), Mao himself, Franco, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Pol Pot, Dear Leader Kim Jong II, George W. Bush, Assad Family and the many others worked hard on their killing fields for achieving what was the best for their nations, didn’t they?

I am afraid that i am about to lose my all humane emotions as long as i witness to the negative impacts of political decisions on tv screens, radio news, daily newspapers. I am sincerely sharing how i carry on my daily routine in this “magic” world with full of blood, tears, sadness, mental anguish, sorrows and pains which will never stop during a lifetime of the actor but orient him/her/them to the normal life. Most probably you will say that  i usually  see the dark side of the moon or the empty side of the glass or whatever…But You should be aware of that i can not deceive myself through all my life likewise this must be the hardest situation one can be involved to. This kind of life is not able to called “ a real life” and the glass of the world is much emptier than it’s full. The glass is fully made of mirror and it reflects me, you, all of us when we all have a look at it! It reflect “the truth” in the earth! So, it is impossible to get away with and live with it by decieving your inner selves, though.

I have been questioning myself for years if i could try to find out what was the best for billions of people living on this planet… Whilst thinking about it, i lost  my human senses and became mentally paralyzed.

Honestly, i can almost give no reactions when i hear someone dying or being killed or damaged in the battlefield, accident or somehow, someways…Because i am sick of watching & hearing& reading the sick projects of sick minded people. As my friend’s significant remarks: ‘the body is the crises it self and the human is colony or colonial human.’ Well, who is the colonial human? Let me kindly introduce them to you:

According to the article; colonial humans put entertaintment in the heart of their lives hence they are getting bored to deal with instant satisfying things, they are managing their lives with so called-antidepressants. They make their sexuality meaningful through pornography, worship the modern  and official religion: shopping. They embrace their skins by the help of cosmetic products as if they are the burdens of their bodies and they relieve their pains of the rulership by bursting into violence.

Colonial humans; make competition, race and whilst absolutizing their lives, they cover up the deaths of others silently. They fight fiercely to kill the others online games on internet. They stand up for the “win-win” theory, check out the bank accounts, become whatever they want to be in the social networks, look through the eyes of the state, watch themselves through those eyes and on the third stage, their eyes turn in to the security cameras. They wear the glasses of the imperialism to watch the world’s spinning round in the way “the others” want….

Colonial humans spreaded all around the world and they are the ones who see the full side of the glasses…Even worse they are the ones who do not want to see and care the others but themselves, far from the empathy, far from humanity…The worst is that they are the supporters whose only hope is the dictators themselves.As you may know the dictators can never rule without their supporters and when it is time “they are unplugged.” (Please remember all about Arab Spring)

In conclusion, i will remind you a historical quote which had been stated by the former Prime Minister of The British Empire Sir Winston Churchill: “A drop of oil is more important than a drop of blood.”

Undoubtedly that he was the leader who were supported by the British people.

“Full stop”

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