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In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 12, 2012 at 2:13 pm

“In all the decisions I have made in my public life

I have always tried to do what was the best for the nation.

I have never been a quit.”

Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States.

Nixon (who handshaked and had a dinner with Mao on Feb. 21, 1972), Mao himself, Franco, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Pol Pot, Dear Leader Kim Jong II, George W. Bush, Assad Family and the many others worked hard on their killing fields for achieving what was the best for their nations, didn’t they?

I am afraid that i am about to lose my all humane emotions as long as i witness to the negative impacts of political decisions on tv screens, radio news, daily newspapers. I am sincerely sharing how i carry on my daily routine in this “magic” world with full of blood, tears, sadness, mental anguish, sorrows and pains which will never stop during a lifetime of the actor but orient him/her/them to the normal life. Most probably you will say that  i usually  see the dark side of the moon or the empty side of the glass or whatever…But You should be aware of that i can not deceive myself through all my life likewise this must be the hardest situation one can be involved to. This kind of life is not able to called “ a real life” and the glass of the world is much emptier than it’s full. The glass is fully made of mirror and it reflects me, you, all of us when we all have a look at it! It reflect “the truth” in the earth! So, it is impossible to get away with and live with it by decieving your inner selves, though.

I have been questioning myself for years if i could try to find out what was the best for billions of people living on this planet… Whilst thinking about it, i lost  my human senses and became mentally paralyzed.

Honestly, i can almost give no reactions when i hear someone dying or being killed or damaged in the battlefield, accident or somehow, someways…Because i am sick of watching & hearing& reading the sick projects of sick minded people. As my friend’s significant remarks: ‘the body is the crises it self and the human is colony or colonial human.’ Well, who is the colonial human? Let me kindly introduce them to you:

According to the article; colonial humans put entertaintment in the heart of their lives hence they are getting bored to deal with instant satisfying things, they are managing their lives with so called-antidepressants. They make their sexuality meaningful through pornography, worship the modern  and official religion: shopping. They embrace their skins by the help of cosmetic products as if they are the burdens of their bodies and they relieve their pains of the rulership by bursting into violence.

Colonial humans; make competition, race and whilst absolutizing their lives, they cover up the deaths of others silently. They fight fiercely to kill the others online games on internet. They stand up for the “win-win” theory, check out the bank accounts, become whatever they want to be in the social networks, look through the eyes of the state, watch themselves through those eyes and on the third stage, their eyes turn in to the security cameras. They wear the glasses of the imperialism to watch the world’s spinning round in the way “the others” want….

Colonial humans spreaded all around the world and they are the ones who see the full side of the glasses…Even worse they are the ones who do not want to see and care the others but themselves, far from the empathy, far from humanity…The worst is that they are the supporters whose only hope is the dictators themselves.As you may know the dictators can never rule without their supporters and when it is time “they are unplugged.” (Please remember all about Arab Spring)

In conclusion, i will remind you a historical quote which had been stated by the former Prime Minister of The British Empire Sir Winston Churchill: “A drop of oil is more important than a drop of blood.”

Undoubtedly that he was the leader who were supported by the British people.

“Full stop”

New pawns, a new game?

In Afasia's corner... on May 8, 2011 at 12:48 pm

On today´s CNN you can see an article written by Shadi Hamid worrying  about Gaddafi´s situation and US´s next move to make him go(I believe it´s ironically). Let me tell you what will US do with Gaddafi. Probably they will search him at Libian caves for 10 years and they will find him at 5Star hotel in Turkey, ready to be executed next to his swimming pool. So, we will again ask here the quantity of death and injured at Libya after years which actually don´t really mean anything to US or any other EU government. That´s what will happen to Libyan dictator(Or pawns like him, remember Saddam Husein). Actually the question is not what will happen to Gaddafi. Until now he did not care for his people and now he is paying the bill. The question is what is happening to Libyan. IS THERE SOMEONE THINKING ABOUT LIBYAN, SYRIAN, IRAQI, AFGHAN VILLAGES RIGHT BEFORE BOMBING. So then who will pay back all those loosen Lives?
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He was in luxury at his own house at Pakistan. He was planning his bloody attacks, living with his family and children there since 7 years. Time to time going some open air place close to the mountains next to his warm house to record some terror contents anarchist videos!  And US and all other big intelligence agencies should be shame of it (If you check the founded war criminals, you will easily see how they find if they really want to do so like Ebu Cihad at 18th April 1988 by Israel Intelligence Agency) . “INTELLIGENCE AGENCY”. Since 7 years they were killing civil at Afghanistan(we better say since 1979-24th December, because US and USSR countable at same side as they are two good enemies), with only reason which they were looking for Laden at Afghan mountains. But he was never there since right after finishing his mission against Soviets. So that makes me think. So that makes me think so deep. Through there I arrive places in my small brain which I don´t even want to suspect! But when you see those dirty moves on their bloody anomalous games, you can really suspect for anything you see or hear. What benefit US had in the region for only having their soldiers there? For which benefit sent Laden against Soviets? Why they (US-USSR) created this terror in ME? (Which actually Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski explains the reason just a little bit, after some years) All those could be for cleaning the zone from terrorists by both sides? What Laden was occulting which leaded him to death? Why they could not judge him, neither burry? What kinds of foolishness make us believe all those flapdoodles and shut-up? Where the hell are our tongues? Neither we ask, nor talk! Should it be because we have already swallowed them all? Difficult to know the reason if you don´t have same kind dirty brain! But if we may be united against a 7 year´s lie, we could maybe avoid 7000 or 700.000 death children anywhere around our blue lovely planet (which actually we can also call as red planet depends on the quantity of blood flowing on).

We just should not forget an ugly truth which while we are sleeping in our warm beds and enjoying the life, there are people living in HUNGER, BLOODS, WAR, EXPLOTIONS, DEATH, DISEASES. Only because of our votes! Our “kind” politicians are going there to suck petrol even till their blood to have some mines or whatever.

Just don´t forget what does a vote means for you.

Thanks and Best Regards

La Muerte

In Neuronal Synapses on May 7, 2011 at 1:21 pm

¿Qué es la muerte? ¿Qué significado se le da? ¿Qué importancia tiene?

Por lo que se ve, la muerte varía mucho dependiendo de quién sea la persona que muera y, en caso de asesinato, también de la persona que lo ejecute.

Sin alejarnos mucho de la historia actual, y por poner algún ejemplo de los miles y millones que podría exponer, nos encontramos que personas como Bush, Blair y Aznar han permitido y dirigido la ejecución de miles de personas. Sin embargo, cada uno sigue haciendo su vida como si nada hubiera sucedido.

Por otro lado, tenemos bandas terroristas como Al-Qaeda, que matan a diversas personas, quizá también miles, y no pueden seguir su vida tranquilamente por la persecución internacional. De hecho, su ejecución se hace impunemente, sin juicio y a pesar de no estar armados, como ha sucedido con Bin Laden, siendo lo más cínico de esta muerte la alegría que ha profesado mundialmente. ¿Des de cuando la muerte es motivo de celebración?

Realmente he intentado entender las diferencias en cada una de las muertes, pero no logro entender por qué una vida finalizada por políticos como los mencionados vale menos que una vida finalizada por un llamado terrorista. ¿No merecen vivir las personas matadas por unos y otros? ¿No merecen el mismo castigo tanto unos como otros?

Hay cosas que nunca podré llegar a entender.



In Afasia's corner... on May 4, 2011 at 12:05 pm

We have killed him, no no we didn’t. With 2 bullets, no no only 1. He was armed. No no he wasn’t. There are no photos, no no photos are so cruel and bloody.

Let’s see on following days what information more will change on the bloody and dirty war between US Army and US Intelligence Agency.

I hope they don’t expect us to believe their unacceptable commentaries.

I don’t really know who just WON this stupid war for profits. But I only know one thing. There are over 5.000 dead and 8.000 injured people by one side. I don’t even know how many of dead and injured by other side which actually belongs to same side at the end. Because unique non-profiteers are civils! So this make things instead terror versus US, converts to Terror + US versus civils.

There is also one more important question!. Do US have the right to kill a criminal without judging him? Can we kill and revenge people because they have killed our belongings?

PLEASE, consider this article against both side!.

Thanks and Best Regards

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11th September, Results of Christian terrorism in ME 100YearWars

In Afasia's corner... on April 12, 2010 at 3:03 pm

Christian Terrorism vs Islamic Terrorism.

I was just watching a documentary about the most important militarian(terrorist) attack in american history on 11th of september to the 2Towers in Newyork city.

You may ask why i mention that day as a militarian attack by a islamic terrorist group el kaide(usama bin laden). Let me tell you a story about Middle East which cradle of petrol and the base of sufferings;

15th October 1914, British Ter… have entered Bahreyn and 24th November Basra to control petrol and they did not stop having more lands in Iraq(until Nil in Egypt) untill 1932 Pact between Iraq and UK.

Between these years also french terr… leader Francois Georges Picot and British Terr.. leader Mark Sykes met in Cairo to share Middle East and have kind of community and peace between EU terr…. branchs.

There was missing something in this community. There are some countries from same race were feeling so jealous that they could not kill Arabian childrens, they were not having a portion of petrol and so on. Italian terr…. could not wait anymore to enter Etiyopya on 1935.

After II.WW at 1945, Arabians have constructed a union. (which actually not working so efficiently) to help each other and increase the arabian nationalist feelings. There was a game behind planned by British Terr…. against French Terr…. to have United Arabians in the collaboration of British mandate. There was no more place on a rope for 2 thightrope dancers. One has had to leave and other one has had to use all petrol until to a drop of it.

Regarding globalism and modern news tech. that was not easy to play games and attack whenever they wanted, anyhow british terr…. branch attacked with a new tactic; Divide, Conquest and have it. 1958 Bloody Revolution has started. The destiny of poor Iraqians were listening british ter… and dividing the country to two sides as, communists and nationalists. It was a really bloody end for communists as later on we europeans called it as; nationalists hunting communists.

Same slightly movings were also happening in Syria. British Blood(USA and UK) of Terr…. were in danger. Soviet Russia may conquest Syria!!! It was horrible idea to share power in ME with Soviet Russia. So, finally USA and UK have conquested Lebanon and Jordan as these countries were in danger of chaos. As a BRITISH PROTECTORS OF THE NEW WORLD they saved these area by killing millions of civils and having all petrol, power and of course more land on our little earth. (which still continuing)

The division didn´t stop on this land. With all sport of british terr…. branch, they stopped education and Radical Islamic part took the fake lead of ME. It´s so clear and known that there is not existing such a Radical Religion as islam which people believe in this region.

British Terr….. did not stop on the land of Arabians(and some other asian countries).

A Bloody day. Father Bush decided to help and bring peace to there. 1991 which the dark day, which the arabic massacre, which the most longer genocide on the earth.

Today 2009 21st September. 21 days later, British, French, Italian and American Ter….. Branchs will celebrate the 95th years of Terror on ME and if they can keep staying there it´s going to be a century that they are playing this bloody, dirty, dark, horrible, ugly game on this land.

Now my question is coming. When I was watching the documentary about 11th of Sept. People were screaming Fckng Terrorist, God Damned Terrorist.

Did any American ask himself or mention that God Damned Politicians, Damned Games, Ugly British Games ? Please let these people in peace and come back. You killed enough there, sucked enough blood and petrol. Did anyone think the reason behind why these people were attacking to WTC with flights inside sacrificing themselves.

A century already passed, PLEASE DO NOT LET ANOTHER CENTURY OF TERRORISM passing front of our eyes watching millions of death children due to this ugly game.


Thanks and Regards…

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