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Which is worst: NATO or AIDS?

In Afasia's corner... on June 9, 2012 at 11:48 am

NATO force commander John Allen apologies for killing 18 civilian on last Wednesday! Easy taken. We are sorry for killing you continuously since 1978 by changing roles and actors.

Casualties and losses : Some estimates as high as 5,600,000 killed(wikipedia)

How many of those are civilians? Who  knows? Who can tell how many children die each week? Who can explain how many girls have been raped? Almost 6 million dead for a forgotten proposal? Do you remember why our soldiers are there? Do you remember the reason why Soviet Union declared war for the first time?

Let me try to remind you this shift changing from Soviets to Americans and then to NATO.

First Soviets invaded Afghanistan to keep People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan in power which actually took the power by a military coup. Of course people were angry in the street because of Soviet Invasion. As always and thanks to god, our saver in all bad situations, United States of America with their puppet Pakistan helped Afghanistan against Soviets. Died thousands in this not understandable war. All those were happening due to sold leaders of the Middle East zone. None of them were as lucky as Turkish for not having their own Ataturk to help them out against enemies. Instead of having 1 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, they had thousand of Gulbudin Hekmatiar who is not easy to understand for which side he was fighting for. Extreme communist sported by USSR, than extreme Islamic as prime minister of Afghanistan, Mujahideen leader of the war between Afghan groups and lately as a terrorist fighting against NATO. I have no words to say for those shape shifters. Shortly USSR powers left the country and backed again as Russia to Afghanistan but not officially, only helping to the government of Najibullah and left again but this time they left country into taliban hands. Soviet Russia the protector of Communism decided to leave a EXTREMELY ISLAMIC RULED Afghanistan. Great deal isn’t it. They came to help communist party. How successful they were.

At 2001, the biggest enemy and the biggest ally of Russia took Russia’s place and came as their replacement. Yes, USA!.. This time the reason was? Some one can remember the reason? Ahh of course! After 11 September, USA decided to go there specially to Afghanistan to clean the zone from terrorists. It was a “VERY SUCCESSFUL” operation too. Wasn’t it? They have “CLEANED” and “DEFEATED” all terrorists of al-Qaeda(which currently chooses a new leader) and Taliban. In their time of stay died many many poor young Afghan soldier + US soldier + many other countries poor young child died on this dirty, ugly game of throne.

Now it’s NATO’s turn. Keeping the country save by killing civilians. Fighting against some unknown self created groups of people(I doubt if they are Afghans creating this chaos in the country) and while trying to push them out resulting lots an lots of civil death. Which actually worst than both 2 countries. They were there for their benefits. But NATO? What is their benefits? Do they really kill civilians for some good proposal?

And now I am wondering. Who s the next?

BLOOD-MONEY per child´s death

In Afasia's corner... on August 11, 2011 at 6:45 pm

75Million$ for 200 children in Nigeria . 11 death. This is the price of purchasing Nigerian children there. This is the price of buying hopeless poor human flesh for our own interests. Testing cures to heal high level human being on “low-level life forms”(I am really sorry for mentioning this with such irony but it´s how they think, or at least I believe. Otherwise they wouldn´t do such a thing.) without caring secondary effects of tested medicines. This is the price of “KILLING”, “POISONING” children only to have cheaper test dummies and earn more money from their “health matter” business. I don´t know if is that different from the war business? One kills to cure other and the other kills to protect the other. What I understand from that is poor must die. Thanks for making us sell our lives. Hope not to sell our souls. For what? NO IDEA!!! Maybe to keep something own.

We have to stop this mentality of still using those poor people for any kind of our interests. And please Africa, WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! THE ONE IS DYING NEXT TO YOU IS YOUR OWN CHILD!! DON´T LET THEM DO THAT FOR EVEN 1.000.000$ PLEASE!!! DON´T LET THEM ABUSE YOU!!!

Thanks and Best Regards



In Afasia's corner... on August 5, 2011 at 5:01 pm


10.000 children died per month at past 3 months means 30.000 children due to hunger. Somalia’s government and some terrorist groups don´t let the arrival of humanitarian aid in country. People leaving their houses, killing each other to reach some help but no way to keep their children alive. A woman was keeping one of her child´s death body for some weeks without informing organizations which helping them to receive food for 2 children to have more food for her other boy.

I would love to know where the hell are all those organizations and union of countries which trying to keep world a save place by fighting against hand-made terrorist groups in Iraq, Libia, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,  etc.? Where are them and why don´t they fight against those invisible terrorists appearing time to time to kill innocent Somalian children and steal their foods? Is there any politician still bear a heart in his/her chest or even without a hearth would say stop to this.

Take a look to above photo taken by and think that tomorrow might be your child´s turn. We never know nature´s plans for us. No water means no food. They already know how to survive with almost no food. We have no clue, that means the tragic end of european nation in world. Simply,  just make an empathy and help those children.

I call all those countries and organizations which are working for “world´s safety” to do their duty.

Thanks and Best Regards


In Afasia's corner... on July 25, 2011 at 12:58 pm

I remember the Gulf War. Year 1990… And I also remember when US troops has arrived in Iraq.  Year 2003… Was a happy day for Iraqis. Salvation from long time dictator and the arrival of their new dictators…  72 years later than the independence from Ottomans and 58 years later than the independence from British.

I do remember the Afghan War as well. Since 2001 US army is there to clean the zone from terrorists and keep zone secure out for them and inside for Afghan citizens. Right 82 years after than the independence from British.

And today!!! An 8 years old boy hanged by militants. By who? Who knows? The ones there to protect this child like NATO, UN, ISAF or the ones who based at Afghan mountains. Who knows the exact responsible of this child´s death. I never can deal with those kind of questions. Maybe somebody can help me to better understand. Who is wrong there? Afghans maybe? Maybe? No matter who, in a country which everyday dies many 8 years old boy.

I would actually ask this to Afghans but I don´t think they would have a word to say. I as a European would never understand their in-sensitiveness to their children´s situation.  So let´s scream all together to their big big British father which is there to help them. They may hear our words if we maybe scream loud enough like HELP FATHER, HELP THEM. Give a short pause to playing with their mother and see your Arabic children´s situation. You led them over centuries now, don´t forget that they can´t live if you don´t feed in their mouths!!!..

Thanks and Best Regards

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In Afasia's corner... on June 28, 2011 at 12:30 pm


Due to the global warming the weather is changing in all Europe and the conditions of civil war between radical groups making the situation even worst. There are people killing each other between villages with guns provided by big powers like Israel, Libya and Iran. Today, 1,340 people more have fled to France from Spain and Portugal. Total 560.100 people have arrived to the refuges and %80 is women and children. Most of them are (children and women) having really hard situations on the way while moving like rape and violence. People instead of burying their relatives death bodies, they do keep in pieces and eat to stay alive against this hard conditions. African pharmaceutical industry tries the new medicines on Spanish and British people before releasing in market. Slavery is legal again and many Arabic and African can have 1 or more slaves as hard worker at their home/work places. Some are just bought to be burned for fun or fascist reasons and buying a white man does not cost too much. Some white families are selling their children to make some money as they cannot take care of their child.

Yes, that terrible story (which is happening right now in Somalia and they flee to Kenya) may convert into reality just in some years and European Nations happy days may end really bad and involuntarily. Europe tries helping each other to keep economical situation as up as possible but each day another country appears with similar problematic conditions. Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain which is next? Who knows? You will say that seems far to reach that extreme limits in Europe! I don’t think so. Petrol’s last 10 years. Water, do anyone know about the water resources. If the climate changes we have no idea how to survive without liquid like in Africa. And the pirate attacks in Somalia just were a start of crossing the limits of hunger and they were only showing that they also want a piece of sweet cake which we were benefiting since over centuries from their bloody tears, mines, fuel etc. etc. They just showed up the head. Do you think a person who has nothing to lose apart from his life would consider yours? Or let’s better say, would consider or fear from anything if he is about to die because of hunger? How we become that selfish after years and years. How can’t we see the truth which those countries all were under British, French or Italian mandate and due to this fact they could not increase their economy independently. Doesn’t we debt to those people there dying in hunger?

Let’s take a look when first British Naval arrived to Somali’s beaches. 1884! Yes, you see it correctly. 1 8 8 4. 127 exact years before they have reached Somali and stayed there with French and Italian Fascism until July 1960 the independence of Republic of Somali which has never took place. Tragicomically they have shared the country as British Somali, French Somali and Italian Somali for only not to fight between them and share everything in civilized conditions.

Yes, we civilized are the ones who create world’s bigger problem -HUNGER-. Shame for us to let a child dies in hunger front of our eyes.

And just before ending, can someone tell me which is correct? Make them our slaves or let them die in hunger? I can hear you saying any. You are right! Just look around and find a rich country after long European colonization. I believe it’s time to pay back what we have stolen from them or at least don’t let them die in hunger.


Thanks and Best Regards


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In Afasia's corner... on June 22, 2011 at 2:32 pm


Israel using phosphoric explosives on Philistine

Closing your eyes won’t help you to not see the disgrace or to forget this shame and your children will pay for this bloody testament. Planting bad (hate seeds) seeds will return you as flowers of pain and sorrow in your gardens. …… What will be your answer?  Those poisoned children one day will grow up and ask their revenge. What will you say to them? Sorry for destroying their entire life? Sorry for murders of their families? Sorry for being on their lands just to suck natural resources for over 100 years? That is the way how we are planning to apologize from those children? Just try to make empathy. Just try to make good justice.

Israel uses phosphoric explosives on Philistine which is totally forbidden by Geneva Convention and it’s protocols since 1949. Those protocols were written right after some bloody experiences to not repeat them once again. We should not forget those mistakes and we also must remind those who break the pact. I feel responsible for their treatments on civilians and I share the pact by

Thanks to Wikipedia and Google too for being such a great resources.

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Ilaria Alpi 24 May 1961 – …

In Afasia's corner... on June 4, 2011 at 11:37 pm

Ilaria Alpi  24 May 1961 – …

I wish I could celebrate her birthday on time just about 2 weeks ago but like her story, like why she has been murdered, I also forgot her birthday.

Italian Journalist Ilaria Alpi was born on 24 May 1961 and killed on 20 March 1994 with her cameraman(Miran Hrovatin), because they were the only evidences of Italian toxic waste which left on Somalian and Haitian beaches.

She suspected a dirty business and as a  journalist, she was investigating the delinquents because the children specially in Somalia were having some body deformation like deformed big head, skin problems, having second penis or additional hole which they could urine from. Unfortunately, Somalia is an extremely poor country which we should try to help. But what we were doing instead helping them is destroying their life by leaving our toxic wastes.

Why do those people have to pay our mistakes? Who has that power to give that Somalian child´s health back? Unfortunately there is NOBODY enough brave to stand against mafia, like Ilaria did more than 17 years ago. There is actually a way to pay back. Finding culpable s  and making them pay back million dollars they have earned from their ugly business to those children and families.

But there is one thing we can´t ever bring back or heal is the environment. There are animals also dying because of their dirty earn.

As a conclusion, let me celebrate Ilaria´s birthday and give our condolences to her family. She was one of those who really consider the importance and the responsibility of being a Journalist.

Rest in peace Ilaria.

Thanks and Best Regards

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In Afasia's corner... on May 12, 2011 at 9:55 am

Nato’s understanding of peace kills another young girl in ME. Providing peace and better conditions to those poor children was the “best” planned project of centuries so far. Year 2011! Year 2011! An organization aimed to protect civilians kills civilians. My own paradox lead me crazy! I hope no more child dies anywhere in world by hunger or by a dirty bullet.


photo  by Steve Mccurry
thanks to washingtonpost

Give us more football, make us sleep!!!

In Afasia's corner... on April 27, 2011 at 4:58 pm

We feed our brains and souls with football or let’s generalize and say with TV. Unfortunately there are children dying in hunger,no matter give us more football. Even in those poor countries that support has much more importance than the rest of the world. We don’t really care about a child’s life! Why would we? Who would pay 90 euro to take care of an orphaned child instead buying Barcelona football team’s official t-shirt? Do you know the number of people who lives with chronic hunger? Do you know that once upon a time we were human collaborating to help each other to pass difficulties? Once upon a time friends? Before selling our souls to imperialist world! Feeling sorry while mentioning that sad truth! Try to buy it back, maybe you can!

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