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Just to begin with: ‘We speak the same language but…’

In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 4, 2011 at 6:54 pm

Unfortunately we are not very keen on building up the relationships on similarities . In stead of making things easier for ourselves, we prefer to fight with the others and the enemy inside of us.

In everyday life, people are in a rush in order to catch of the day accordingly and do whatever they need to do. Actually it may be quite simple to be aware of the common ways of living and fullfilling the needs but also quite difficult to accept the rules of living all together. As i am trying to defend how easy to respect the others’  ideas and points of view, i’d like to emphasize that we should try to feel like the others and put ourselves in to themselves if we’d like to be surrounded by the best possible social network. When we put the pieces in to correct order in our big city lives, we will be much happier as long as we are the witnesses of the good results of  living together peacefully.

Those who believe that the egoism comes the origin of being human, defend the claim that it is normal to behave as if the world just turns around themselves. Hence, they can do anything to take whatever they desire by using their forces. Whereas the life is an entire of the balances according to me and when the pieces of the life cake are taken by the potents disproportionally, our small lives and moreover the social life begins to decay.

As i surely believe that we speak the same language of life and live for the similar reasons in life, we better think twice when we don’t take  the others’ personal rights in to consideration  in case of doing something on behalf of ourselves. We can be more powerful than the others, gain the advantage against them in some matters or whatever, we should think twice for not to break down the balances in life.

In conclusion, i’d like to kindly remind you that the pieces in our private lives make the whole picture and the real revolution starts inside of us before it welcomes us by different governance methods.

Dream for yourself, change for humanity…


Stand up for your rights as colourizing  the dark side of the moon…

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