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Soldiers of İll-Fortune…

In Fanny Lulu's diary on June 25, 2011 at 1:55 pm

It is indeed getting harder to stop Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and his troops although the diplomatic pressures are increased by the enthusiastic countries that are in need of being heroes but thinking of their ends.

Do you have any idea about Basar’s dictatorship? Have you ever put yourselves on behalf of a great dictator? Have you ever thought that Basar valued his society and worked for their todays and futures?  Would you prefer to be a leader who never wants to stop the tears, blood and  instability at home?

In my opinion The Great Dictator Basar El-Assad is not fond of his millions and unfortunately still in need of arming his troops more and more to find a suitable! solution to this never ending warfare. According to him under the usual conditions, the society loves and respects his regime, there is no hunger, misery, unemployment, violence, compulsion or any other social& economical problems in his country which is cradle of civilisations and also military coups…It seems that he never believes in democracy, freedom of opinions and internal crisis & conflicts. Most probably he just believes that the reason of civil war is based on the provocations of outside powers. The only reason of the civil war is outside powers to him.

His father Hafez al- Assad was the best example for him not to follow his policies but he just changed the windows in stead of changing the scenes in the streets. He was expected to recover the living conditions, decrease the political compulsion, cencorship on media tools and to bring much more freedom in ancient  but beautiful Syria.

The streets have been full of the dead bodies since the demonstrations began in march 15th 2011. There is no life marks which you can go to work to earn your life, go to schools to be educated and have precious times with your  schoolmates, go shopping, cafes, just for a walk…or all the other simple things you can do in the streets..There is no sun in the sky for the people living in ‘beautiful and lonely’ Syria.

Within 3 months, more than 10.000 thousands refugees ( the old Syrian house holders) are compelled to run away from their country, they have been trying their best to survive under the iron wings of my country Turkey in the border camps. The little babies, children, women and men are deprived to live their lives in their own stone houses and have average conditions to make a living.

However, we as Turkish government had made an agreement with Bashar, recovered our diplomatic relationships, opened our border gates to the Syrian people, shook their hands sincerely…During the conflict, Prime Minister Erdoğan had telephone conversations with Bashar but he could not manage to persuade him to make the required reforms in the country.  As we may see clearly he never wanted to revise his policies and did not care about making reforms as expected. I had though that Ruler Bashar would have been the leader whom Syrian people would ever met…But, it was a lack of foresight and dissappointment.

I wonder the end of this story and imagine one day freedom bells of democracy will ring in the Al-Saa (Clock) Square when i remember his saying that ”while the chaos is going on the reforms can not be made.”

A humble call to Bashar—-) leave your artificial Kingdom of Heaven behind you and make your throne in Syrians’ hearts.

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