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In Fanny Lulu's diary on October 10, 2012 at 12:32 pm

We all know what has been happening in the Middle East countries since december 2010.

The designers of this “Project” probably made most of the us believed that the upheavals in the Arab World meant to bring democracy, justice, equality, liberty etc. under the umbrella laicism together with moderate İslam through the eyes of the western states.(Turkish model)

All the clues I could follow from those well-organised protests, strikes, marches, demonstrations etc. are carefully orchestrated by Invisible Hands.(Guess who they are?)

Now at this point could we all have common sense to figure out whatever is served on the TV screens and the other news sources?

Could we show our mental resistance against all the manipulations and censorships of visual and print media before believing all imprudently?

If we want to know the pure truth to live humanly, it is a must to search the news and situations extensively in an objective and unprejudiced way.

The people living in the world are now face to face with disinformation and this makes the wars legally acceptable and more open to be supported by the international community which may be influenced  by global mass media tools. Especially when the developped states in every aspect are involved in these crimes…

The world is being changed by bloody hands of the bloody minds. I am not against the “change” and “revolution”. But these words make sense when they are all done for the people themselves. That’s why I will never understand the meaning of “war”. Do you think that there are winners in war? It is hard to say that war is the best solution for ending the conflicts or changing the regimes. We all must make sure the conflicts will never come to an end unless we quit the idea of  wiping out the others with whom we disagree. The leaves are not alike so are the people, ideas, actions etc…”Democracy” which they are in a big endeavour to bring to the eastern countries mean what I try to say. I am not dreaming, I believe that their own people can choose their leader in its organic process of  “change”. All I see is now “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and “the end justifies the means”. The system works the same as in the past years: Make them believe in freedom and democracy by arming and funding them to achieve their duties but while doing that make use of non-governmental organisations and social media. As a second step: support all the opponents and bring them together for reasonable aims such as following footsteps of  “SPRING: ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth.”

Bloody change which will mostly serve Invisible Hands’ profits in Middle East.

The falls of dictatorial regimes will open new horizons for the people of the Middle East, (Oil-Thirsty) Western States together with Russia and China brothers.

It is quite worth to mention that i am worried about our foreign policy as ”zero problems with neighbours” is turning into “zero neighbours with problems”. We are all alone in the borderland of  Syria and exposed to the Syrian strikes that may occur anytime. Briefly, Turkey hosted about 95.000 refugees according to AFAD (Turkish Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate). They’ve been living in the camps in humanitarian conditions (with lodging, food, health services, security, social activities, education, religious services, translation services and communications). Even worse 2 air force pilots were killed when their jet was shot down by Syrian troops in 22nd june and 4 month later 5 more Turkish civilians(three of them were children) were killed during the mortar bombs fired from Syria territory  for the sake of nothing. The habitants of the border region are living in fear and questions. Social unrest is all around and daily life is unbalanced since the nightmare began. I believe that this is a huge cost for all Turkish people that will not be repaired easily..

“Nato member” Turkey is deprived of the financial and military support of the Western States. What about North Atlantic Treaty’s Article 5, which states that “an armed attack against one . . . shall be considered an attack against them all.”  This article is dead and NULL! It’s clearly justified by the loyal member Turkish Goverment and the International Community! We are confronted with the WAR! Thanks to the West and allied states, what you wish is nearly fulfilled with the permission from the parliament for cross border military operations if  it’s deemed necessary.

I hope this time when elephants fight, the grass will not suffer.




In Afasia's corner... on September 17, 2012 at 10:26 am

They have been insulted on their face directly. Despised, slighted, slaughtered. Their women, mother, sister, daughter have been raped, their son, uncle, brother have been murdered but they have never felt that humiliated. My dear Arab brothers!!! Yes you are. You burn cars, kill people, manifest as crazy as possible throwing bombs when they say a word about your religion or when they draw a picture about your beliefs, but you are in trouble since 100 years there in your own countries mandated by British, French, Italian, Turkish etc. and you never say a word. You have no right to education, your women cannot even drive car, you are poor, your child have nothing to eat, thinking is almost forbidden for you but you go out to find foreigners to kill because a freak in United States recorded a really badly made movie and you are freaked out, very angry and offended. You-tube is definitely forbidden in your countries, you don’t even have internet at home, you didn’t see the movie for sure but somehow you are very very upset.

A movie without a content. Really bad. A movie 100% to be ignored, became very famous because of your fault. This ugly movie full of provocation could not even earn 1 euro for sure, got a lot of money thanks to you. You greatly collaborated with director to make Innocent of Muslim 2. Thanks to you, we may see another crap from same director insulting what you have last.

But if you could spend your energy for your liberty, freedom, your free state, your free land, your free thinking, your free space, for your children’s sake, for your families good, you would not even consider as a menace a very stupid movie and you would not consider it like something which may offend you. Very sadly it’s a proof of the ignorance in Arab land. It’s a proof of how successful your leaders on keeping you as ignorance as possible to keep you under their control to manage things to where and how they want.

You believe in salvation by god. I will tell you something in very Arabic and in GOD’s language. Read it very carefully. This is the first sura from Koran, “IQRA” means “READ”. If you are real good Muslim, just start from the first order. Start reading and preparing yourself to be a qualified person, good and intelligent enough to understand yourself and the others opinions. Just READ aiming anything you find without having any prejudice and just like ordered in your sacred book. Read and understand what god is telling you and what others gods are telling to others.

But my very humble opinion on you and your future, there I don’t see anything related to reading, learning, understanding, improving, producing, talking, listening etc. etc. There I only can see a big “IGNORANCE”. I am telling this with very sad feelings. Neither for me this is an acceptable word to say to someone. Then you know very well what to do. There are 2 possibilities, 1st you can keep killing anyone provoking you or 2nd start changing things for your and your people’s good.

for more info check,|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/&__utmv=238145375.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Cworld%20news=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Internal%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=94071134

Thanks and Best Regards


In Fanny Lulu's diary on August 15, 2012 at 10:21 am

Let’s draw the swords of our minds, time is running out my friends! Our day will come, too!

Let’s be the side of the pure truth and even it’s so far away let’s pry it out of the earth.

Let’s save ourselves from prejudices& superstitions&ultranationalism and intolerant religions.

Let’s not simply rely on what mainstream media says. Democracies benefit from it as a tool of propaganda and servant to its funders.

Once in a lifetime if we haven’t tried to feel like the others we don’t like, we can afford to put ourselves in their places. Yes, we can. Believe in me, we can do it if we indeed want to.

Now, let’s shift the helm and sail to the never ending Spring in the Middle East and North Africa. What does the meaning of the spring season? I suppose that Spring means awakening of the nature and actual process of renewing our mindsthrough the warm, sunny rays of light. Well, what about so-called Arab Spring? Who put the name of these consecutive protests and upheavals in the indicated lands? Please tell me what you see in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya,Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and…

Is there anyone like me who is utterly puzzled by what’s really happening there and here in Turkey?

Let’s indeed speak of facts. Because they are the only way out of this labyrinth of chaos.

Have you ever thought that someone pushed the button of these military coups in North Africa and the heart of the “Greater Middle East Project.”?

I certainly believe that it is because the time has come to spread “the renaissance of the ideal of justice in the Arab world.” As we know their philosophie which is “if you don’t come to democracy, democracy will come to you!.”

Western States, their allies and puppet governments have been working hard on the projects which are related to redrawing the borders of the region with energy resource (oil) rich countries just because it’s essentially important for the world’s leading states to find new markets and provide energy at reasonable prices.

It quite seems that “they” can do everything for making these aims get true as Niccolo Machiavelli’s well-known quotes: The ends justified the means and Politics have no relation to morals. I don’t know how i can express my points of view about the world wide corruption and injustice to you in a better way than this quotes. Either you can have doubts or commence thinking all round. The dictators are already out of date and they must be renewed! Welcome to the New World War Project: “Elephants and Grass.” When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. It is always like that and it is always sunny in L.A. Modern dictators win as their people end up with very high costs.

Let’s have a look at Libya, Tunusia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria! Could you see any signs of something more like spring blossoms? I can see a hundred thousands of people in the battlefields are killed by armed gangs. I can see military governments have already started to oppress their people.

I can see Syrian refugees are fleeing abroad to escape from the civil war since it began .The growing number of the refugees in Turkey are about 50.227 and hence my country will face with refugee crisis as it has much more troubles with PKK. This terrorist organisation is in a cooperation with Syrian Kurdish militants who invaded some cities of the North Syria.. Accordingly it seems that it will lead to PKK cross-border operations inside Turkey. Moreover a month ago Syrian air defences shot down Turkish military aircraft in case of test drive and two pilots burnt to death. I can clearly see that Syria will make the “Perfect Storm” in the Middle East and this storm will change the region as if it would never be in the past. Unfortunately my country Turkey has been paying a price for being a side of the US and its western allies. I am so sorry on behalf of my country for directly supporting opponents (whom i don’t believe that they represent  in Syrian people), being a part of the Greater Middle East Project (including the idea of Great Kurdistan) and dragging into a regional war. Moreover we are almost in a potential war with our neighbors on the borders while carrying out “zero problems” policy…

There are a millions words to be said about Coup D’etat Production in the Middle East but i feel urge to put three dots at this moment “…”

With below info which will assist you to perceive the back ground of  so-called Arab Spring supported by nonviolent struggles of the crowds:

(Dictatorial regimes are destroyed carefully, but not for bringing democracy instead!)

Thanks and Best Regards.


In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 12, 2012 at 2:13 pm

“In all the decisions I have made in my public life

I have always tried to do what was the best for the nation.

I have never been a quit.”

Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States.

Nixon (who handshaked and had a dinner with Mao on Feb. 21, 1972), Mao himself, Franco, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Pol Pot, Dear Leader Kim Jong II, George W. Bush, Assad Family and the many others worked hard on their killing fields for achieving what was the best for their nations, didn’t they?

I am afraid that i am about to lose my all humane emotions as long as i witness to the negative impacts of political decisions on tv screens, radio news, daily newspapers. I am sincerely sharing how i carry on my daily routine in this “magic” world with full of blood, tears, sadness, mental anguish, sorrows and pains which will never stop during a lifetime of the actor but orient him/her/them to the normal life. Most probably you will say that  i usually  see the dark side of the moon or the empty side of the glass or whatever…But You should be aware of that i can not deceive myself through all my life likewise this must be the hardest situation one can be involved to. This kind of life is not able to called “ a real life” and the glass of the world is much emptier than it’s full. The glass is fully made of mirror and it reflects me, you, all of us when we all have a look at it! It reflect “the truth” in the earth! So, it is impossible to get away with and live with it by decieving your inner selves, though.

I have been questioning myself for years if i could try to find out what was the best for billions of people living on this planet… Whilst thinking about it, i lost  my human senses and became mentally paralyzed.

Honestly, i can almost give no reactions when i hear someone dying or being killed or damaged in the battlefield, accident or somehow, someways…Because i am sick of watching & hearing& reading the sick projects of sick minded people. As my friend’s significant remarks: ‘the body is the crises it self and the human is colony or colonial human.’ Well, who is the colonial human? Let me kindly introduce them to you:

According to the article; colonial humans put entertaintment in the heart of their lives hence they are getting bored to deal with instant satisfying things, they are managing their lives with so called-antidepressants. They make their sexuality meaningful through pornography, worship the modern  and official religion: shopping. They embrace their skins by the help of cosmetic products as if they are the burdens of their bodies and they relieve their pains of the rulership by bursting into violence.

Colonial humans; make competition, race and whilst absolutizing their lives, they cover up the deaths of others silently. They fight fiercely to kill the others online games on internet. They stand up for the “win-win” theory, check out the bank accounts, become whatever they want to be in the social networks, look through the eyes of the state, watch themselves through those eyes and on the third stage, their eyes turn in to the security cameras. They wear the glasses of the imperialism to watch the world’s spinning round in the way “the others” want….

Colonial humans spreaded all around the world and they are the ones who see the full side of the glasses…Even worse they are the ones who do not want to see and care the others but themselves, far from the empathy, far from humanity…The worst is that they are the supporters whose only hope is the dictators themselves.As you may know the dictators can never rule without their supporters and when it is time “they are unplugged.” (Please remember all about Arab Spring)

In conclusion, i will remind you a historical quote which had been stated by the former Prime Minister of The British Empire Sir Winston Churchill: “A drop of oil is more important than a drop of blood.”

Undoubtedly that he was the leader who were supported by the British people.

“Full stop”

Which side do you take in this bloody match? Be the side or A”SIDE” but never be like “ASSAD”!..

In Fanny Lulu's diary on February 10, 2012 at 4:31 pm

It seems that it all started on January 26th of 2011 in Syria under the waves of the riots which were so called ‘Arab Spring’…

Recently ongoing  protests have been echoing  on the world public opinion…Let’s listen to the different voices rising up from the spectators:

First One “Direct speech”:

“Ya Butcher Bashar! How come you  go praying after you killed 337 civilians including the activists, opponents, women and children? I wonder if you became blood phobia after you turned the city of Homs (Humus, Damascus, Dara, Hama etc.)  in to bloodshed? Ya Bashar, you must know that even the earth will not take your dead body  in!

I really wonder what you begged the God (or ‘whoever’ you believe in) after the usual mass murder of the opponents, on  February 3rd, on the holy night for the Islamic World which was called Mawlid Night and as known Mevlid Kandili. You are a mass murderer Assad! Hear the never ending screams of the Syrians and get out of the freedom’s way at once! Stop killing your own people! You will see the truth by living that Either we all die, or we get victory at the end.”

Ya Bashar, you have to be aware of this is the Public  Revolution you and Syria’s History could ever see…”

The Second One:

The other aspect is all about The Rehearsals  for The Third World War which does not seem like Spring but the coldest one in all ever. Perhaps we have been already involved in to it, couldn’t we? The followers have been thinking that allies in the West and the East separately played their chess pieces and to me they could have the chance to see the sides transparently during the United Nation Security Council Resolution. Two permanent members of the UN Security Council which are Russia and China chose their sides and vetoed the Syrian Resolution on february 5th as rest of the permanent members accepted the UN action on Syria. At one side The Fair Double Russia (the great weapons supplier) & China and the speechless Iran; on the other side “Democracy and Freedom” bringers US, France, England and the other allies in the region such as Turkey which is in the middle of nowhere. In the meantime The Arab Union has been still taking a stand against  Syrian brutality in a good cooperation with UN. It has just been reported that The Arab Union and UN will send another observers group within these days.

We can better put the pieces together soon after the UN Syria Resolution if we are indeed enthusiactic to puzzle this complex equation out. In particular in a warzone where we are restricted to go in as an ordinary person, journalist, traveller or a neutral observer except smuggling in to the  burning country…We may be mistaken while getting the information and you may be  imposed to the disinformation by the one-sided media tools . Warfare are on three  fronts as far as we figure out the news which we witness indirectly : “the front of fight against terrorism” / “The front of fight against injustice & unilateral determination and lastly “the front of abstainers”. Who the hell are indeed “terrorist”? Who are against the terrorists?…Who are the goods & bads & uglies?

Briefly; US, EU countries and Turkey “which is their ally in the oily regions” are against Russia (which has been still fancying to drive towards to the Warm Seas?), China, Iran and Syria…

The Third one;

The world is being  predicted that it is in grip of the worst economic crisis for 50 years unless the “Monsters” give a brand new shape to the governments’ constructions  in the countries which are in the thin red line but still they will not able to prevent the dicrease of the natural resources in the world even though they seize them all by force.

So, the idea of a global war will become more of an issue in order to manage the pawns in the regional chess and reconstruct macroeconomic balances. As you may know it takes a significant place in the history’s memory .(Check out the reasons and conclusions of 1st & 2nd World War.) The potantial war will take place in the heart of Middle East according to all the happenings…(Long live Arms Trade!)

There is only one truth! Who is the right side then? Who will take the benefit when Bashar al-Assad are brought down?

I am quite suspicious about  whether Syrians will gain the Democracy & Freedom or this Great Dictator’s  bitter end  will only serve on behalf  of “Global Monsters’ aims”…

How many of us are indeed paying attention beyond what we see and hear? Please do not forget to perceive the various aspects of the war reasons in the “New” Middle East’s past and present…

From the year that changed the world to a New Year with full of expectations and high hopes?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on January 7, 2012 at 1:11 pm

Time never hesitates to pass by and never stops. On the other hand The World FactBook has an extremely good memory to keep all the actions  being performed by human beings and the mother nature..

Just like the previous ‘Farewells’ i will mostly remember the heartbreaking tragedies & highlights of the ‘Year 2011’ and remind you some part of them below in order to be aware of who we are indeed as relating to what we do.

The Year 2011 was the year of the common people and the others who were under the control of external power and also opposition sides. They were the ones who walked the line of death against the dictatorships and bursting out their harassment because of the regimes which are miles away from the democracy. They were the people from different segments of society with revolting and rebellious heart. Arab Spring was the movement of freedom and democracy on the surface but also its colour was neither orange nor green. It had the colour of ‘Red’ and we knew that the revolutions were/are written by blood. In this year what we saw and heard is all about blood, tears and sad & real stories from the Middle East, Africa, Far East, Europe, Russia and even from the U.S but also rise of renaissance in the Middle East countries including North Africa.

You can ask me why do i always see the dark side of the moon? My answer is a never ending question, could you point at me a concrete truth regarding that the 7 billion people are indeed glad with their lives? If you say that no need them to be happy in the world, i can see your point of view on life…But there is such a thing as truth that a negligible quantityof this number is rich, happy and careless about the rest of the world and we, human being, must know that ‘’1 in 7 chance that person will be born hungry. Nearly 1 billion people in the world go to bed hungry each night.’’ WFP

Let’s make a rough turn to the question: What did The Arab World gain and lose at the end of The Arab Spring? Algeria lost his Mohammed Bouazizi who was a young man at the age of 27 and street vendor to make a living for himself and his family. How easy to say that he caughed fire and burned himself saying that ‘if you don’t see me, i’ll burn myself!’in order to prevent the police coming over him to take his goods from him. It was initial fire of the Arab Spring and Bouazizi died in pain soon after setting himself on fire in protest. On the following days we witnessed that The President Zine El Abidin Ben Ali and The PM Ghannouchi were ousted from their duities. Nowadays New Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, promised to make the constitutional reforms. In details, Algeria seemed to have the pluralistic democracy and  it cost thousands of people’s lives and million dollars.

Just after the Tunisia, Arab Tsunami spread its wave to Egypt and afterwards we watched nearly the same protests, crackdowns and violent clashes in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and the other Middle East countries. Likewise it was called ‘Facebook Revolution’: “I’ve always said that if you want to liberate a society just give them the Internet,” said activist and Google marketing manager Wael Ghonim.

Besides these all, in 2011, the western world dealt with the economic crises which tended to disrupt the European Union. Particularly Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy had to declare that they were financially in huge debt burden.

The activists and the common people had a start of  ‘OCCUPY WALL STREET’ movement in  New York because of the unfair distrubition of income, economic inequalities and fast-growing scarp between poor and rich. The activists set up their tents and thus occupied the well known squares of the big cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Greece, London, Madrid, Sydney and so on… According to me, we could have a big chance to select the most democratic countries in the world which let them organise and protest with their meaningful banners.

What happened more? NATO troops collaborated with Libyan opposite groups and they arrested The Ousted Leader Muammar Gaddafi alive & killed him later without judgement. NATO troops also killed many civilians during the operations as they did in Afghanistan.

Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US Forces in Pakistan without judgment and Obama declared proudly that the world was saved from The (Tailormade) Frankenstein by adding that ‘’justice is done…’’

Japan was terribly hurt by the destructive Eartquake and Tsunami on the 11th of March and soon after that it has been started to be discussed about the safety and necessity of the Nuclear Power Plants in the world. Photos can tell you everything much better than me.

The worst drought and famine disaster in half a century hit the East African country Somalia and 750.000 Somalian died because of the disaster which we, rest of the world, support indirectly…”Droughts will happen. They always will, but they don’t have to be disasters. They can be managed,” Oxfam’s Philippa Crosland-Taylor said in neighbouring Kenya.

‘Right wing Christian Terrorist’ Anders Behring Breivik bombed government buildings in Oslo, which resulted in eight deaths. Just after the blast he arrived at a youth camp in police uniform and opened fire on 69 young people with full of dreams, hopes and loves to life…A few months later the mass killer was declared that he has been found criminally insane.

US declared that Irak War came to an end as of november 13…(???)

Israel released 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli captive Gilad Shalid.

*Palestine  Government applied Unesco in order to have the full membership as a free state and the application was approved 37 years later. The Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas has also submitted their request for the UN membership to UN commitee.

North Korean ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong II died of heart attack due to physical and mental over-work and the world opinion have been curious and concerned about his son who took the place of his ‘God Father’ whether he would have the key to getting better results for the public prosperity and national happiness or keep on challenging the world by the nuclear weapons.

In 2011, unfortunately domestic violence against women and waves of detensions & long prosecution process which the journalists, writers,  military officers and academics have been arrested, carried on and it has still being discussed about the expression of freedom of thought and peculiarly ‘democracy’ by the close followers and public opinion in Turkey. Furthermore, 7.1 Mw earthquake in Van province took 604 lives and left up to 40.000 people homeless.

I can continue typing the events which took unforgettable place on my mind but i don’t want to bore you with recalls but i need to emphasise what my points were when i looked back to the recent past and i will appreciate if you add more headlines in addition to my article in order to be aware of our pictures in the world’s memory…

I wish you a magical year with full of hopes, peace, happiness, justice, democracy and equality and…(Please fill in the blanks..) A year in which the International Law is not violated by the Global Monsters.

Thanks for reading my ‘long’ post and being a part of our dream world.

Kind Regards…


In Afasia's corner... on August 1, 2011 at 8:57 pm

A man gave birth to his  tragic life on 28 April 1937 just 74 years ago. The one who didn´t know one day he will mislead, mistreat, lie, kill, torture etc. his own people. The one who  used by out forces and hanged again by same powers right 69 years later. They gave him life and they took it away from him by same. Like god. So you expect me to believe in evolution in a place which human act as god(or maybe not as, maybe our only god in the universe)?

Year 1959. Saddam Hussein, 22 years old, used for the first time(by The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party (the name sounds weird because later Saddam Hussein didn´t even acted once as a socialist)) to assassinate the Abd al-Karim Qasim. The attend was not so succesful, Saddam got a shoot from his leg and he could escape from death with the help of CIA and MOSSAD. He was trying to kill a man who has come to govern Iraq by coup. Same as Saddam Hussein´s tragic beginning and end. UK´s and USA´s lovely puppets. The ones who forget easy who pays the bill. Saddam Hussein forgot his young actions and went into a deep, rich, lovely dream of ruling a country. But the country which never has/have been his/their.

Like Muammar Gaddafi, like Qaboos bin Said al Said, like Idriss Déby(his name in worst dictators list with Robert Mugabe who has been honored by Queen Elizabeth II in 2008 as Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Bath) shared on )

All those dictators could have reach the sweet chair by this “secret power´s” help and now you want us to believe in Arab Spring(Arabic Revolution). You want us to keep trusting your words. You want us to shut our mouths and watch your bloody actions which millions of children and women are dying. Presidents like Nicolas Sa rkozy can pop-up and say easly, yes we´ve provided guns to the Libian rebels. They can provoke wars, they can support terrorists, they can support assassinations, change other countries presidents, move dictators and they keep ruling as presidents. We give this easy lifes by our hands to those exploiters!..


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