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I am quite confused to write or not to write about permanent crises in many African countries. You may say that i don’t have to but i feel that i have to emphasise at least some remarkable titles…

The never ending problems in Africa are mostly about political dilemmas of military based regimes as can be seen on television, in the newspapers and through other news sources such as online journalism.

Kindly think that the idea of ‘United States of Africa’… It sounds unrealistic when you visualize all that chaos, doesn’t it? In most of African countries those who have power first visualize what they want and then materialize it .  Actually i must say that “those” who hold the armed forces have also direction to change the socio-politic route to instability, conflict and lost generation without future.

Civil wars seem as a fated destiny for ‘Dark and Beautiful Continent’  by the hands of  Western civilizations and their armed puppets who has nothing to trust but their weapons against civils.

Like or don’t…It’s not the point but Former Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi who was executed without any judgement by Nato troops was the most well known leader to mention this expression in African Union 2009. His dream was to discuss the remained issues of colonialism which divide Africans into hundreds of etnic groups which have been in controversy with each other from the times of  “geographical discoveries.” He knew that the conflicts were the obstructed veins of the undeveloped countries and there wasn’t any possibility to talk about circulation, wealth, peace and stability… I hope that the new chairperson of the African Union Hailemariam Desalegn can make a progress to spread this dream to the members of the Union.

As Turkish poet Onat Kutlar says:

“I asked myself what is made of mud? The Statue.

And made of pains? The love.

Even you can make a revolution with poverties.

But nothing can be made from disunities.”

Instead of struggling with hunger and drought they have been fighting for their seperations.

Instead of keeping their natural sources from the modern colonial interests,

Instead of keeping their children from their own men who work for colonial interests to earn a living from bloody and illegal ways.

Instead of preventing  them to be “child soldiers who are a part of  any kind of regular or irregular armed force or armed group in any capacity.” (for more:

Besides general issues relating to many African countries, Mali is a biggest question mark for me to comperehend for a very long time… It is reported that there is radical islamic groups in the north of Mali and people are living under the pressure of these armed groups. On the other side there is a military construction which seized power with the Western support in 2012.

Last year European Union decided to stop financial aids  to the military based government in Mali. However this year when Malian government asked for support from EU to eliminate the armed groups in the north and United Nations have never hesitated to give permission for the military intervention of France. Thus, France started to bomb the villages and towns in the northern Mali. It is very simple to write this in words but quite saddening to think how many innocent civilians were killed and will be killed in bombardments.

Who will be responsible for the civilians from systematic killings? Who will be judged for the children whose lives were taken in the air strikes?

Who will help to the people fled from the northern Mali?

What was the real reason of UN to allow France for the operations in Mali?

(What if it is all about rich underground resources of the country or to protect the interests of French companies in Mali or to deport Muslim population from Mali?)

Why didn’t they show any interest to constant civilian casualities over 2 years in Syria as being very interested in Libya?

Why they still don’t…

Why no action for the conflicts in Middle East and the other places where Muslim population mostly live.

What a grave contradiction!

Unfortunately, UN and NATO are the question itself  in this story that i can not solve easily…

Blooming Flowers In Concrete

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Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani schoolgirl activist, BBC blogger and the common voice of the women in her country beside she is only fourteen years old.

The name of ” Malala” means “grief stricken” and i think that it symbolises more than what you see in the letters. Malala was born in a country which is surrounded by obstructions and restrictions on living humanly…It seems like a dream to mention the holy word “democracy” in real terms in those sorrowful lands because of the partition of colonial India, bloody wars during seperation and afterwards hard conditions to continue living in the black shadows of Taliban. The beautiful lands of Pakistan and its colourful, kind and warm people have been surviving to find peaceful days and to see the sun they have been longing for…For ages they have been trying to seize the other day and to have dreams about their own future.

Malala has been one of the children who had a great vision, plans and dreams to affect the next generation’s destiny in Pakistan since she was well awared of what was happening around her. She still has her own ideals, a thin red path to walk and create “Mind Army” to demolish the “Empire of the fear” in the country.

On an october day, she has been shot in the head and neck by Taliban gunman while she was coming back from school by shuttle. They had a reason to accomplish their mission in the name of “Islam” and according to the Sariah law: even the children who are carrying out vilification campaign against Taliban and promoting education and women’s rights are sentenced to death penalty. But first of all Malala had to be branded as a “West Spy” and then she has to be killed to serve “Supreme Law”. Yet they weren’t aware of the fact that the ideas were bulletproof and she would be a legend soon.

In my opinion there is no religion that orders “killing people” for any reason in the world. Islam is also against execution without due process. As a religious person i believe and know that Islamic rules have nothing to do with the aspects of  Taliban, Al-Qaida and the other militant ideologies. Religion based organisations like them are  umbrellas in which the militants  need to take a refuge to achieve their mission and find more supporters.

However Taliban’s terrible attack, she challenged to death, resisted and survived! She is now in hospital in Britain, getting much better every single day with the huge support of the children, people around the world but firstly with her dear father who has been always her closest pathfinder. For more and updated information please check the link below:

After waking, her first question was “Which country am i in?”

Now i am curiously asking: Will she go back to Pakistan after she made full recovery? Who will save her life from Taliban militants?

Hope she can do her best…somehow, sometime…


The other girl of another sad story takes place in the heart of Middle East. Palestinian girl who i am talking about lives in West Bank, Nabi Salih, in occupied lands by Israel government. Since 1948 the Palestinians have been in a very big trouble “Al Nakba” with sick state of mind which is based on “Occupy and take what you need, for what it’s worth!”

Ahed Tamimi is 10 years old and when Israeli troops detained her elder brother she reacted, shouted at the soldier, spitted in his face and pushed him back angrily as she knew that she was totally right. Whatever she cried out touched my heart: “Where did you take him? You are a traitor! I know you speak arabic. Our soldiers are stronger than you! I’ll smash your head. I spit in your face. Go watch your mother instead of fighting little children. You are a traitor. You kill people to get money from dogs…”

Neither she nor her friends whom she encouraged seemed to be afraid of the soldiers. What i saw in the youtube video is “reaction against effection”, what i heard is “ the reflection of the sadness and anger”.

They are the children whose houses are stolen and beloved ones are taken by vandals.

One of them is in the below photo. She is staying at orphanage in Palestine and she lost her mother in the armed attacks. In order to commemorate her mother in her way and maybe ease her suffering in a very touching and unique way that i can never put into words…Please take a look, feel her pain and her unusual respect to her mother. (Her shoes are out of the stripes.)


Unfortunately, there are millions of children in the world whose lives are alike her life…Children who are workers, soldiers, prostitutes, thieves and everything else that they have to stay million miles away from! Children who are the colourful flowers in the concrete blocks.

They will be the future itself if they find the chance to grow and develope like the flowers…


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We all know what has been happening in the Middle East countries since december 2010.

The designers of this “Project” probably made most of the us believed that the upheavals in the Arab World meant to bring democracy, justice, equality, liberty etc. under the umbrella laicism together with moderate İslam through the eyes of the western states.(Turkish model)

All the clues I could follow from those well-organised protests, strikes, marches, demonstrations etc. are carefully orchestrated by Invisible Hands.(Guess who they are?)

Now at this point could we all have common sense to figure out whatever is served on the TV screens and the other news sources?

Could we show our mental resistance against all the manipulations and censorships of visual and print media before believing all imprudently?

If we want to know the pure truth to live humanly, it is a must to search the news and situations extensively in an objective and unprejudiced way.

The people living in the world are now face to face with disinformation and this makes the wars legally acceptable and more open to be supported by the international community which may be influenced  by global mass media tools. Especially when the developped states in every aspect are involved in these crimes…

The world is being changed by bloody hands of the bloody minds. I am not against the “change” and “revolution”. But these words make sense when they are all done for the people themselves. That’s why I will never understand the meaning of “war”. Do you think that there are winners in war? It is hard to say that war is the best solution for ending the conflicts or changing the regimes. We all must make sure the conflicts will never come to an end unless we quit the idea of  wiping out the others with whom we disagree. The leaves are not alike so are the people, ideas, actions etc…”Democracy” which they are in a big endeavour to bring to the eastern countries mean what I try to say. I am not dreaming, I believe that their own people can choose their leader in its organic process of  “change”. All I see is now “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and “the end justifies the means”. The system works the same as in the past years: Make them believe in freedom and democracy by arming and funding them to achieve their duties but while doing that make use of non-governmental organisations and social media. As a second step: support all the opponents and bring them together for reasonable aims such as following footsteps of  “SPRING: ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth.”

Bloody change which will mostly serve Invisible Hands’ profits in Middle East.

The falls of dictatorial regimes will open new horizons for the people of the Middle East, (Oil-Thirsty) Western States together with Russia and China brothers.

It is quite worth to mention that i am worried about our foreign policy as ”zero problems with neighbours” is turning into “zero neighbours with problems”. We are all alone in the borderland of  Syria and exposed to the Syrian strikes that may occur anytime. Briefly, Turkey hosted about 95.000 refugees according to AFAD (Turkish Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate). They’ve been living in the camps in humanitarian conditions (with lodging, food, health services, security, social activities, education, religious services, translation services and communications). Even worse 2 air force pilots were killed when their jet was shot down by Syrian troops in 22nd june and 4 month later 5 more Turkish civilians(three of them were children) were killed during the mortar bombs fired from Syria territory  for the sake of nothing. The habitants of the border region are living in fear and questions. Social unrest is all around and daily life is unbalanced since the nightmare began. I believe that this is a huge cost for all Turkish people that will not be repaired easily..

“Nato member” Turkey is deprived of the financial and military support of the Western States. What about North Atlantic Treaty’s Article 5, which states that “an armed attack against one . . . shall be considered an attack against them all.”  This article is dead and NULL! It’s clearly justified by the loyal member Turkish Goverment and the International Community! We are confronted with the WAR! Thanks to the West and allied states, what you wish is nearly fulfilled with the permission from the parliament for cross border military operations if  it’s deemed necessary.

I hope this time when elephants fight, the grass will not suffer.




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Let’s draw the swords of our minds, time is running out my friends! Our day will come, too!

Let’s be the side of the pure truth and even it’s so far away let’s pry it out of the earth.

Let’s save ourselves from prejudices& superstitions&ultranationalism and intolerant religions.

Let’s not simply rely on what mainstream media says. Democracies benefit from it as a tool of propaganda and servant to its funders.

Once in a lifetime if we haven’t tried to feel like the others we don’t like, we can afford to put ourselves in their places. Yes, we can. Believe in me, we can do it if we indeed want to.

Now, let’s shift the helm and sail to the never ending Spring in the Middle East and North Africa. What does the meaning of the spring season? I suppose that Spring means awakening of the nature and actual process of renewing our mindsthrough the warm, sunny rays of light. Well, what about so-called Arab Spring? Who put the name of these consecutive protests and upheavals in the indicated lands? Please tell me what you see in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya,Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and…

Is there anyone like me who is utterly puzzled by what’s really happening there and here in Turkey?

Let’s indeed speak of facts. Because they are the only way out of this labyrinth of chaos.

Have you ever thought that someone pushed the button of these military coups in North Africa and the heart of the “Greater Middle East Project.”?

I certainly believe that it is because the time has come to spread “the renaissance of the ideal of justice in the Arab world.” As we know their philosophie which is “if you don’t come to democracy, democracy will come to you!.”

Western States, their allies and puppet governments have been working hard on the projects which are related to redrawing the borders of the region with energy resource (oil) rich countries just because it’s essentially important for the world’s leading states to find new markets and provide energy at reasonable prices.

It quite seems that “they” can do everything for making these aims get true as Niccolo Machiavelli’s well-known quotes: The ends justified the means and Politics have no relation to morals. I don’t know how i can express my points of view about the world wide corruption and injustice to you in a better way than this quotes. Either you can have doubts or commence thinking all round. The dictators are already out of date and they must be renewed! Welcome to the New World War Project: “Elephants and Grass.” When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. It is always like that and it is always sunny in L.A. Modern dictators win as their people end up with very high costs.

Let’s have a look at Libya, Tunusia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria! Could you see any signs of something more like spring blossoms? I can see a hundred thousands of people in the battlefields are killed by armed gangs. I can see military governments have already started to oppress their people.

I can see Syrian refugees are fleeing abroad to escape from the civil war since it began .The growing number of the refugees in Turkey are about 50.227 and hence my country will face with refugee crisis as it has much more troubles with PKK. This terrorist organisation is in a cooperation with Syrian Kurdish militants who invaded some cities of the North Syria.. Accordingly it seems that it will lead to PKK cross-border operations inside Turkey. Moreover a month ago Syrian air defences shot down Turkish military aircraft in case of test drive and two pilots burnt to death. I can clearly see that Syria will make the “Perfect Storm” in the Middle East and this storm will change the region as if it would never be in the past. Unfortunately my country Turkey has been paying a price for being a side of the US and its western allies. I am so sorry on behalf of my country for directly supporting opponents (whom i don’t believe that they represent  in Syrian people), being a part of the Greater Middle East Project (including the idea of Great Kurdistan) and dragging into a regional war. Moreover we are almost in a potential war with our neighbors on the borders while carrying out “zero problems” policy…

There are a millions words to be said about Coup D’etat Production in the Middle East but i feel urge to put three dots at this moment “…”

With below info which will assist you to perceive the back ground of  so-called Arab Spring supported by nonviolent struggles of the crowds:

(Dictatorial regimes are destroyed carefully, but not for bringing democracy instead!)

Thanks and Best Regards.


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We regrettably believe that the humanity died and have been killing over and over again…

The places have been chosen to massacre people, as today they are still being chosen carefully…

It’s remarked that most of those victims were massacred in front of the world community.

We, spectators and ordinary people, learned that “The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.”

We who are forced to obtain information by audiovisual media do not have enough chance to see the ‘truth’ regarding much of what is indeed happening at the crime scene.

We wanted to believe that the innocent people at war would be in safe when they take shelter under the umbrella of ‘United Nations’ security territories since 1945. ( Remember two in all the others: Dutch troops tolerated Serbs to commit numerous atrocities on Bosnia and remained helplessy to save the lives of civilians in Srebrenitsa. Likewise, Palestinians who were hidden in the ‘security buildings’ of UN and killed there, during the operation Cast Lead by Israeli air force in Gaza.-At the same night, Ban-Ki Moon had a dinner with Shimon Peres in joy and harmony.)

In 2006, Dutch government gave “Outstanding Service Medals” to the soldiers who served for the UN in Srebrenitsa “Genocide”.

These are some handwritings of the Dutch soldiers on the walls in Potacari Concentration Camp:

  • I am your best friend, i kill you for nothing.
  • No theeth, a mustache, smell like shit, Bosnian girl!
  • My job is to kill and this is a good job.

In 1995, when i was 11 years old, not so many years ago, After “Crystal Ball” Yugoslavia’s Fall, the Serb troops which were at Ratko Mladic’s commands increased the attacks in Srebrenitsa which was declared a “safe area” just like the other chosen five areas. Beside this, the Bosnians disarmed by “UN peace forces” could not have the chance to defend themselves and their family. According to the reports more than 8300 Bosnians were massacred in killing centers within 5 days and most of them were men. That was the worst massacre in Europe after the World War 2nd and entirely “Etnic Cleansing” to remove Muslims from the Balkans.

In conclusion, i would like to end up my article with the notable statements of  Dr. Hojjat Ramzy who is a spokesman for Oxford’s Muslim community and chairman of Oxford’s Iqra School in Littlemore:

‘The tragedy of Srebrenitsa will forever haunt the history of the United Nations. This day commemorates a massacre on a scale unprecedented in Europe since the second world war – a massacre of people who had been led to believe that the UN would ensure their safety. We cannot undo this tragedy, but it is vitally important that the right lessons be learned and applied in the future.’

This is more than words…and it’s hard to continue by words, the rest is in your minds and hearts…

“Just think, it is not illegal yet.”


“Srebrenicki Inferno”


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What you see is totally enough to be aware of the situation in Syria since it all started with mass demonstrations and protests against the Assad regime on 15th of march in 2011. From that day to this, cost of Syrian uprising is approximately 14000 dead (the U.N. says it’s 10000) according to the various sourches…Thousands of civilians including ex soldiers, political activists, journalists, intellectuals and considerable number of officials from intra-Ba’ath party opposition have been forming the organisation. On the other hand there have been armed groups which have been adding fuel to the flame in order to breed the chaos and instability in this bloody geography…

What you see is actually all about the people being killed in Syria including women, children, babies, every living creature and plus; stolen dreams, hopeless lives, no more expectations from the “life”?

What you see is regarding the advantages of so many sides such as Russia, Iran, China, Lebanon, Suudi Arabia etc. On the contrary EU States, US, Israel, Iraq, Arab League Members, Turkey (is a country which is very middle of the all sides and is mostly aggrieved for being on border with Syria)  etc…While they were pretending to be interested in the Syria conflict and  producing alleged solutions, everyday hundreds of civilians are dying in Daraa, Homs, İdlib, Damascus, Hama, Latakia, Houla and so on..!

Thanks a million the ones who contributed for the peace in Syria!

Thanks a million The U. S., Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and the Netherlands for expelling Syrian ambassadors from your countries in order to make this contribution!

Thanks a million U.N. for your “NULL” Annan Plan!

For the Friends of Syria meeting that serves no good purpose!

For the speeches of Ban-Ki-Mun and the others that is full of ornamental and familiar (Political) words!

For the “Humanitarial Corridors for the civilians striving to survive”!

For your thoughtfulness and common sense by stating that you are hesitating from the uncertainty which may arise after any military intervention over Syria!

From the bottom of our heart, thanks to all for reminding us you are not very keen on intervening in civil war as  “World Peacekeepers” when there is no oil over there!

Now, Syria is a country where more civilians may die in every minute and so many questions are asked as the answers are so few which it means already “uncertainty”.

In addition to all this, there has been a mistake regarding a photo which was published on BBC internet site on Saturday May 26. The photo was displaying another result of the war which happened in Iraq during the U.S.occupation  in 2003. (another tens of children who were being killed in Iraq War!)

Yes, it’s a photo of  other people’s dead kids but i need to ask you what difference does it make between the wrong and right photo taken in the battlefield where the people are cruelly killed, where the cities are turned to fire circle, where the streets are like graveyards and open-air prison, as well…



On Living

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Give “Poetry and all kinds of Art” a chance in order to change your points of view and the destiny of the world…

Before your life is stolen…

Before you lose your all you ever had…

Before your mind & your heart are entirely enslaved by the corrupt rulers…

Before your “liberty”  is captured by “tyranny”…

Before it’s too late to be aware of what is really happening around you and away from you…

Believe in yourself and never despair!

Make and believe “if you’re going to say “I lived” …”


Living is no laughing matter:
you must live with great seriousness
like a squirrel, for example–
I mean without looking for something beyond and above living,
I mean living must be your whole occupation.
Living is no laughing matter:
you must take it seriously,
so much so and to such a degree
that, for example, your hands tied behind your back,
your back to the wall,
or else in a laboratory
in your white coat and safety glasses,
you can die for people–
even for people whose faces you’ve never seen,
even though you know living
is the most real, the most beautiful thing.
I mean, you must take living so seriously
that even at seventy, for example, you’ll plant olive trees–
and not for your children, either,
but because although you fear death you don’t believe it,
because living, I mean, weighs heavier.


Let’s say you’re seriously ill, need surgery–
which is to say we might not get
from the white table.
Even though it’s impossible not to feel sad
about going a little too soon,
we’ll still laugh at the jokes being told,
we’ll look out the window to see it’s raining,
or still wait anxiously
for the latest newscast …
Let’s say we’re at the front–
for something worth fighting for, say.
There, in the first offensive, on that very day,
we might fall on our face, dead.
We’ll know this with a curious anger,
but we’ll still worry ourselves to death
about the outcome of the war, which could last years.
Let’s say we’re in prison
and close to fifty,
and we have eighteen more years, say,
before the iron doors will open.
We’ll still live with the outside,
with its people and animals, struggle and wind–
I mean with the outside beyond the walls.
I mean, however and wherever we are,
we must live as if we will never die.


This earth will grow cold,
a star among stars
and one of the smallest,
a gilded mote on blue velvet–
I mean this, our great earth.
This earth will grow cold one day,
not like a block of ice
or a dead cloud even
but like an empty walnut it will roll along
in pitch-black space …
You must grieve for this right now
–you have to feel this sorrow now–
for the world must be loved this much
if you’re going to say “I lived” …

Nazim Hikmet


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Nous sommes le peuple indigné.

(We are the people enraged.)

Nous avons le droit de se sentir outragé.

(We have the right to feel outraged.)

Nous sommes trompés et les malades de toute la triche.

(We are cheated and sick of all these shadies cheating on us for ages.)

WE ARE THE MAJORITY but it definitely seems that we are the slaves of the HAPPY MINORITY !

This is not  an academic column and shouldn’t be written in that serious way in order to bring to the people’s attention whom i do want to reach and to cry of my restless body and soul with…

Dreaming makes you free ! Dreams are turned to nightmares by dirty hands, visible and secret powers. We live in this world and this world belongs to all of us. And in this world we have the absolute right to live humanly and with dignity.

We are all entangled in a system we cannot control. A system that is killing us slowly and by stealth. Some of us go along with this and others resist and seek a better world. We must shake the shackles of our “learned helplessness”, a virus that terrorizes us and pushes us into “depression”, the plague of our age. Whether it is capitalism or socialism or sharia that shape our lives, that manufacture our consent and wrap us up in the hustle of life they all fail to give us what we need and seek as humans. Consuming for consumption’s sake cannot make up for our real needs. And in many parts of the world those real needs such as freedom from hunger, adequate shelter, access to safe water, healthcare, education, job security and equality of opportunity are kept from us by greed, persecution and blatant injustice. We cannot remain silent when faced with inequities and we must fight for our fundamental rights. Our rights as humans, our rights as citizens, our rights as women and men.

As opposed to spreading hate speeches, i would love you to be aware of your human rights and step up your awareness by reading, watching, listening and enhancing your points of view. You should never forget that the capitalist system has not been existed all of a sudden and it will never collapse unless it completes its evolution through the naturel disasters, economic crisis, civil wars etc… In light of this reality you should figure out that everygrassroots movement goes along by improving in the course of time as long as you stop mental masturbation and take an action.

We must stand up for our granted lives against the powers which steal our rights from our hands and minds!

We must stand up for our earth we live in against the capitalist thieves!

We want back our green spaces which is not for sale but for every living creature, streets to walk and bike in freedom, love affairs based on true love, business connection based on honesty, nonviolent communication between common people and more to live humanly in the world.

We want you “politicians” to be aware of that the main reason behind terrorism is poverty and inequality and to know the truth that there will not be the real richness before the people of the whole world get rich.

Salute to all the proletarians of the world!

Salute them with my raised right and left fists of  “Solidarity” !

Salute them with the bright light of hope!

And Salute to all the Legal Terrorists from the poor and indignant crowd of the world!

Come and join us in the bloody race between thesis and antithesis in order to take your side and seize “The Mondays in The Sun”after “Bloodless Sundays”!


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“In all the decisions I have made in my public life

I have always tried to do what was the best for the nation.

I have never been a quit.”

Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States.

Nixon (who handshaked and had a dinner with Mao on Feb. 21, 1972), Mao himself, Franco, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Pol Pot, Dear Leader Kim Jong II, George W. Bush, Assad Family and the many others worked hard on their killing fields for achieving what was the best for their nations, didn’t they?

I am afraid that i am about to lose my all humane emotions as long as i witness to the negative impacts of political decisions on tv screens, radio news, daily newspapers. I am sincerely sharing how i carry on my daily routine in this “magic” world with full of blood, tears, sadness, mental anguish, sorrows and pains which will never stop during a lifetime of the actor but orient him/her/them to the normal life. Most probably you will say that  i usually  see the dark side of the moon or the empty side of the glass or whatever…But You should be aware of that i can not deceive myself through all my life likewise this must be the hardest situation one can be involved to. This kind of life is not able to called “ a real life” and the glass of the world is much emptier than it’s full. The glass is fully made of mirror and it reflects me, you, all of us when we all have a look at it! It reflect “the truth” in the earth! So, it is impossible to get away with and live with it by decieving your inner selves, though.

I have been questioning myself for years if i could try to find out what was the best for billions of people living on this planet… Whilst thinking about it, i lost  my human senses and became mentally paralyzed.

Honestly, i can almost give no reactions when i hear someone dying or being killed or damaged in the battlefield, accident or somehow, someways…Because i am sick of watching & hearing& reading the sick projects of sick minded people. As my friend’s significant remarks: ‘the body is the crises it self and the human is colony or colonial human.’ Well, who is the colonial human? Let me kindly introduce them to you:

According to the article; colonial humans put entertaintment in the heart of their lives hence they are getting bored to deal with instant satisfying things, they are managing their lives with so called-antidepressants. They make their sexuality meaningful through pornography, worship the modern  and official religion: shopping. They embrace their skins by the help of cosmetic products as if they are the burdens of their bodies and they relieve their pains of the rulership by bursting into violence.

Colonial humans; make competition, race and whilst absolutizing their lives, they cover up the deaths of others silently. They fight fiercely to kill the others online games on internet. They stand up for the “win-win” theory, check out the bank accounts, become whatever they want to be in the social networks, look through the eyes of the state, watch themselves through those eyes and on the third stage, their eyes turn in to the security cameras. They wear the glasses of the imperialism to watch the world’s spinning round in the way “the others” want….

Colonial humans spreaded all around the world and they are the ones who see the full side of the glasses…Even worse they are the ones who do not want to see and care the others but themselves, far from the empathy, far from humanity…The worst is that they are the supporters whose only hope is the dictators themselves.As you may know the dictators can never rule without their supporters and when it is time “they are unplugged.” (Please remember all about Arab Spring)

In conclusion, i will remind you a historical quote which had been stated by the former Prime Minister of The British Empire Sir Winston Churchill: “A drop of oil is more important than a drop of blood.”

Undoubtedly that he was the leader who were supported by the British people.

“Full stop”


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After  today´s 8.7 powerful earthquake in Indonesia the zone entirely in panic and alarmed expecting a big tsunami in Indian Ocean until Hawaii.

You can donate Indonesian Red Cross(Palang Malah Indonesia) by below bank accounts after checking their webpage or contacting directly  —

Donasi Siaga Bencana
1. Bank BCA, KCU Thamrin Jakarta, Nomor Rekening 206.300668.8, atas nama Kantor Pusat PMI. Swift Code: C E N A I D J A

2. Bank Mandiri, KCP JKT Krakatau Steel, Nomor Rekening: 070-00-0011601-7, atas nama Palang Merah Indonesia. Swift Code: B M R I I D J A

3. BRI, KC Pancoran, Jakarta, Nomor Rekening: 0390-01-000030-30-3, atas nama Palang Merah Indonesia. Swift Code: B R I N I D J A

Humas PMI +62.21.7992325
E Mail :


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