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Playing games in the backyard of USA…

In Afasia's corner... on August 27, 2013 at 9:09 am

Just like a theater.. Even if it´s a real story sometimes hard to believe in what and how. They call their friends and play games in their backyard called middle east. They try new generation weapons. They satisfy their soldiers of hunger. They can play this game over and over and always as joyful as the first time they played. Even the dumbest can smell their sweat from miles.

But when there is no confirmed reality, how can someone take an action. On whom you attack when you don’t even know who has used chemical weapons. I know only one country who uses chemical weapons in history. Why don’t we blame on them providing some to the oppositions. Neither we know about such a thing but we are in a world of fake informations and manipulations by media. To whom can we believe? Even so respectful people, politicians, medics are bought by them. We see each time what happens to you when you say the truth. From who you expect to hear the truth. Really? All I know that you die when you say something real, because truth is hurtful.. But only to the one, who mentions it.

In conclusion I don’t support such an operation again to middle east. Less in an enviorement where all arround politicians mentioning about big middle east project which we “don’t” know the details yet. Iraq is done, Afghanistan is gone, Libia, Lebanon, Egypt etc.. How many Middle East and African country they left and set free after those amazing and “sucesfull” operations? I don’t even know 1 of them…

I know they wont listen people’s opinion, but we rise our word just not to shot our mouths. Even if we cannot change a thing.

I only beg for one important thing, leave innocent children out of your dirty business!

I only beg for one thing, leave innocent children out of your dirty business!

I only beg for one thing, leave innocent children out of your dirty business!


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In Afasia's corner... on May 31, 2013 at 7:27 pm

Old man cutted ear by police!..

Everything started because AKP Current Government wanted to build a Commercial Center in the middle of Istanbul, instead of a little park. They wanted to cut down all trees and build a reinforced concrete fancy building.

When people went out to protect their rights to avoid this massive demolition on nature, they found police beating them. And the fire started…

Now the shame on Tayyip Erdogan President of Turkey, instead of protecting the right of people, he ordered police to beat their people, throw tons of pepper gas and plastic bullets on them.

After seeing all protests in europe like Spain, Portugal, Ireland and some Arab countries like Libia, Egypt etc. now they got a generation who hates politicians and police. Its a big shame to see police beating old people in the street. I have no much words to say. I just feel sad on their behalf that they have no hearth!!!…

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dream unusual!..

In Afasia's corner... on March 29, 2013 at 9:11 pm

And Zimbabwe found an offical hangman!..

In Afasia's corner... on March 28, 2013 at 4:25 pm


I wrote this article on April 2010. 3 years later finally Zimbabwe could find a professional hangman for this position.

By newspool blog we want to celebrate president Robert Mugabe and we wish luck to the new guy.

Sorry for my sarcastic way of writing but, I want to see a different Africa which want a real change for their good. Not one who is a slave of other´s guidence.

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In Afasia's corner... on January 18, 2013 at 11:02 am

ImageA chaotic article reflecting the year of chaos!!!

A real wild year as it has been posted by A wild year by many springs. Springs in summer and springs in winter since 2011. Lots of question marks in our heads. Armageddons and last days of our planet. Most of lies and many honest screams in the hearth of little children. Little children´s scream which disturbed some ears in Asia. And again some little children was the name of terror in deep Eastern scenes. Cowboy’s soul was back in shape of a child and spilled as bullets. That was the decision of human. That was the way to protect their child from danger and the danger was hidden inside their plan. They forgot about the real terrorist hidden inside their minds while they were gone for hunt of terrorists all over the world. They created terrorists and they destroyed terrorists. It was a year of ruining countries. A year of ruining families without thinking in consequences. A year of planting grudge and harvesting hate. Planting grudge for next hundred years and planting reasons for new wars. Year of trying medicines in Pakistan and again killing about 150 people. And the year of refusing our human sense by the votes of Russia and China to name Syria ´s massacre. They said that there are more important things than saving some lives. 40.000 death were not sufficient to react!!! Pirates were back again in 2012. Pirates from Somalia were hunting food. Everybody was against them but no one asked the reason behind! HUNGER is something that you can do anything to avoid your child´s death!. 2012 was a year of dying in hunger in African continent. Israel didn´t stop murdering in 2012 neither. Israel, the murderer of the year 2012 with United States. EU´s embargo against Iran for the use of nuclear sources made us understood that nuclear use was forbidden only for Arabs. Anyhow, we are against nuclear sources anywhere in the world and the use by any race!.. Sadly Encyclopedia Britannica stopped printing more editions. Unfortunately hurricane Sandy killed about 209 people in Caribbean, Bahamas, US and Canada. 2012 The year of crisis, hunger and losing jobs in Europe. Economists believe that the situation will change by 2014. Mortgage fail in Spain and Portugal was very damaging for many families, due to high taxes many people had to leave their houses to the banks. In 2012, again humanity lost and the RICH WON!..

Also happened “real important” stuff this year in the media. Some royal marriage. Royal elephant hunting. All conversation was between some royal people and some soldier dictators. Nobody wanted to listen the village. They never wanted to listen the village and it was the main problem very clearly understood. But it´s just behind a thin line which people may take the control over again against all those thieves.

CERN was the one of the most important progress all over 2012. Made us remember the importance of science once again and not guns. Curiosity landed over Mars to find out other planets with life. We only hope that it’s for science and not to conquest and slave more species all over  the galaxy. Felix tried an historical downfall. Greenpeace won against many companies which were using dangerous chemical material in production of textile or companies were contaminating the environment(Levis, Nike etc). Happily, KYOTO Protocol extended until 2020.

After all those BAD and some good news, we as NEWSPOOL family wish you a really nice, happy, healthy 2013!!

Thanks for supporting us in previous years and thanks in advance for the oncoming ones!..

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In Afasia's corner... on November 19, 2012 at 10:31 am

We have already posted many articles about Israel killing Palestinian children. There are no words can express our feelings about lost lives in this little land. There are no words can express our sadness, sorrow, pain, agitation. There are many words but no one can express literally. I would like to find a word and say out loud to make those people understand why they SHOULDN’T KILL civils. I don’t mind if they are happy forming military services and throwing bombs to each other just for FUN!!! Because it looks like they do it for fun as if they wouldn’t , they would stop this ugly war which is ongoing since years. I don’t really care if they want to harm each other. But when they will understand they leave a dark, ugly traumatized future for their children. Both side see every single day blood in the street. A child see his friend’s death body in early morning due to a bomb which has been thrown  on their house just by their neighbor country. Who could truly explain it to that child? Who could tell him why his friend ‘s bloody damaged body lying between ruins. Or who could tell to a child why his father or mother has to be buried and they won’t come back home. For what kind of honorful war they died for? A generation’s children who suffered by Nazis doing same terrible torture to “another nation”(I would actually call them brothers) in same country. I know there is no explanation or word to cover this situation more than POLITICS!.. They can do anything to change any kind of topic to win next elections. They can just so obviously do actions to win or gain something in very daylight front of everyone. Sad but we know Israel’s  strategy against Iranian engineers or scientist. The thing is that people repeatedly voting same bloody hands to represent them as presidents of their country.

Don’t you understand? Somehow! you have the blood of below numbers of death children in your hands!!!

Year Deaths
Palestinians Israelis
2011 118 (13) 11 (5)
2010 81 (9) 8 (0)
2009 1034 (314) 9 (1)
2008 887 (128) 35 (4)
2007 385 (52) 13 (0)
2006 665 (140) 23 (1)
2005 190 (49) 51 (6)
2004 832 (181) 108 (8)
2003 588 (119) 185 (21)
2002 1032 (160) 419 (47)
2001 469 (80) 192 (36)
2000 282 (86) 41 (0)
1999 9 (0) 4 (0)
1998 28 (3) 12 (0)
1997 21 (5) 29 (3)
1996 74 (11) 75 (8)
1995 45 (5) 46 (0)
1994 152 (24) 74 (2)
1993 180 (41) 61 (0)
1992 138 (23) 34 (1)
1991 104 (27) 19 (0)
1990 145 (25) 22 (0)
1989 305 (83) 31 (1)
1988 310 (50) 12 (3)
1987 22 (5) 0 (0)
Total 7978 (1620) 1503 (142)

Figures copyed from wikipedia and those numbers do not include 600 palestians killed by palestians.

Sad link to see on the truth what they live there!!!

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to strike SPAIN! 14N 2012!

In Afasia's corner... on November 14, 2012 at 10:52 am

This article is not to motivate people or call them to strike today 14/11/2012. It’s a call of duty for Spanish politicians who are really 100% corrupts and not thinking any good for their villages. Let me explain you with examples why I do think in that way.

Artur Mas – Prime Minister of the Generalitat de Catalunya

His salary gross per year 144.000 € + no spending as everything paid for him as prime minister of Catalunya

His first work after election was cutting all sanitary personal + education personal etc.


Mariano Rajoy – Prime Minister of Spain

His salary gross per year over ~100.000 € + no spending as everything paid for him as prime minister of Spain + His salary as leader of his party Partido Popular.

First job he has done after election just couple of months now is to create a new reform to suck the last drop of blood left in our veins and make the rich, richer.

Candido Mendez – Leader of Syndicate UGT, Says he earns 2,500 per month. But he love bearing a rolex which costs ~9,500 €

I believe he collaborates more with government than collaborating with young employees and workers.



Juan Carlos de Borbon – King of Spain,

His salary per year over  292.000



All those people earning those high quantity of moneys and even after retiring they keep earning high amount of pensions.

I believe now you understand what I mean when I tell you that is an article to call them to do their duty and start cutting from their salaries first, instead touching to their people’s salaries who earn 14K € or 20K € gross per year.

Once in a life time, being honorable person and do what is the correct instead thinking how to steal from our pockets more.

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In Afasia's corner... on September 17, 2012 at 10:26 am

They have been insulted on their face directly. Despised, slighted, slaughtered. Their women, mother, sister, daughter have been raped, their son, uncle, brother have been murdered but they have never felt that humiliated. My dear Arab brothers!!! Yes you are. You burn cars, kill people, manifest as crazy as possible throwing bombs when they say a word about your religion or when they draw a picture about your beliefs, but you are in trouble since 100 years there in your own countries mandated by British, French, Italian, Turkish etc. and you never say a word. You have no right to education, your women cannot even drive car, you are poor, your child have nothing to eat, thinking is almost forbidden for you but you go out to find foreigners to kill because a freak in United States recorded a really badly made movie and you are freaked out, very angry and offended. You-tube is definitely forbidden in your countries, you don’t even have internet at home, you didn’t see the movie for sure but somehow you are very very upset.

A movie without a content. Really bad. A movie 100% to be ignored, became very famous because of your fault. This ugly movie full of provocation could not even earn 1 euro for sure, got a lot of money thanks to you. You greatly collaborated with director to make Innocent of Muslim 2. Thanks to you, we may see another crap from same director insulting what you have last.

But if you could spend your energy for your liberty, freedom, your free state, your free land, your free thinking, your free space, for your children’s sake, for your families good, you would not even consider as a menace a very stupid movie and you would not consider it like something which may offend you. Very sadly it’s a proof of the ignorance in Arab land. It’s a proof of how successful your leaders on keeping you as ignorance as possible to keep you under their control to manage things to where and how they want.

You believe in salvation by god. I will tell you something in very Arabic and in GOD’s language. Read it very carefully. This is the first sura from Koran, “IQRA” means “READ”. If you are real good Muslim, just start from the first order. Start reading and preparing yourself to be a qualified person, good and intelligent enough to understand yourself and the others opinions. Just READ aiming anything you find without having any prejudice and just like ordered in your sacred book. Read and understand what god is telling you and what others gods are telling to others.

But my very humble opinion on you and your future, there I don’t see anything related to reading, learning, understanding, improving, producing, talking, listening etc. etc. There I only can see a big “IGNORANCE”. I am telling this with very sad feelings. Neither for me this is an acceptable word to say to someone. Then you know very well what to do. There are 2 possibilities, 1st you can keep killing anyone provoking you or 2nd start changing things for your and your people’s good.

for more info check,|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/&__utmv=238145375.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Cworld%20news=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Internal%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=94071134

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KILL US ALL AND BE IN PEACE alone in your piece of land !!!

In Afasia's corner... on August 28, 2012 at 10:53 am

I wish I could be as brave as her! She could stand front of an armored bulldozer just to avoid a demolition in Israel/Philistine. She could stand without moving a finger. Rachel Corrie. Her spirit in Israeli streets wandering still.  And wondering to the situation there thinking how could 2 human being cannot share a piece of land and prefer to kill each other instead? When you kill or die, when you spill the blood over your land do you feel it yours? Do you feel more Israeli or philistine? Without horrify children´s feelings there this land could not be shared? Why must die many Rachel Corrie 16 March 2003, Tom Hurndall  January 13, 2004,James Henry Dominic Miller 2 May 2003? Why those good people there for only one reason to protect some children working must die. Don´t Israeli soldiers, politicians has a piece of hearth to put themselves just hand by hand to those activists. I know it´s too difficult for some fanatic, nationalist, racist crazy to think that sensitive. But at least not kill someone´s child. Someone´s little boy thinking in Rachel´s Tom´s, Tristan´s moms and dads.

Rachel Corrie 16 March 2003, Killed by an armored bulldozer

Tom Hurndall January 13, 2004. Killed by an Israeli sniper. Shot on the forehead.

James Henry Dominic Miller 2 May 2003 Journalist killed by Israeli troops.

About 450 people have been injured, 12 of them seriously, in a year of Naalin protests, organizers say. from

Hope they just sign for peace in this little land and stop killing for nothing!. I hope anywhere in the world they can just stop killing for no reason.

Rachel, Tom and James will always live in our hearts and when this pain is over, we will remember them for what they died for.

I write this article in their memory and I fully believe they will rest in peace which they were fighting for others.

Thanks and Best Regards

Guns with fingerprint scanner!..

In Afasia's corner... on August 2, 2012 at 2:42 pm


Yesterday watching news I recognized that everyday many people die accidently somehow by personal guns.  Some little child kill a father, mother or all his friends in school. Isn´t it tragic? So my question is even any kind of cheap laptop or PC have fingerprint scanner tech. why not a gun? That would also help if an officer lose his gun, it wouldn´t work in another person´s hands! A child could not kill his parents by mistake. The gun would know it´s owner and if it doesn´t recognize its owner´s fingerprint it wouldn´t work at all. Isn´t it something really easy with millennium ´s technologic conditions. That would maybe higher the gun´s price but security is something which we cannot buy easily. I am totally against selling or producing guns but if it´s a must for our society than we also MUST find a way to avoid those kind of tragic consequences which affect children, families, fathers, mothers etc .

Don´t produce any gun or create efficient security solutions.

Government should react responsibly on this.

Thanks and Best Regards

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