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In Afasia's corner... on January 18, 2013 at 11:02 am

ImageA chaotic article reflecting the year of chaos!!!

A real wild year as it has been posted by A wild year by many springs. Springs in summer and springs in winter since 2011. Lots of question marks in our heads. Armageddons and last days of our planet. Most of lies and many honest screams in the hearth of little children. Little children´s scream which disturbed some ears in Asia. And again some little children was the name of terror in deep Eastern scenes. Cowboy’s soul was back in shape of a child and spilled as bullets. That was the decision of human. That was the way to protect their child from danger and the danger was hidden inside their plan. They forgot about the real terrorist hidden inside their minds while they were gone for hunt of terrorists all over the world. They created terrorists and they destroyed terrorists. It was a year of ruining countries. A year of ruining families without thinking in consequences. A year of planting grudge and harvesting hate. Planting grudge for next hundred years and planting reasons for new wars. Year of trying medicines in Pakistan and again killing about 150 people. And the year of refusing our human sense by the votes of Russia and China to name Syria ´s massacre. They said that there are more important things than saving some lives. 40.000 death were not sufficient to react!!! Pirates were back again in 2012. Pirates from Somalia were hunting food. Everybody was against them but no one asked the reason behind! HUNGER is something that you can do anything to avoid your child´s death!. 2012 was a year of dying in hunger in African continent. Israel didn´t stop murdering in 2012 neither. Israel, the murderer of the year 2012 with United States. EU´s embargo against Iran for the use of nuclear sources made us understood that nuclear use was forbidden only for Arabs. Anyhow, we are against nuclear sources anywhere in the world and the use by any race!.. Sadly Encyclopedia Britannica stopped printing more editions. Unfortunately hurricane Sandy killed about 209 people in Caribbean, Bahamas, US and Canada. 2012 The year of crisis, hunger and losing jobs in Europe. Economists believe that the situation will change by 2014. Mortgage fail in Spain and Portugal was very damaging for many families, due to high taxes many people had to leave their houses to the banks. In 2012, again humanity lost and the RICH WON!..

Also happened “real important” stuff this year in the media. Some royal marriage. Royal elephant hunting. All conversation was between some royal people and some soldier dictators. Nobody wanted to listen the village. They never wanted to listen the village and it was the main problem very clearly understood. But it´s just behind a thin line which people may take the control over again against all those thieves.

CERN was the one of the most important progress all over 2012. Made us remember the importance of science once again and not guns. Curiosity landed over Mars to find out other planets with life. We only hope that it’s for science and not to conquest and slave more species all over  the galaxy. Felix tried an historical downfall. Greenpeace won against many companies which were using dangerous chemical material in production of textile or companies were contaminating the environment(Levis, Nike etc). Happily, KYOTO Protocol extended until 2020.

After all those BAD and some good news, we as NEWSPOOL family wish you a really nice, happy, healthy 2013!!

Thanks for supporting us in previous years and thanks in advance for the oncoming ones!..

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