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Blooming Flowers In Concrete

In Fanny Lulu's diary on December 4, 2012 at 4:23 pm


Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani schoolgirl activist, BBC blogger and the common voice of the women in her country beside she is only fourteen years old.

The name of ” Malala” means “grief stricken” and i think that it symbolises more than what you see in the letters. Malala was born in a country which is surrounded by obstructions and restrictions on living humanly…It seems like a dream to mention the holy word “democracy” in real terms in those sorrowful lands because of the partition of colonial India, bloody wars during seperation and afterwards hard conditions to continue living in the black shadows of Taliban. The beautiful lands of Pakistan and its colourful, kind and warm people have been surviving to find peaceful days and to see the sun they have been longing for…For ages they have been trying to seize the other day and to have dreams about their own future.

Malala has been one of the children who had a great vision, plans and dreams to affect the next generation’s destiny in Pakistan since she was well awared of what was happening around her. She still has her own ideals, a thin red path to walk and create “Mind Army” to demolish the “Empire of the fear” in the country.

On an october day, she has been shot in the head and neck by Taliban gunman while she was coming back from school by shuttle. They had a reason to accomplish their mission in the name of “Islam” and according to the Sariah law: even the children who are carrying out vilification campaign against Taliban and promoting education and women’s rights are sentenced to death penalty. But first of all Malala had to be branded as a “West Spy” and then she has to be killed to serve “Supreme Law”. Yet they weren’t aware of the fact that the ideas were bulletproof and she would be a legend soon.

In my opinion there is no religion that orders “killing people” for any reason in the world. Islam is also against execution without due process. As a religious person i believe and know that Islamic rules have nothing to do with the aspects of  Taliban, Al-Qaida and the other militant ideologies. Religion based organisations like them are  umbrellas in which the militants  need to take a refuge to achieve their mission and find more supporters.

However Taliban’s terrible attack, she challenged to death, resisted and survived! She is now in hospital in Britain, getting much better every single day with the huge support of the children, people around the world but firstly with her dear father who has been always her closest pathfinder. For more and updated information please check the link below:

After waking, her first question was “Which country am i in?”

Now i am curiously asking: Will she go back to Pakistan after she made full recovery? Who will save her life from Taliban militants?

Hope she can do her best…somehow, sometime…


The other girl of another sad story takes place in the heart of Middle East. Palestinian girl who i am talking about lives in West Bank, Nabi Salih, in occupied lands by Israel government. Since 1948 the Palestinians have been in a very big trouble “Al Nakba” with sick state of mind which is based on “Occupy and take what you need, for what it’s worth!”

Ahed Tamimi is 10 years old and when Israeli troops detained her elder brother she reacted, shouted at the soldier, spitted in his face and pushed him back angrily as she knew that she was totally right. Whatever she cried out touched my heart: “Where did you take him? You are a traitor! I know you speak arabic. Our soldiers are stronger than you! I’ll smash your head. I spit in your face. Go watch your mother instead of fighting little children. You are a traitor. You kill people to get money from dogs…”

Neither she nor her friends whom she encouraged seemed to be afraid of the soldiers. What i saw in the youtube video is “reaction against effection”, what i heard is “ the reflection of the sadness and anger”.

They are the children whose houses are stolen and beloved ones are taken by vandals.

One of them is in the below photo. She is staying at orphanage in Palestine and she lost her mother in the armed attacks. In order to commemorate her mother in her way and maybe ease her suffering in a very touching and unique way that i can never put into words…Please take a look, feel her pain and her unusual respect to her mother. (Her shoes are out of the stripes.)


Unfortunately, there are millions of children in the world whose lives are alike her life…Children who are workers, soldiers, prostitutes, thieves and everything else that they have to stay million miles away from! Children who are the colourful flowers in the concrete blocks.

They will be the future itself if they find the chance to grow and develope like the flowers…

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