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In Afasia's corner... on November 19, 2012 at 10:31 am

We have already posted many articles about Israel killing Palestinian children. There are no words can express our feelings about lost lives in this little land. There are no words can express our sadness, sorrow, pain, agitation. There are many words but no one can express literally. I would like to find a word and say out loud to make those people understand why they SHOULDN’T KILL civils. I don’t mind if they are happy forming military services and throwing bombs to each other just for FUN!!! Because it looks like they do it for fun as if they wouldn’t , they would stop this ugly war which is ongoing since years. I don’t really care if they want to harm each other. But when they will understand they leave a dark, ugly traumatized future for their children. Both side see every single day blood in the street. A child see his friend’s death body in early morning due to a bomb which has been thrown  on their house just by their neighbor country. Who could truly explain it to that child? Who could tell him why his friend ‘s bloody damaged body lying between ruins. Or who could tell to a child why his father or mother has to be buried and they won’t come back home. For what kind of honorful war they died for? A generation’s children who suffered by Nazis doing same terrible torture to “another nation”(I would actually call them brothers) in same country. I know there is no explanation or word to cover this situation more than POLITICS!.. They can do anything to change any kind of topic to win next elections. They can just so obviously do actions to win or gain something in very daylight front of everyone. Sad but we know Israel’s  strategy against Iranian engineers or scientist. The thing is that people repeatedly voting same bloody hands to represent them as presidents of their country.

Don’t you understand? Somehow! you have the blood of below numbers of death children in your hands!!!

Year Deaths
Palestinians Israelis
2011 118 (13) 11 (5)
2010 81 (9) 8 (0)
2009 1034 (314) 9 (1)
2008 887 (128) 35 (4)
2007 385 (52) 13 (0)
2006 665 (140) 23 (1)
2005 190 (49) 51 (6)
2004 832 (181) 108 (8)
2003 588 (119) 185 (21)
2002 1032 (160) 419 (47)
2001 469 (80) 192 (36)
2000 282 (86) 41 (0)
1999 9 (0) 4 (0)
1998 28 (3) 12 (0)
1997 21 (5) 29 (3)
1996 74 (11) 75 (8)
1995 45 (5) 46 (0)
1994 152 (24) 74 (2)
1993 180 (41) 61 (0)
1992 138 (23) 34 (1)
1991 104 (27) 19 (0)
1990 145 (25) 22 (0)
1989 305 (83) 31 (1)
1988 310 (50) 12 (3)
1987 22 (5) 0 (0)
Total 7978 (1620) 1503 (142)

Figures copyed from wikipedia and those numbers do not include 600 palestians killed by palestians.

Sad link to see on the truth what they live there!!!

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to strike SPAIN! 14N 2012!

In Afasia's corner... on November 14, 2012 at 10:52 am

This article is not to motivate people or call them to strike today 14/11/2012. It’s a call of duty for Spanish politicians who are really 100% corrupts and not thinking any good for their villages. Let me explain you with examples why I do think in that way.

Artur Mas – Prime Minister of the Generalitat de Catalunya

His salary gross per year 144.000 € + no spending as everything paid for him as prime minister of Catalunya

His first work after election was cutting all sanitary personal + education personal etc.


Mariano Rajoy – Prime Minister of Spain

His salary gross per year over ~100.000 € + no spending as everything paid for him as prime minister of Spain + His salary as leader of his party Partido Popular.

First job he has done after election just couple of months now is to create a new reform to suck the last drop of blood left in our veins and make the rich, richer.

Candido Mendez – Leader of Syndicate UGT, Says he earns 2,500 per month. But he love bearing a rolex which costs ~9,500 €

I believe he collaborates more with government than collaborating with young employees and workers.



Juan Carlos de Borbon – King of Spain,

His salary per year over  292.000



All those people earning those high quantity of moneys and even after retiring they keep earning high amount of pensions.

I believe now you understand what I mean when I tell you that is an article to call them to do their duty and start cutting from their salaries first, instead touching to their people’s salaries who earn 14K € or 20K € gross per year.

Once in a life time, being honorable person and do what is the correct instead thinking how to steal from our pockets more.

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