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KILL US ALL AND BE IN PEACE alone in your piece of land !!!

In Afasia's corner... on August 28, 2012 at 10:53 am

I wish I could be as brave as her! She could stand front of an armored bulldozer just to avoid a demolition in Israel/Philistine. She could stand without moving a finger. Rachel Corrie. Her spirit in Israeli streets wandering still.  And wondering to the situation there thinking how could 2 human being cannot share a piece of land and prefer to kill each other instead? When you kill or die, when you spill the blood over your land do you feel it yours? Do you feel more Israeli or philistine? Without horrify children´s feelings there this land could not be shared? Why must die many Rachel Corrie 16 March 2003, Tom Hurndall  January 13, 2004,James Henry Dominic Miller 2 May 2003? Why those good people there for only one reason to protect some children working must die. Don´t Israeli soldiers, politicians has a piece of hearth to put themselves just hand by hand to those activists. I know it´s too difficult for some fanatic, nationalist, racist crazy to think that sensitive. But at least not kill someone´s child. Someone´s little boy thinking in Rachel´s Tom´s, Tristan´s moms and dads.

Rachel Corrie 16 March 2003, Killed by an armored bulldozer

Tom Hurndall January 13, 2004. Killed by an Israeli sniper. Shot on the forehead.

James Henry Dominic Miller 2 May 2003 Journalist killed by Israeli troops.

About 450 people have been injured, 12 of them seriously, in a year of Naalin protests, organizers say. from

Hope they just sign for peace in this little land and stop killing for nothing!. I hope anywhere in the world they can just stop killing for no reason.

Rachel, Tom and James will always live in our hearts and when this pain is over, we will remember them for what they died for.

I write this article in their memory and I fully believe they will rest in peace which they were fighting for others.

Thanks and Best Regards


In Fanny Lulu's diary on August 15, 2012 at 10:21 am

Let’s draw the swords of our minds, time is running out my friends! Our day will come, too!

Let’s be the side of the pure truth and even it’s so far away let’s pry it out of the earth.

Let’s save ourselves from prejudices& superstitions&ultranationalism and intolerant religions.

Let’s not simply rely on what mainstream media says. Democracies benefit from it as a tool of propaganda and servant to its funders.

Once in a lifetime if we haven’t tried to feel like the others we don’t like, we can afford to put ourselves in their places. Yes, we can. Believe in me, we can do it if we indeed want to.

Now, let’s shift the helm and sail to the never ending Spring in the Middle East and North Africa. What does the meaning of the spring season? I suppose that Spring means awakening of the nature and actual process of renewing our mindsthrough the warm, sunny rays of light. Well, what about so-called Arab Spring? Who put the name of these consecutive protests and upheavals in the indicated lands? Please tell me what you see in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya,Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and…

Is there anyone like me who is utterly puzzled by what’s really happening there and here in Turkey?

Let’s indeed speak of facts. Because they are the only way out of this labyrinth of chaos.

Have you ever thought that someone pushed the button of these military coups in North Africa and the heart of the “Greater Middle East Project.”?

I certainly believe that it is because the time has come to spread “the renaissance of the ideal of justice in the Arab world.” As we know their philosophie which is “if you don’t come to democracy, democracy will come to you!.”

Western States, their allies and puppet governments have been working hard on the projects which are related to redrawing the borders of the region with energy resource (oil) rich countries just because it’s essentially important for the world’s leading states to find new markets and provide energy at reasonable prices.

It quite seems that “they” can do everything for making these aims get true as Niccolo Machiavelli’s well-known quotes: The ends justified the means and Politics have no relation to morals. I don’t know how i can express my points of view about the world wide corruption and injustice to you in a better way than this quotes. Either you can have doubts or commence thinking all round. The dictators are already out of date and they must be renewed! Welcome to the New World War Project: “Elephants and Grass.” When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. It is always like that and it is always sunny in L.A. Modern dictators win as their people end up with very high costs.

Let’s have a look at Libya, Tunusia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria! Could you see any signs of something more like spring blossoms? I can see a hundred thousands of people in the battlefields are killed by armed gangs. I can see military governments have already started to oppress their people.

I can see Syrian refugees are fleeing abroad to escape from the civil war since it began .The growing number of the refugees in Turkey are about 50.227 and hence my country will face with refugee crisis as it has much more troubles with PKK. This terrorist organisation is in a cooperation with Syrian Kurdish militants who invaded some cities of the North Syria.. Accordingly it seems that it will lead to PKK cross-border operations inside Turkey. Moreover a month ago Syrian air defences shot down Turkish military aircraft in case of test drive and two pilots burnt to death. I can clearly see that Syria will make the “Perfect Storm” in the Middle East and this storm will change the region as if it would never be in the past. Unfortunately my country Turkey has been paying a price for being a side of the US and its western allies. I am so sorry on behalf of my country for directly supporting opponents (whom i don’t believe that they represent  in Syrian people), being a part of the Greater Middle East Project (including the idea of Great Kurdistan) and dragging into a regional war. Moreover we are almost in a potential war with our neighbors on the borders while carrying out “zero problems” policy…

There are a millions words to be said about Coup D’etat Production in the Middle East but i feel urge to put three dots at this moment “…”

With below info which will assist you to perceive the back ground of  so-called Arab Spring supported by nonviolent struggles of the crowds:

(Dictatorial regimes are destroyed carefully, but not for bringing democracy instead!)

Thanks and Best Regards.

Guns with fingerprint scanner!..

In Afasia's corner... on August 2, 2012 at 2:42 pm


Yesterday watching news I recognized that everyday many people die accidently somehow by personal guns.  Some little child kill a father, mother or all his friends in school. Isn´t it tragic? So my question is even any kind of cheap laptop or PC have fingerprint scanner tech. why not a gun? That would also help if an officer lose his gun, it wouldn´t work in another person´s hands! A child could not kill his parents by mistake. The gun would know it´s owner and if it doesn´t recognize its owner´s fingerprint it wouldn´t work at all. Isn´t it something really easy with millennium ´s technologic conditions. That would maybe higher the gun´s price but security is something which we cannot buy easily. I am totally against selling or producing guns but if it´s a must for our society than we also MUST find a way to avoid those kind of tragic consequences which affect children, families, fathers, mothers etc .

Don´t produce any gun or create efficient security solutions.

Government should react responsibly on this.

Thanks and Best Regards

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