“a great human tragedy”

In Afasia's corner... on July 25, 2012 at 5:10 pm
I fire myself.
I fire myself ten times a day
I throw myself in a watery grave
With fourteen horses on top of my head
I hear the voice again and again
I walk through the everlasting pit
By the mountain of fire and the fountain of spit
The pilgrims beside me just talk talk talk
I am the goblin and the mangled hawk
A demon lured me to his bed
Where I fell into a poison sleep
I dreamed of a river of ants inside me
And they were sad and started to bleed
In the dawn the demon spoke
In the saddest voice, in the saddest voice
He said, “Can you see love through a telescope?”
The end of fear, and the beginning of hope
Mary Timony

I fire myself into the trouble. For others I fire myself. I see the anger in your eyes. And all others. For your “sake”ness I fire myself. Ten times a day and I let horses top of me over and over. Daemon’s voice deep down calls me. To deep down he calls me sometimes. Do I needed poisons to fire  myself into lakes of daemon. Neither do I need to smoke herbs collected from thousand mountains. In Tibet I left myself into sacred Yaluzangbu river to clean my sins and took it’s shape of dragon. It’s shape of water. And its shape of sky. I took myself from me and left into it. No longer me was in fire. No longer me was on earth. No longer was in me. Today I fire myself for your goodness. Today, I fire myself in each corner of our blue planet…

If in our planet, there are people set them in fire for inequality and difficult life conditions, they do because they feel shame and they can´t live with this anymore.

But politicians with no success. No need words…

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