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Wake up Spain. OS ESTAN VACIANDO!!!

In Afasia's corner... on June 11, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Do you accept your politicians slavery package? Do you realize where the hell they chain your future? Yours, your little brothers, your son, daughter and even their children… 100billion€ (100,000,000,000) debt. You will have to work your entire life to pay this debt. You and 5 maybe 6 or 7 generations after you going to be oblied to pay this debt working their entire life. Your and your children’s life growth going to be all depend on this debt. At the other hand banks are going to be save! Politicians too!. But you? Do you really accept this slavery package which makes your politicans happy. After cutting all your education, sanitary and etc. they are getting a 100billion€ debt to save Spain. In a country where they dont touch a coin of their salary but they ask for a huge credit to save the bank. Wake up Spain. Wake up and raise the voice. Just show them who is the boss and for whom they must use this money. Saving banks will ensure your little daughter’s education? Will it really help her growing plan? What Bankia did for you till now and now you have to sacrifice for Bankia? Wake up Spain!.. Don’t sacrifice from your basic needs till they start sacrificing something real for you!..

No more votes for politicians who only save their asses and save only the moment!. No more votes for politicians who don’t think about their country, their people and children’s future!!!

Thanks and Best Regards

Which is worst: NATO or AIDS?

In Afasia's corner... on June 9, 2012 at 11:48 am

NATO force commander John Allen apologies for killing 18 civilian on last Wednesday! Easy taken. We are sorry for killing you continuously since 1978 by changing roles and actors.

Casualties and losses : Some estimates as high as 5,600,000 killed(wikipedia)

How many of those are civilians? Who  knows? Who can tell how many children die each week? Who can explain how many girls have been raped? Almost 6 million dead for a forgotten proposal? Do you remember why our soldiers are there? Do you remember the reason why Soviet Union declared war for the first time?

Let me try to remind you this shift changing from Soviets to Americans and then to NATO.

First Soviets invaded Afghanistan to keep People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan in power which actually took the power by a military coup. Of course people were angry in the street because of Soviet Invasion. As always and thanks to god, our saver in all bad situations, United States of America with their puppet Pakistan helped Afghanistan against Soviets. Died thousands in this not understandable war. All those were happening due to sold leaders of the Middle East zone. None of them were as lucky as Turkish for not having their own Ataturk to help them out against enemies. Instead of having 1 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, they had thousand of Gulbudin Hekmatiar who is not easy to understand for which side he was fighting for. Extreme communist sported by USSR, than extreme Islamic as prime minister of Afghanistan, Mujahideen leader of the war between Afghan groups and lately as a terrorist fighting against NATO. I have no words to say for those shape shifters. Shortly USSR powers left the country and backed again as Russia to Afghanistan but not officially, only helping to the government of Najibullah and left again but this time they left country into taliban hands. Soviet Russia the protector of Communism decided to leave a EXTREMELY ISLAMIC RULED Afghanistan. Great deal isn’t it. They came to help communist party. How successful they were.

At 2001, the biggest enemy and the biggest ally of Russia took Russia’s place and came as their replacement. Yes, USA!.. This time the reason was? Some one can remember the reason? Ahh of course! After 11 September, USA decided to go there specially to Afghanistan to clean the zone from terrorists. It was a “VERY SUCCESSFUL” operation too. Wasn’t it? They have “CLEANED” and “DEFEATED” all terrorists of al-Qaeda(which currently chooses a new leader) and Taliban. In their time of stay died many many poor young Afghan soldier + US soldier + many other countries poor young child died on this dirty, ugly game of throne.

Now it’s NATO’s turn. Keeping the country save by killing civilians. Fighting against some unknown self created groups of people(I doubt if they are Afghans creating this chaos in the country) and while trying to push them out resulting lots an lots of civil death. Which actually worst than both 2 countries. They were there for their benefits. But NATO? What is their benefits? Do they really kill civilians for some good proposal?

And now I am wondering. Who s the next?


In Fanny Lulu's diary on June 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm


What you see is totally enough to be aware of the situation in Syria since it all started with mass demonstrations and protests against the Assad regime on 15th of march in 2011. From that day to this, cost of Syrian uprising is approximately 14000 dead (the U.N. says it’s 10000) according to the various sourches…Thousands of civilians including ex soldiers, political activists, journalists, intellectuals and considerable number of officials from intra-Ba’ath party opposition have been forming the organisation. On the other hand there have been armed groups which have been adding fuel to the flame in order to breed the chaos and instability in this bloody geography…

What you see is actually all about the people being killed in Syria including women, children, babies, every living creature and plus; stolen dreams, hopeless lives, no more expectations from the “life”?

What you see is regarding the advantages of so many sides such as Russia, Iran, China, Lebanon, Suudi Arabia etc. On the contrary EU States, US, Israel, Iraq, Arab League Members, Turkey (is a country which is very middle of the all sides and is mostly aggrieved for being on border with Syria)  etc…While they were pretending to be interested in the Syria conflict and  producing alleged solutions, everyday hundreds of civilians are dying in Daraa, Homs, İdlib, Damascus, Hama, Latakia, Houla and so on..!

Thanks a million the ones who contributed for the peace in Syria!

Thanks a million The U. S., Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and the Netherlands for expelling Syrian ambassadors from your countries in order to make this contribution!

Thanks a million U.N. for your “NULL” Annan Plan!

For the Friends of Syria meeting that serves no good purpose!

For the speeches of Ban-Ki-Mun and the others that is full of ornamental and familiar (Political) words!

For the “Humanitarial Corridors for the civilians striving to survive”!

For your thoughtfulness and common sense by stating that you are hesitating from the uncertainty which may arise after any military intervention over Syria!

From the bottom of our heart, thanks to all for reminding us you are not very keen on intervening in civil war as  “World Peacekeepers” when there is no oil over there!

Now, Syria is a country where more civilians may die in every minute and so many questions are asked as the answers are so few which it means already “uncertainty”.

In addition to all this, there has been a mistake regarding a photo which was published on BBC internet site on Saturday May 26. The photo was displaying another result of the war which happened in Iraq during the U.S.occupation  in 2003. (another tens of children who were being killed in Iraq War!)

Yes, it’s a photo of  other people’s dead kids but i need to ask you what difference does it make between the wrong and right photo taken in the battlefield where the people are cruelly killed, where the cities are turned to fire circle, where the streets are like graveyards and open-air prison, as well…



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