We are with you François Hollande!..

In Afasia's corner... on May 18, 2012 at 11:54 am

France´s new president François Hollande will deduct 30% salaries from all politicians.

After disaster of Sarkozy in France, Lies of Mariano Rajoy in Spain, second grand German domination in Europe by Angela Merkel and more like them, mister François Hollande came like a new fresh air to breath in euro zone and a great example for all of those liars. While any of those above didn´t accept that they were the biggest mistake of European voters and they were the cause of crisis he came and showed how to make some equality between village and parliamentary. It´s shame that señor Mariano Rajoy was cutting all that people had in their hands, while some politician of his party were making portrait with people´s money for 80.000 euro and not even a second they showed interest of deduction on their salaries.

Shame on them that they still think on their benefits and nothing more while we people have no food to eat. Shame on all of them!..

And thanks a ton to François Hollande for showing us a bit of justice and real socialism.

We are with you François Hollande!..

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