In Afasia's corner... on May 16, 2012 at 10:20 am

Each day another weird news about Greece, its economy and the elections. Last we have heard about them was that they want to plant mine in Greece-Turkey, Bulgaria-Turkey border to avoid illegal immigration.


Are they loosing their minds? In 2012, thinking about planting mines instead cleaning the ones have been planted in 1 and  2 World War. Are those fast effects of fascist party’s victory? How fast it could be? Where they were hiding till now suddenly after election we get really strange and sad news from Greece on racism.  Economical problems were not enough for them and they just create their own very stupid, senseless new issues. But how can they believe that the only problem is immigration and if they solve it they are going to get back the old good days. But old good days? When Greeks were already living with immigrants happily. How comes suddenly immigration becomes the biggest problem of the country about economy and not useless politicians?

I believe it’s time to unite and not to divide to cross biggest rivers and don’t live anyone behind. It’s time to manage how to make better the economical situation all together natives and immigrants. Don’t forget that when the economy was good and you refused to work in some kind of dirty or hard jobs, they were the ones who handled all. Now you have no rights to blame them at all!..

I hope the news we heard have no sense and they won’t do such a thing as our commun sense and as it’s expected not to be done.

Thanks and Best Regards

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