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On Living

In Fanny Lulu's diary on May 25, 2012 at 8:22 pm

Give “Poetry and all kinds of Art” a chance in order to change your points of view and the destiny of the world…

Before your life is stolen…

Before you lose your all you ever had…

Before your mind & your heart are entirely enslaved by the corrupt rulers…

Before your “liberty”  is captured by “tyranny”…

Before it’s too late to be aware of what is really happening around you and away from you…

Believe in yourself and never despair!

Make and believe “if you’re going to say “I lived” …”


Living is no laughing matter:
you must live with great seriousness
like a squirrel, for example–
I mean without looking for something beyond and above living,
I mean living must be your whole occupation.
Living is no laughing matter:
you must take it seriously,
so much so and to such a degree
that, for example, your hands tied behind your back,
your back to the wall,
or else in a laboratory
in your white coat and safety glasses,
you can die for people–
even for people whose faces you’ve never seen,
even though you know living
is the most real, the most beautiful thing.
I mean, you must take living so seriously
that even at seventy, for example, you’ll plant olive trees–
and not for your children, either,
but because although you fear death you don’t believe it,
because living, I mean, weighs heavier.


Let’s say you’re seriously ill, need surgery–
which is to say we might not get
from the white table.
Even though it’s impossible not to feel sad
about going a little too soon,
we’ll still laugh at the jokes being told,
we’ll look out the window to see it’s raining,
or still wait anxiously
for the latest newscast …
Let’s say we’re at the front–
for something worth fighting for, say.
There, in the first offensive, on that very day,
we might fall on our face, dead.
We’ll know this with a curious anger,
but we’ll still worry ourselves to death
about the outcome of the war, which could last years.
Let’s say we’re in prison
and close to fifty,
and we have eighteen more years, say,
before the iron doors will open.
We’ll still live with the outside,
with its people and animals, struggle and wind–
I mean with the outside beyond the walls.
I mean, however and wherever we are,
we must live as if we will never die.


This earth will grow cold,
a star among stars
and one of the smallest,
a gilded mote on blue velvet–
I mean this, our great earth.
This earth will grow cold one day,
not like a block of ice
or a dead cloud even
but like an empty walnut it will roll along
in pitch-black space …
You must grieve for this right now
–you have to feel this sorrow now–
for the world must be loved this much
if you’re going to say “I lived” …

Nazim Hikmet

We are with you François Hollande!..

In Afasia's corner... on May 18, 2012 at 11:54 am

France´s new president François Hollande will deduct 30% salaries from all politicians.

After disaster of Sarkozy in France, Lies of Mariano Rajoy in Spain, second grand German domination in Europe by Angela Merkel and more like them, mister François Hollande came like a new fresh air to breath in euro zone and a great example for all of those liars. While any of those above didn´t accept that they were the biggest mistake of European voters and they were the cause of crisis he came and showed how to make some equality between village and parliamentary. It´s shame that señor Mariano Rajoy was cutting all that people had in their hands, while some politician of his party were making portrait with people´s money for 80.000 euro and not even a second they showed interest of deduction on their salaries.

Shame on them that they still think on their benefits and nothing more while we people have no food to eat. Shame on all of them!..

And thanks a ton to François Hollande for showing us a bit of justice and real socialism.

We are with you François Hollande!..


In Afasia's corner... on May 16, 2012 at 10:20 am

Each day another weird news about Greece, its economy and the elections. Last we have heard about them was that they want to plant mine in Greece-Turkey, Bulgaria-Turkey border to avoid illegal immigration.


Are they loosing their minds? In 2012, thinking about planting mines instead cleaning the ones have been planted in 1 and  2 World War. Are those fast effects of fascist party’s victory? How fast it could be? Where they were hiding till now suddenly after election we get really strange and sad news from Greece on racism.  Economical problems were not enough for them and they just create their own very stupid, senseless new issues. But how can they believe that the only problem is immigration and if they solve it they are going to get back the old good days. But old good days? When Greeks were already living with immigrants happily. How comes suddenly immigration becomes the biggest problem of the country about economy and not useless politicians?

I believe it’s time to unite and not to divide to cross biggest rivers and don’t live anyone behind. It’s time to manage how to make better the economical situation all together natives and immigrants. Don’t forget that when the economy was good and you refused to work in some kind of dirty or hard jobs, they were the ones who handled all. Now you have no rights to blame them at all!..

I hope the news we heard have no sense and they won’t do such a thing as our commun sense and as it’s expected not to be done.

Thanks and Best Regards


In Afasia's corner... on May 6, 2012 at 8:02 pm

A new era in France, by today’s elections Nicolas Sarkozy no more leading the country. He lost against Francoise Hollande getting 48% of votes. Francoise Hollande the leader of French Socialist Party will take the lead as soon as possible and hopefully, he will bring an end to Sarkozy’s racist actions.

We hope that this is going to be an example for the rest of European countries that we are full to stupid games only for votes and we no longer want to see racism, fascism, anything anti-human, inequality, division in our countries. We want that they get the final message from the people who wanted to say a word by voting against them. Rise of socialism in our continent may bring us a new ambient and air of equality in between different social or racial groups living in our countries and breathing the same air.

We should take in count that the majority of those parties which are representing the right side are the sons of the biggest dictators like Napoleon, Hitler, Franco, Mussolini or Churchill.

Thanks to French people for bringing hope to our land after 17 years and we hope that Francoise Hollande will follow his instinct and take the correct actions for his people!!!

Thanks and Best Regards

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