In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 30, 2012 at 11:19 am

Nous sommes le peuple indigné.

(We are the people enraged.)

Nous avons le droit de se sentir outragé.

(We have the right to feel outraged.)

Nous sommes trompés et les malades de toute la triche.

(We are cheated and sick of all these shadies cheating on us for ages.)

WE ARE THE MAJORITY but it definitely seems that we are the slaves of the HAPPY MINORITY !

This is not  an academic column and shouldn’t be written in that serious way in order to bring to the people’s attention whom i do want to reach and to cry of my restless body and soul with…

Dreaming makes you free ! Dreams are turned to nightmares by dirty hands, visible and secret powers. We live in this world and this world belongs to all of us. And in this world we have the absolute right to live humanly and with dignity.

We are all entangled in a system we cannot control. A system that is killing us slowly and by stealth. Some of us go along with this and others resist and seek a better world. We must shake the shackles of our “learned helplessness”, a virus that terrorizes us and pushes us into “depression”, the plague of our age. Whether it is capitalism or socialism or sharia that shape our lives, that manufacture our consent and wrap us up in the hustle of life they all fail to give us what we need and seek as humans. Consuming for consumption’s sake cannot make up for our real needs. And in many parts of the world those real needs such as freedom from hunger, adequate shelter, access to safe water, healthcare, education, job security and equality of opportunity are kept from us by greed, persecution and blatant injustice. We cannot remain silent when faced with inequities and we must fight for our fundamental rights. Our rights as humans, our rights as citizens, our rights as women and men.

As opposed to spreading hate speeches, i would love you to be aware of your human rights and step up your awareness by reading, watching, listening and enhancing your points of view. You should never forget that the capitalist system has not been existed all of a sudden and it will never collapse unless it completes its evolution through the naturel disasters, economic crisis, civil wars etc… In light of this reality you should figure out that everygrassroots movement goes along by improving in the course of time as long as you stop mental masturbation and take an action.

We must stand up for our granted lives against the powers which steal our rights from our hands and minds!

We must stand up for our earth we live in against the capitalist thieves!

We want back our green spaces which is not for sale but for every living creature, streets to walk and bike in freedom, love affairs based on true love, business connection based on honesty, nonviolent communication between common people and more to live humanly in the world.

We want you “politicians” to be aware of that the main reason behind terrorism is poverty and inequality and to know the truth that there will not be the real richness before the people of the whole world get rich.

Salute to all the proletarians of the world!

Salute them with my raised right and left fists of  “Solidarity” !

Salute them with the bright light of hope!

And Salute to all the Legal Terrorists from the poor and indignant crowd of the world!

Come and join us in the bloody race between thesis and antithesis in order to take your side and seize “The Mondays in The Sun”after “Bloodless Sundays”!

  1. let us dream and imagine that we may evolve… the old order must pass and the world be reborn, or else the human race will likely pass the way of so many other endangered species… let us start a revolution of soul and spirit. we can find so many ways to resist- not only with signs in the streets, marches and confrontation. an act of rebellion can be as simple an act as the planting of a garden, and sharing the food with our neighbors. our survival depends on diversity and respect for difference, while the leaders of this world whip and herd as many as they can into a bland conformity, the better to sell mcdonald’s and coca cola and crass consumerism to… and they want to control our food supply, our thought supply, our entertainment, our dreams…. this cannot be, and the human spirit will rise up and throw off these shackles of conformity. we are not puppets, we are not slaves. we can turn off the media lies, turn off the government propaganda, and think for ourselves once again, each of us differently, in that amazing tapestry of human diversity that is the strength and the beauty of our species, that will shatter greed, inequality, and racism, and lead us to a better and happier world… and your words are lovely, Fanny Lulu, and they warm my spirit, so happy to find this ray of light….

  2. Topher, I am so very impressed of your unique words and points of view on this bleeding wounds of the humanity…It’s not only a comment but also a kind of article which tells a lot for those who take side of the humanity. We are all hemophilia as the world people without any exception and obviously we all have the hunchbacks of which oppressed, ignored and forgotten people living in this world. We all carry one another’s burdens but we think that when we ignore them they don’t exist in our lives. This is a big bluff to ourselves to continue living without taking any responsibility and feeling the empathy. And so yes, we need to find common ways instead of only dreaming and complaining about problems happening around us and in the world we live. Firstly, we are lack of illumination within ourselves and we have to find the lowest common ground which is “to be human”. We are humans who create troubles and also can have the ability to find solutions when we feel “love, fraternity, empathy and of course conscience”…Yes, we are not puppets! But there are people between us who are afraid of their own shadows and pretending to live although the truth that just breating is not living.
    Topher…You have the gift! Please do not leave us alone in this battle…We need your prudent and hopeful words! Finally, let’s pay attention to “The Great Dictator”s words…:

    • Thank you. I admire your words, and will share more of mine if you wish. how do I start a blog?

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