Hopefully limited edition: Nicolas Sarkozy!

In Afasia's corner... on April 12, 2012 at 9:25 am

The man with a bigger shadow than himself!..

We do not know how many messages or letters we can send him from here. We don´t know how many times more we can remind him his past. While we try to take borders off, he is talking about making more and more. While we want to have a free world without discriminations, he is asking for more and more. He wants to create a world which rich people can travel in it as they want but poor cannot. He wants to create his world of inequality. A child of immigrant, asking to avoid immigration. Trying to bring new laws like DNA control for visa for families who want to bring their children/wife/grandfather/mother to live together in same place. Now he menace leaving Schengen (EU Traveling Deal)  if Greece do not control borders against illegal immigrants.

I am thinking of little Pal Sarkozy running in the streets of Budapest. Imagine they weren’t wealthy family. Or they could lose everything after war. What would happen with mister Nicolas Sarkozy? Wouldn’t him have been running in a poor village of Hungary with his gipsy friends? Asking for visa to travel France after some years? Being refused to travel only for being poor. We would feel sorry for his sad story. Even I do feel sorry for his sad ideas day by day and poor senseless concerns instead creating a better France/World. Trying very useless moves and attacks to get some more votes. Showing to our society, yes we have to do anything to win. No Sarkozy!. You can just leave this f…king chair and go to work in any kind of business like the rest of citizens instead of being a really bad example for France’s future youngsters watching and hearing your unnecessary ideas to solve economical crisis which was created by your own hands.

All those what he and politician like him do in Europe don’t make nothing positive, rather increasing the level of racism between cultures and races. Instead of uniting us, they just divide us to Muslims and Christians, Blacks and Whites, Asian and European, Riches and Poors. As an immigrant’s son, he should be the one who can really understand how is the feeling of being stateless like his own father.

If there is economical crisis, that means it’s time to do some EMPHATY, UNDERSTANDING and SHARING instead INEQUALITY, DISCRIMINATION and HATE.

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  2. Genuine..

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