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In Afasia's corner... on April 4, 2012 at 3:43 pm

A 77 years old retired person shot himself right front of Parliament in Athens. That sad news made me look at suicide rates in Greece. What I found on is that, rates are almost double than right before economical crisis. People suicide due to economical crisis. People are ashamed to look at garbage and prefer to die in honour.

Before the financial crisis first began to bite three years ago, Greece had the lowest suicide rate in Europe at 2.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. It now has almost double that number, the highest on the continent, despite the stigma in a nation where the Orthodox Church refuses funeral rights for those who take their lives. Attempted suicides have also increased.

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I also checked politicians attempted to suicide. There are not really many politicians. This makes me repeat the same question on same exact topic. How economic crisis can affect us all, we loose our jobs, our money in banks, our lives, our houses, they even put us in prison due to some circumstances and how come this critical situation which makes all of us suffer does not affect any politician? They can keep living almost with the same tranquillity. They can increase their salaries. They can buy a yacht to their son/daughter. They can keep travelling all over the world for business purposes. When would they think about cutting their salaries, stop travelling for a while, cutting parliamentary expenses. Do we really need to mention that? Aren´t those our common senses? Why can´t we share the same situation and have same difficulties if we all are same countries citizens? How can they permit this inequality? How can just look at their people suiciding with cold blood?

Repeating all those questions make me angrier. I believe that makes all of us feel angrier. I strongly believe, it´s going to be too late when people go out and kill politicians instead suiciding!! It´s going to be really late to take some action before people start looting/stealing instead searching food in some garbage.

We hope they(politicians) will measure the situation and avoid any other sad suicide attempt by our citizens of the world due to this artificial, fake, false, hand made economical crisis! If you(politicians) really want to exploit something, please don´t do it with our lives.

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