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In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 30, 2012 at 11:19 am

Nous sommes le peuple indigné.

(We are the people enraged.)

Nous avons le droit de se sentir outragé.

(We have the right to feel outraged.)

Nous sommes trompés et les malades de toute la triche.

(We are cheated and sick of all these shadies cheating on us for ages.)

WE ARE THE MAJORITY but it definitely seems that we are the slaves of the HAPPY MINORITY !

This is not  an academic column and shouldn’t be written in that serious way in order to bring to the people’s attention whom i do want to reach and to cry of my restless body and soul with…

Dreaming makes you free ! Dreams are turned to nightmares by dirty hands, visible and secret powers. We live in this world and this world belongs to all of us. And in this world we have the absolute right to live humanly and with dignity.

We are all entangled in a system we cannot control. A system that is killing us slowly and by stealth. Some of us go along with this and others resist and seek a better world. We must shake the shackles of our “learned helplessness”, a virus that terrorizes us and pushes us into “depression”, the plague of our age. Whether it is capitalism or socialism or sharia that shape our lives, that manufacture our consent and wrap us up in the hustle of life they all fail to give us what we need and seek as humans. Consuming for consumption’s sake cannot make up for our real needs. And in many parts of the world those real needs such as freedom from hunger, adequate shelter, access to safe water, healthcare, education, job security and equality of opportunity are kept from us by greed, persecution and blatant injustice. We cannot remain silent when faced with inequities and we must fight for our fundamental rights. Our rights as humans, our rights as citizens, our rights as women and men.

As opposed to spreading hate speeches, i would love you to be aware of your human rights and step up your awareness by reading, watching, listening and enhancing your points of view. You should never forget that the capitalist system has not been existed all of a sudden and it will never collapse unless it completes its evolution through the naturel disasters, economic crisis, civil wars etc… In light of this reality you should figure out that everygrassroots movement goes along by improving in the course of time as long as you stop mental masturbation and take an action.

We must stand up for our granted lives against the powers which steal our rights from our hands and minds!

We must stand up for our earth we live in against the capitalist thieves!

We want back our green spaces which is not for sale but for every living creature, streets to walk and bike in freedom, love affairs based on true love, business connection based on honesty, nonviolent communication between common people and more to live humanly in the world.

We want you “politicians” to be aware of that the main reason behind terrorism is poverty and inequality and to know the truth that there will not be the real richness before the people of the whole world get rich.

Salute to all the proletarians of the world!

Salute them with my raised right and left fists of  “Solidarity” !

Salute them with the bright light of hope!

And Salute to all the Legal Terrorists from the poor and indignant crowd of the world!

Come and join us in the bloody race between thesis and antithesis in order to take your side and seize “The Mondays in The Sun”after “Bloodless Sundays”!


In Afasia's corner... on April 16, 2012 at 8:30 am

While his citizens fighting against economical crisis, all cuts in sanitary and education, Spain’s useless King señor Juan Carlos was having a safari in Africa and hunting elephants. I honestly don’t know what to say about this news. I feel sad but I am not sure for what more I do? For spanish king killing those very special animals or for his expensive travel ~37.000 euro to Africa in time of crisis while all we are having really hard times. Or should I feel sad like his fans because he broke his hipbone while he was hunting? No no, I know for what I do feel sad. I feel sad because of his unconcern about the situation of Spain.

After all those, shame on him, his not thinking to leave his warm chair. He has no use in the government and Spain lose about ~9.000.000 euro per year spending for Royal House. And plus the amount of money for his senseless vacations. More for his unneeded diplomatic visits to other countries. And more money to heal his in-necessary accidents. For what?

I believe Spanish people deserve “MUCH MORE” than this. I believe we deserve politician with a little bit of honour.

Their shameless acts create an indignant generation in our society. A King or politician who produces violence, cannot represent me in parliamentary or  anywhere!!!


For more,

Royal House Annual Budget

Thanks and Best Regards


In Fanny Lulu's diary on April 12, 2012 at 2:13 pm

“In all the decisions I have made in my public life

I have always tried to do what was the best for the nation.

I have never been a quit.”

Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States.

Nixon (who handshaked and had a dinner with Mao on Feb. 21, 1972), Mao himself, Franco, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Pol Pot, Dear Leader Kim Jong II, George W. Bush, Assad Family and the many others worked hard on their killing fields for achieving what was the best for their nations, didn’t they?

I am afraid that i am about to lose my all humane emotions as long as i witness to the negative impacts of political decisions on tv screens, radio news, daily newspapers. I am sincerely sharing how i carry on my daily routine in this “magic” world with full of blood, tears, sadness, mental anguish, sorrows and pains which will never stop during a lifetime of the actor but orient him/her/them to the normal life. Most probably you will say that  i usually  see the dark side of the moon or the empty side of the glass or whatever…But You should be aware of that i can not deceive myself through all my life likewise this must be the hardest situation one can be involved to. This kind of life is not able to called “ a real life” and the glass of the world is much emptier than it’s full. The glass is fully made of mirror and it reflects me, you, all of us when we all have a look at it! It reflect “the truth” in the earth! So, it is impossible to get away with and live with it by decieving your inner selves, though.

I have been questioning myself for years if i could try to find out what was the best for billions of people living on this planet… Whilst thinking about it, i lost  my human senses and became mentally paralyzed.

Honestly, i can almost give no reactions when i hear someone dying or being killed or damaged in the battlefield, accident or somehow, someways…Because i am sick of watching & hearing& reading the sick projects of sick minded people. As my friend’s significant remarks: ‘the body is the crises it self and the human is colony or colonial human.’ Well, who is the colonial human? Let me kindly introduce them to you:

According to the article; colonial humans put entertaintment in the heart of their lives hence they are getting bored to deal with instant satisfying things, they are managing their lives with so called-antidepressants. They make their sexuality meaningful through pornography, worship the modern  and official religion: shopping. They embrace their skins by the help of cosmetic products as if they are the burdens of their bodies and they relieve their pains of the rulership by bursting into violence.

Colonial humans; make competition, race and whilst absolutizing their lives, they cover up the deaths of others silently. They fight fiercely to kill the others online games on internet. They stand up for the “win-win” theory, check out the bank accounts, become whatever they want to be in the social networks, look through the eyes of the state, watch themselves through those eyes and on the third stage, their eyes turn in to the security cameras. They wear the glasses of the imperialism to watch the world’s spinning round in the way “the others” want….

Colonial humans spreaded all around the world and they are the ones who see the full side of the glasses…Even worse they are the ones who do not want to see and care the others but themselves, far from the empathy, far from humanity…The worst is that they are the supporters whose only hope is the dictators themselves.As you may know the dictators can never rule without their supporters and when it is time “they are unplugged.” (Please remember all about Arab Spring)

In conclusion, i will remind you a historical quote which had been stated by the former Prime Minister of The British Empire Sir Winston Churchill: “A drop of oil is more important than a drop of blood.”

Undoubtedly that he was the leader who were supported by the British people.

“Full stop”

Hopefully limited edition: Nicolas Sarkozy!

In Afasia's corner... on April 12, 2012 at 9:25 am

The man with a bigger shadow than himself!..

We do not know how many messages or letters we can send him from here. We don´t know how many times more we can remind him his past. While we try to take borders off, he is talking about making more and more. While we want to have a free world without discriminations, he is asking for more and more. He wants to create a world which rich people can travel in it as they want but poor cannot. He wants to create his world of inequality. A child of immigrant, asking to avoid immigration. Trying to bring new laws like DNA control for visa for families who want to bring their children/wife/grandfather/mother to live together in same place. Now he menace leaving Schengen (EU Traveling Deal)  if Greece do not control borders against illegal immigrants.

I am thinking of little Pal Sarkozy running in the streets of Budapest. Imagine they weren’t wealthy family. Or they could lose everything after war. What would happen with mister Nicolas Sarkozy? Wouldn’t him have been running in a poor village of Hungary with his gipsy friends? Asking for visa to travel France after some years? Being refused to travel only for being poor. We would feel sorry for his sad story. Even I do feel sorry for his sad ideas day by day and poor senseless concerns instead creating a better France/World. Trying very useless moves and attacks to get some more votes. Showing to our society, yes we have to do anything to win. No Sarkozy!. You can just leave this f…king chair and go to work in any kind of business like the rest of citizens instead of being a really bad example for France’s future youngsters watching and hearing your unnecessary ideas to solve economical crisis which was created by your own hands.

All those what he and politician like him do in Europe don’t make nothing positive, rather increasing the level of racism between cultures and races. Instead of uniting us, they just divide us to Muslims and Christians, Blacks and Whites, Asian and European, Riches and Poors. As an immigrant’s son, he should be the one who can really understand how is the feeling of being stateless like his own father.

If there is economical crisis, that means it’s time to do some EMPHATY, UNDERSTANDING and SHARING instead INEQUALITY, DISCRIMINATION and HATE.

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After  today´s 8.7 powerful earthquake in Indonesia the zone entirely in panic and alarmed expecting a big tsunami in Indian Ocean until Hawaii.

You can donate Indonesian Red Cross(Palang Malah Indonesia) by below bank accounts after checking their webpage or contacting directly  —

Donasi Siaga Bencana
1. Bank BCA, KCU Thamrin Jakarta, Nomor Rekening 206.300668.8, atas nama Kantor Pusat PMI. Swift Code: C E N A I D J A

2. Bank Mandiri, KCP JKT Krakatau Steel, Nomor Rekening: 070-00-0011601-7, atas nama Palang Merah Indonesia. Swift Code: B M R I I D J A

3. BRI, KC Pancoran, Jakarta, Nomor Rekening: 0390-01-000030-30-3, atas nama Palang Merah Indonesia. Swift Code: B R I N I D J A

Humas PMI +62.21.7992325
E Mail :


Leaving the living!

In Afasia's corner... on April 4, 2012 at 3:43 pm

A 77 years old retired person shot himself right front of Parliament in Athens. That sad news made me look at suicide rates in Greece. What I found on is that, rates are almost double than right before economical crisis. People suicide due to economical crisis. People are ashamed to look at garbage and prefer to die in honour.

Before the financial crisis first began to bite three years ago, Greece had the lowest suicide rate in Europe at 2.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. It now has almost double that number, the highest on the continent, despite the stigma in a nation where the Orthodox Church refuses funeral rights for those who take their lives. Attempted suicides have also increased.

Read more:

I also checked politicians attempted to suicide. There are not really many politicians. This makes me repeat the same question on same exact topic. How economic crisis can affect us all, we loose our jobs, our money in banks, our lives, our houses, they even put us in prison due to some circumstances and how come this critical situation which makes all of us suffer does not affect any politician? They can keep living almost with the same tranquillity. They can increase their salaries. They can buy a yacht to their son/daughter. They can keep travelling all over the world for business purposes. When would they think about cutting their salaries, stop travelling for a while, cutting parliamentary expenses. Do we really need to mention that? Aren´t those our common senses? Why can´t we share the same situation and have same difficulties if we all are same countries citizens? How can they permit this inequality? How can just look at their people suiciding with cold blood?

Repeating all those questions make me angrier. I believe that makes all of us feel angrier. I strongly believe, it´s going to be too late when people go out and kill politicians instead suiciding!! It´s going to be really late to take some action before people start looting/stealing instead searching food in some garbage.

We hope they(politicians) will measure the situation and avoid any other sad suicide attempt by our citizens of the world due to this artificial, fake, false, hand made economical crisis! If you(politicians) really want to exploit something, please don´t do it with our lives.

Thanks and Best Regards

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in the same road, with a unique thought in our minds!

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Thanks to everyone! Thanks to our visitors all over the world! We would like toshare our solidarity map of the people with a same thought: A united world without borders and a huge country of peace. Thanks…

Gracias a todos! Gracias a nuestros visitantes de todo el mundo! Nos gustaría compartir nuestro mapa de la solidaridad de gente con el mismo pensamiento: Un mundo unido sin fronteras y la enorme país de la paz. Gracias…

Gràcies a tots! Gràcies als nostres visitants de tot el món! Ens agradaria compartir el nostre mapa de la solidaritat de les persones amb un mateix pensament: Un món unit i sense fronteres d’un país enorme de la pau. Gràcies…

Grazie a tutti! Grazie ai nostri visitatori di tutto il mondo! Vorremmo condividere la nostra mappa di solidarietà del popolo con un unico pensiero: Un mondo unito senza confini e un paese enorme di pace. Grazie…

Merci à tous! Merci à nos visiteurs du monde entier! Nous tenons à partager notre carte de solidarité du peuple avec une même pensée: Un monde uni sans frontières et d’un pays immense de la paix. Merci…

Obrigado a todos! Graças aos nossos visitantes de todo o mundo! Gostaríamos de compartilhar o nosso mapa de solidariedade das pessoas com um mesmo pensamento: Um mundo unido e sem fronteiras de um país enorme de paz. Obrigado…

Herkese çok teşekkürler! Tüm dünyadan bizi ziyaret eden herkese teşekkürler. Sizlerle, aynı fikrin ve dayanışmanın haritasını paylaşmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz: Sınırları olmayan bir dünya ve barışın büyük ülkesi. Teşekkürler…

सभी को धन्यवाद! दुनिया भर में हमारे सभी आगंतुकों के लिए धन्यवाद! हम एक ही विचार के साथ हमारे लोगों की एकजुटता नक्शा साझा करना चाहते हैं. सीमाओं और शांति का एक विशाल देश के बिना एक संयुक्त दुनिया. धन्यवाद…

Hartelijk dank iedereen! Met dank aan onze bezoekers over de hele wereld! We willen onze solidariteitskaart van mensen met dezelfde gedachten met jullie delen. Een verenigde wereld zonder grenzen en een enorm land van vrede. Bedankt allemaal!

Vielen dank an alle! Danke an alle besucher auf der ganzen welt! Wir möchten unsere solidaritäts-karte mit allen menschen mit dem gleichen gedanken teilen: Eine vereinte welt ohne grenzen, ein riesiges land des friedens! Vielen Dank….

Спасибо всем! Благодарим наших посетителей во всем мире! Мы хотели бы поделиться своей картой людей солидарных с мыслью: «Единый мир без границ и огромная страна мира!». Спасибо …

Our cruel world of indifference and inequality…

In Afasia's corner... on April 2, 2012 at 10:01 am

A poor Pakistani boy suicides by burning himself because his family could not afford school dress. His family neither could send him to the school due to lack of money but local private school accepted him for free as he was a promising student.

He died in hospital due to his injuries and the family has difficulties to pay the treatment of 5.500$.

This situation just remind us many Pakistani, African, Chinese or South American little boys or girls having difficulties just to study and learn. It´s our governments indifference and inequality not providing the basic needs for our children who are going to build our future and burning instead front of our eyes. Not so different in Europe. European children can go to school, study and learn but same kind of indifference here also work. In a system which create reckless children of Europe´s future, they are just like us.

We should think about our education system once again and teach our children the importance of all alive, all living on this planet. Show them the diverse of differences and living in peace all together is possible. Tell them about our history not proudly showing our fathers mistakes and wars. Any child watching TV everyday would do anything violence like it´s something normal. It´s more normal in Middle East, South American or African countries. A child growing with drug sellers may do this business as it´s something normal(Mexico). A girl sees her elder sisters doing prostitution may think that is the easiest way to earn money(like in Brazil).

Creating a world of equality is possible.  Just by giving love a chance instead of breeding disasters, like my dear friend said before by her lovely article! Give a chance and read her article too.

Thanks and Best Regards

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