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In Afasia's corner... on February 23, 2012 at 3:13 pm

This morning, in various suicide attacks, died about 60 people and wounded 225 in Iraq . If I am not wrong, all of them are Iraqis. It doesn’t fit or quadrate in Iraqi’s fight against something or somebody! For example against USA or Europe. For Jihad. No no, it doesn’t really fit. I cannot see the provocation on this war. I cannot see the answer. I cannot see the manifest part of it. Iraqis killing Iraqis. Why? No no, it’s not possible, there is something wrong with this. So who could explain it to me?

Who could help me to understand the reason of 1759 times of suicide bombing attempts of total ~9.873 death and ~12.609 injured? And many of above number of died and injured are men queuing to find a job, having a dinner in a restaurant,  women and children shopping or in a hospital? Someone who knows this war better than anyone could explain us Iraq war was on base of what? Between who? Against who? Why in a war between Iraq and USA, have been killed hundred or thousand of Iraqi civil by Iraqis? Below you will see the number of death and injured Iraqis civil + Officers(policeman, soldiers etc), Iraqi and foreign politics and US marines.


War between sects?
War between different racial groups?
War of habit?
War against to the ones who were really happy when Saddam’s dictate was ended by USA and USA’s dictate began?
A part of ongoing or new strategy coming up?
To whom really serving this fight? Who is benefiting from thousand of civilian’s death? 
Frighten a group of people or folk in the street? I would understand a couple of explosion but not 1759!!!
How they could find almost 2000 crazy suicide bomber ready to explode himself? Are we living with those many freaks together in same world who are ready to blow himself 
up and kill men, women, children in once? It´s another question which is really difficult to answer!.
Check for more,

Information from Wikipedia and the estimation of numbers by Newspool.

Thanks and Best Regards

What do you think you are biting?

In crato's on February 21, 2012 at 7:43 am
Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Foods are poison

For me, the hardest thing is to find where to start in the mess of the thoughts need to be spoken. Yes, It’s been really hard to put everything together in my mind to start writing again, necessarily for a purposed column which I haven’t written for almost 8 years.

Then just an hour ago, when I was sipping my bitter sweet coffee. Something happened and the news on BBC started!

As usual, all the news were similar to the previous ones: Financial climate, a celebrity did something, another one did another thing to kiss someone else’s highly claimed thick bottom… etc. Then there was another one which seemed quite interesting to me and pushed me to write my first article on this column.

There was a British scientist, biologist I guess, was talking about meat production. He proudly said that he was trying to produce raw meat in an environmentally friendly way!

At first, there is nothing wrong about this statement. He is trying to do his job in a fair and healthy way. Wow!

But, as always there is a “but”, which is: “He is trying to produce meat in a lab. He is not trying to raise an animal to get fresh and healthy meat. ”

Then, cameras went back to a presenter who was walking in a supermarket and telling about how expensive meat is going to be in coming months “just because of high demand coming from INDIA and CHINA. (This is a matter of another article I guess: trying to blame raising stars of economy) And soon enough, we will all be buying this kind of meat because of the high price tag of natural one.”

I knew that they already start selling cloned meat in UK and they already start manufacturing honey in factories in USA (No, workers are not bees of course) and now it comes to meat to fabricate…

For the sake of the first article I do not want to make everything mess and confusing just like in my mind. So, I just go through what I thought: We already know about genetically modified food. We already know about chemicals they use in all fabricated foods. We already know cloning. And we can only guess how they modify our food and raise some questions with theories about why they do this.  (Another subject for another article)

Isn’t it weird? Isn’t it wrong? Aren’t you getting started asking some questions to yourself, yet?

If not, I, myself, have already raised some questions for YOU. You can pick any of them to start answering, if you can…

And please try to answer them not for yourself but your own child.

Here we go:

  1. Have you ever really thought about this matter, genetically modified “things”, in our life?
  2. Have you ever really thought about why they were suspending all kind of natural and organic farming in highly skilled countries since now? And why they suddenly start complaining about low food levels and high population?
  3. How far can they go about producing genetically modified food?
  4. How far can they go about modifying it?
  5. Why is there some kind of poisonous chemicals in our dried fruits? i.e apricot.
  6. What have you been really eating while biting factory-made apples which looks shiny, red and never rot?
  7. How many days more can you keep a bowl yoghurt which you bought a week ago?
  8. Why do you “have to” feed your own newly-born child with factory made food instead of mother’s milk?
  9. What sort of environment do they produce that meat in? And how can they modify it?
  10. Would you like me to add more questions or will you start questioning yourself?



In Afasia's corner... on February 16, 2012 at 10:31 am

Imagine you are the owner of any TV Channel, Magazine or Newspaper. You are searching an incredible news to get all ratings. Wars, diseases, earthquakes, floods, death of any sultan, president, king etc. Or a war between x country and y country! Would you support/manipulate/cheat on it? You know that everybody would buy a lot of newspaper, many people would stick to TV, check internet. If you are already from 1 side or other in fact all they are supporting one side which makes me surprise seeing a news organization taking side!!! Anyhow getting back to our topic, can you concentrate that you are a boss? Some dark organizations coming to you and asking if you hide ¨x¨ news we would make you rich! ¨y¨ political party asking you that he can make you really famous or best TV channel of the market of course for an exchange of some tape. So now you think about your money!. At the end of the month, you are a rich man with some dark money. Aren´t most of news organization, TV Channels, Magazines too rich? Where the hell comes this money? From their ratings? From 2 newspaper you buy or not? From advertorials? Now, same x political party asking you to publish a positive propaganda about their party on your newspaper at headline! He is giving you a folder with information, designs about the propaganda and some “money” for your needs.Of course your common sense telling that a person with a little bit of work principles and professional ethics would not accept it. Just a little bit!

Look around? And wonder as much as I do!. Why are all those organizations too rich? How many years do you have to work to get the money they earn per day? Don’t you see? Every day, a lot of bad things happening around you and many of them aren´t in the newspapers. Why? Because they are not 100% following their instinct of honor and doing something real good for all. For some of them, even GOD is taken side and it must be the correct way occulting stuff for their benefits.

At the same time, many of those organizations are having other business in parallel. They are having banks, holdings etc etc. They are not only benefiting by misleading our society. They also benefit converting you into their system’s slaves. They use media’s huge power to support and increase their other business as well.

I totally understand politicians and their decisions. We know they are corrupts and sold already. If they don´t really care about Africa or Syria, we know they have some benefits behind.  But what the hell is wrong with rest of us? Are we all corrupts? Ahh of course that’s normal. Since they clean up all good journalists by killing them or sending them to the prison because of being oppose, there are not many in the business which are not politician´s man. Well done!!!

So before buying a newspaper, magazine or watching a tv channel, you know that you are going to be cheated, manipulated, deceived!!! They will deform your own ideas to use on their own way.

As a conclusion, I wouldn´t help or trust any of those organizations, or at least I would think before why!!! For what benefit they do create this news!. In this era, they do nothing without benefits. Less for you!

Thanks and Best Regards

Which side do you take in this bloody match? Be the side or A”SIDE” but never be like “ASSAD”!..

In Fanny Lulu's diary on February 10, 2012 at 4:31 pm

It seems that it all started on January 26th of 2011 in Syria under the waves of the riots which were so called ‘Arab Spring’…

Recently ongoing  protests have been echoing  on the world public opinion…Let’s listen to the different voices rising up from the spectators:

First One “Direct speech”:

“Ya Butcher Bashar! How come you  go praying after you killed 337 civilians including the activists, opponents, women and children? I wonder if you became blood phobia after you turned the city of Homs (Humus, Damascus, Dara, Hama etc.)  in to bloodshed? Ya Bashar, you must know that even the earth will not take your dead body  in!

I really wonder what you begged the God (or ‘whoever’ you believe in) after the usual mass murder of the opponents, on  February 3rd, on the holy night for the Islamic World which was called Mawlid Night and as known Mevlid Kandili. You are a mass murderer Assad! Hear the never ending screams of the Syrians and get out of the freedom’s way at once! Stop killing your own people! You will see the truth by living that Either we all die, or we get victory at the end.”

Ya Bashar, you have to be aware of this is the Public  Revolution you and Syria’s History could ever see…”

The Second One:

The other aspect is all about The Rehearsals  for The Third World War which does not seem like Spring but the coldest one in all ever. Perhaps we have been already involved in to it, couldn’t we? The followers have been thinking that allies in the West and the East separately played their chess pieces and to me they could have the chance to see the sides transparently during the United Nation Security Council Resolution. Two permanent members of the UN Security Council which are Russia and China chose their sides and vetoed the Syrian Resolution on february 5th as rest of the permanent members accepted the UN action on Syria. At one side The Fair Double Russia (the great weapons supplier) & China and the speechless Iran; on the other side “Democracy and Freedom” bringers US, France, England and the other allies in the region such as Turkey which is in the middle of nowhere. In the meantime The Arab Union has been still taking a stand against  Syrian brutality in a good cooperation with UN. It has just been reported that The Arab Union and UN will send another observers group within these days.

We can better put the pieces together soon after the UN Syria Resolution if we are indeed enthusiactic to puzzle this complex equation out. In particular in a warzone where we are restricted to go in as an ordinary person, journalist, traveller or a neutral observer except smuggling in to the  burning country…We may be mistaken while getting the information and you may be  imposed to the disinformation by the one-sided media tools . Warfare are on three  fronts as far as we figure out the news which we witness indirectly : “the front of fight against terrorism” / “The front of fight against injustice & unilateral determination and lastly “the front of abstainers”. Who the hell are indeed “terrorist”? Who are against the terrorists?…Who are the goods & bads & uglies?

Briefly; US, EU countries and Turkey “which is their ally in the oily regions” are against Russia (which has been still fancying to drive towards to the Warm Seas?), China, Iran and Syria…

The Third one;

The world is being  predicted that it is in grip of the worst economic crisis for 50 years unless the “Monsters” give a brand new shape to the governments’ constructions  in the countries which are in the thin red line but still they will not able to prevent the dicrease of the natural resources in the world even though they seize them all by force.

So, the idea of a global war will become more of an issue in order to manage the pawns in the regional chess and reconstruct macroeconomic balances. As you may know it takes a significant place in the history’s memory .(Check out the reasons and conclusions of 1st & 2nd World War.) The potantial war will take place in the heart of Middle East according to all the happenings…(Long live Arms Trade!)

There is only one truth! Who is the right side then? Who will take the benefit when Bashar al-Assad are brought down?

I am quite suspicious about  whether Syrians will gain the Democracy & Freedom or this Great Dictator’s  bitter end  will only serve on behalf  of “Global Monsters’ aims”…

How many of us are indeed paying attention beyond what we see and hear? Please do not forget to perceive the various aspects of the war reasons in the “New” Middle East’s past and present…

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