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Yes, maybe not this year or next one, but yes of course United States of America has to prepare itself for some new war possibilities by new candidates. Rick Perry is a Republican, a new presidential candidate and Texas Governor. He very cleverly thinks that Turkish government is ruled by Islamic Terrorists. Somehow it’s really difficult not to be agreed with him. All we are aware of what Turkey was doing on last years after Ottoman Empire. Or lets better check first what United States have already done on last 150 years!..

U.S. Involved Wars(and/or “MADE BY U.S.”)

1774-…                  Indian Genocide(it’s not in last 150 years but as it’s an ongoing process I wanted to include in the list)
1882                       Egyptian Expedition or Second Anglo-Egyptian War
1885                       Colombian Civil War
1891-                     Chilean Civil War
1894                       Rio de Janeiro Affair
1898-1899            Spanish-America War in Cuba (Led Teddy Roosevelt to the Presidency)
1899-1902            Phillippine Insurrection, Phillippine Islands
1917-1918            War to end all Wars in Europe (World War I)
1939-1945            World War II, global conflict (First use of the Atomic Bomb, twice, on Japan)
1950-1953            Korean War
1961-1970            Vietnam War
1981                       Bombing Libya
1991                       Persian Gulf War
Some operations to Haiti, Pakistan etc. which are already under control of US.
1993                       Bosnian War
1994                       Haiti Operation Uphold Democracy
1999                       Kosovo War
2001                       Afghan war
2002                       Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines                          
2003                       United States invaded Iraq to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein.
2004                       Haitian rebellion
2004                       War in north-west Pakistan
2011                       Libyan civil war

 You can also check

I could even add more items in this list but there would be a huge list of bloody wars and honestly I didn’t want to make my article worst or dirtier than it is now. So, I invite Mr possible president to just “THINK” before having some speech! I don’t think it’s that difficult. Isn’t it? Thinking is an activity which we do since we are not monkeys. I actually would apologize for my words from all monkeys for using this metaphor. I am sure they are using their brains for much useful stuff than we do.

Thanks for not creating kind of noise pollution around. If you are willing to create a war or attack somewhere, we are already use to. You don’t need to prepare nothing before. No one is complaining or protesting your acts. We will vote you anyhow knowing that you are brave enough to protect American rights there in Middle East or in entire world. So just “hush” and leave us live in peace!..

Thanks and Best Regards

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