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This is just a brief of ‘The Western Style Democracy in the East Countries’, do you like it?

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I am not quite sure about how i am supposed to start in order to make this article more effective and  worth reading. But i am quite aware of how significant to mention these crucial matters happening on this planet we live.

Almost everyday we read numerous extraordinary news and watch horrible videos on visual and written media. One of them was released on 12th january 2012 and  it was like echoes of thunder in my mind. What made me astonished and sad and angry then? I will let you know about the repeated American Military tradition on the recently occupied territorries:

When we watched the video posted online to show the soldiers urinating on dead Afghan bodies and saying insulting words each other, i found myself struggling in so many questions such as ‘’how come!, what’s next? Why is that?, what is it?…etc.’’

To be honest i’ve asked these kind of questions so many times before UK soldiers were accused of raping 2 Afghan kids aged ‘’ten’’ during Nato Blocade in Afghanistan on 19th january 2012.

What’s more? I am not able to share all these kinds of disgusting and inhuman assaults on this platform however i can not relieve myself without underlining some facts about it . For example, it is reported that in March 2006 during the US occupation in Iraq four US soldiers raped an Iraqi girl aged 14 and murdered her and her family including a five year old child. One of the war criminal spoke out that he didn’t think of Iraqis as human, please check out the link to find more:

PS: It is emphasized that he was the Iraq War Veteran and warzone sent him crazy.

Have you ever thought that these guys were capable of doing this bloody  task before they had been sent to the army? Were these sick brains indeed healty enough to join the army? Is there any possibility as well as they are selected from among the offenders with mental disorders of the US or UK? I can hear your reaction like ‘’No…you can’t mean that!’’. Ok, we had better believe that the soldiers are selected as it must be. The official site of UK Defence Information presents us the criterias of the process proudly in the following link:

But i still do believe that the soldiers who committed these war crimes had the violence inside of themselves already and although this fact they were accepted to serve the Army.(!)

Anyway, my questions go on  like this: Is it matter of fact to you that the soldiers go out of their minds, having mental problems during the operations and do such unreasonable practices including cruel and inhuman treatment, torture, rape causing mental damage over the victims’ brains? If  so, why don’t the generals of the army try to stop or prevent them in some ways? By the way who were the ones we assume as victims? Could someone give me the answer of this query? Are they all terrorists? Are all the people living in the lands under the occupation of Western Armed Forces potential criminals? If not, why are the occupiers’ minds are full of hatred so that we can clearly see the picture of this feeling below:

Would you like me to remind the Torture and Concentration Camp  ‘Abu Gharaib Prison’ outside Baghdad? According to me it must be organised as The US’ Museum of Shame, mustn’t it? For the heartbreaking and disgusting photos you can click on the link below:

If you are mentally strong enough to see the uncensored photos of tortures in the camp please check link below, if you can…

Why is that? How many secret detention camps exist all over the world? Western States, what are your duties? Are you the patrol of the world, occupying the countries, shooting, humiliating, torturing, fooling, deceiving the innocent people (or the others without judgement) living in those lands?

The world is awaking guys! You will not able to suffocate and destroy those who are not under the control of your power! Everyone will pretty much better see what you have been doing for years but your blind supporters and make sure that nothing will be kept hidden you’ve done! This is not only a dream but also an objective reality which is slowly getting true when you indeed desire to see!

Land of the free! Is this a joke? Cause I’m not laughing…

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We received this article from a newspool follower! Thanks a lot for sharing your feelings with all of us!

Land of the free! Is this a joke? Cause I’m not laughing…

Last time I checked I don’t live in the US, but yesterday when I was trying to watch a TV series online I found out that Megaupload had been closed by the F.B.I., yes the US one. OK, now you must be thinking what an atrocious criminal I am for even trying to watch piracy online and I deserve to be burnt in a pyre or hang to rot until the crows pick out my eyes. Let me clarify that the TV show I was trying to watch is in Spanish and is not even out on DVD and I think it never will be, it was not that popular, in fact if it was out I would go out and buy it. It’s an old TV show that was aired on national television in 2003!

The site was closed for piracy acts, protecting the interests of the film and music industry. I understand they are protecting people´s rights, it’s their job! Isn’t it really?

That makes me think… I paid a subscription to Megaupload because I didn’t know they were a criminal site or any organized mafia group, or supporting terrorism and that they eat children for breakfast, had I know that I wouldn’t had subscribed. So let’s say I lost my money because now the site is down, strange, it seems my rights are not as important as the rights of the music and movie industries, because no one is going to give me my money back. Who’s protecting my rights then?

It took the internet a lot of time to get where it is today, it has taken a lot of research and effort to make it as fast as it is today, I don’t understand this policy of destroying all of this infrastructure just because one guy wants to change the color of his/her Ferrari.

I don’t remember giving the F.B.I. the rights to tell me what I can or what I can’t do. Here where I live I’m not breaking any law whatsoever, I don’t live in the U.S. they have no jurisdiction here, so really, wtf?

You have no right to tell me what I can or can’t do because I don’t live in your country and the world is not yours.

Something has to be done about this, so besides writing this article, I’m never setting foot on a cinema again. Maybe I’m being too radical about the situation but it’s the one thing I really can do. I can choose how to spend my money and I want to feel like a free world citizen again even if it’s just for a second.

Next thing I’m going to do if this madness continues is to cancel my broadband internet connection, for which I pay a lot of money, because just for reading my emails I don’t need more than 256K.

What is the next step, start burning books?


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Yes, maybe not this year or next one, but yes of course United States of America has to prepare itself for some new war possibilities by new candidates. Rick Perry is a Republican, a new presidential candidate and Texas Governor. He very cleverly thinks that Turkish government is ruled by Islamic Terrorists. Somehow it’s really difficult not to be agreed with him. All we are aware of what Turkey was doing on last years after Ottoman Empire. Or lets better check first what United States have already done on last 150 years!..

U.S. Involved Wars(and/or “MADE BY U.S.”)

1774-…                  Indian Genocide(it’s not in last 150 years but as it’s an ongoing process I wanted to include in the list)
1882                       Egyptian Expedition or Second Anglo-Egyptian War
1885                       Colombian Civil War
1891-                     Chilean Civil War
1894                       Rio de Janeiro Affair
1898-1899            Spanish-America War in Cuba (Led Teddy Roosevelt to the Presidency)
1899-1902            Phillippine Insurrection, Phillippine Islands
1917-1918            War to end all Wars in Europe (World War I)
1939-1945            World War II, global conflict (First use of the Atomic Bomb, twice, on Japan)
1950-1953            Korean War
1961-1970            Vietnam War
1981                       Bombing Libya
1991                       Persian Gulf War
Some operations to Haiti, Pakistan etc. which are already under control of US.
1993                       Bosnian War
1994                       Haiti Operation Uphold Democracy
1999                       Kosovo War
2001                       Afghan war
2002                       Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines                          
2003                       United States invaded Iraq to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein.
2004                       Haitian rebellion
2004                       War in north-west Pakistan
2011                       Libyan civil war

 You can also check

I could even add more items in this list but there would be a huge list of bloody wars and honestly I didn’t want to make my article worst or dirtier than it is now. So, I invite Mr possible president to just “THINK” before having some speech! I don’t think it’s that difficult. Isn’t it? Thinking is an activity which we do since we are not monkeys. I actually would apologize for my words from all monkeys for using this metaphor. I am sure they are using their brains for much useful stuff than we do.

Thanks for not creating kind of noise pollution around. If you are willing to create a war or attack somewhere, we are already use to. You don’t need to prepare nothing before. No one is complaining or protesting your acts. We will vote you anyhow knowing that you are brave enough to protect American rights there in Middle East or in entire world. So just “hush” and leave us live in peace!..

Thanks and Best Regards

In a world of ignorants, we protest the censorship to any kind of information source!

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Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.(Mahatma Gandhi)

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1060! 924 years ago! Hassan-I Sabbah’s believers were spreading terror in Iran’s(Alamut) streets. Much before Iran’s pathetic history’s beginning.  Makes me wonder. Makes me think of Iran’s unchanging history. Makes me think of Iranians repetitive mistakes ongoing over almost thousand year. Passed over a millenary since Hassan’I Sabbah forbade drinking wine, playing instruments, having fun, laughing and singing. His first doctrine was not to live this life but to prepare for next life in paradise by dying on faith’s way. So, nothing have changed!.. A big nothing! To what can we connect this situation? To lack of education? Hassan-I Sabbah was a studied intelligent man, speaking many languages, expert on geometry and philosophy. At the same time people were against philosophy. But since they were having such studied, intelligent leaders, why Iranians wanted to murder philosophers in the streets by beating them? You know why? Because they believed that the philosophy was brought from outside of Iran by foreigners and not by Islam believers. From Greece or many other countries. But same Iran about 700 years later left the control of customs, post office even the government to the Russian, British and Turkish. They were in similar mistakes since ages. Due to this they created their own complex against this psychological situation. Except the religion, everything from outside were good! Everybody with blond hair and white skin was scholar. They started respecting each other less than the respect they were showing for foreigners.

At the beginning in any circumstances he(Hassan-I Sabbah) was against occupiers or conquerors. Then the sweet taste of power wrapped him to lead crazy. He was against everything who was against him. He educated suicide killers. Because of his intelligence people were trusting him. They thought he may lead the country to better, democratic days. But this was out of his control! You may ask me why I am telling you his story. Because while I look to there now, I see the same exact situation! Same crazy leaders acting like they are ready to fight against entire world (even without having half of the knowledge of their old leaders) but they leave the control of their entire country to external powers!

Same as all other countries in the Middle East zone, they could never ever guide their destiny. It was easier for them to become other’s pawn. It was easier to be leaded by another hands or let’s better say, by the intelligent white race. There is a war march in Turkey from Ottoman days. It’s about walking 2 steps front and 1 step behind. It’s a great example of the countries in the zone. 2 step forward to the democracy 1 step back to the darkness. Sometimes they were willing to go faster, 2 – 3 – 4 steps back almost running. And this was happening by their trusted European friend’s desire.

I am looking at newly liberated Iraq, almost free Afghanistan, newly changed Libya, democratic laic Islamic Turkey. Iran? Saudi Arabia? Entire Africa? Which one of those countries look free to you?


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Below link will bring you to an example place where your imagination may make you think over about what is going on when a country’s soldiers going somewhere to clean the zone from terrorists, when they just there to free people, when they just take a decision of solving diplomatic problems by war. This is an example of thousand ugly things, murder, rape, violence etc. happening in time of war.

I hope to have an end to all kind of war crimes including the ones like Guantanamo which is open since 10years!..

Thanks and Best Regards


How would you prefer your war served?

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HOT WAR? COLD WAR? Does it matter when you don´t care about human life? When you can kill anyone/anything else for your benefits. When  you can prepare a war by that way and be responsible for your acts. Before in history you could create a war easier. It was not really possible to discover someone´s fingerprint on a sword or cannon. But nowadays, we don´t even need ultra special technologies to understand what is going on and who is behind of which action.

Three different terrorist attempts with the same components: a motorcyclist attempter, a magnetic bomb and a scientist’s car exploded. Results : 3 scientist are died since 2010. Two of them were working for Iran´s nuclear program and one was a physics professor probably included in some similar project.

What is your first opinion about this attacks? What do you think of first? Which country, organization, terror group or whatever would do serve to this war preparation. Who would have benefits in this dirty game? I know many of you have the same 2 names in your heads. Those two countries who were asking Iran to stop producing nuclear weapons and if not they were threaten to attack.

I am wondering who will accuse them with war crime or at least only with killing 3 human being, 3 scientists or 3 fathers. Who will follow a justice process for those men who died for politic reasons of their countries?

Those kind of dirty games are played in day time, front of children, without any preoccupation.

A complete generation will not forgive you!..

For more details.

Best Regards


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A funny review of 2011, Thanks to  

From the year that changed the world to a New Year with full of expectations and high hopes?

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Time never hesitates to pass by and never stops. On the other hand The World FactBook has an extremely good memory to keep all the actions  being performed by human beings and the mother nature..

Just like the previous ‘Farewells’ i will mostly remember the heartbreaking tragedies & highlights of the ‘Year 2011’ and remind you some part of them below in order to be aware of who we are indeed as relating to what we do.

The Year 2011 was the year of the common people and the others who were under the control of external power and also opposition sides. They were the ones who walked the line of death against the dictatorships and bursting out their harassment because of the regimes which are miles away from the democracy. They were the people from different segments of society with revolting and rebellious heart. Arab Spring was the movement of freedom and democracy on the surface but also its colour was neither orange nor green. It had the colour of ‘Red’ and we knew that the revolutions were/are written by blood. In this year what we saw and heard is all about blood, tears and sad & real stories from the Middle East, Africa, Far East, Europe, Russia and even from the U.S but also rise of renaissance in the Middle East countries including North Africa.

You can ask me why do i always see the dark side of the moon? My answer is a never ending question, could you point at me a concrete truth regarding that the 7 billion people are indeed glad with their lives? If you say that no need them to be happy in the world, i can see your point of view on life…But there is such a thing as truth that a negligible quantityof this number is rich, happy and careless about the rest of the world and we, human being, must know that ‘’1 in 7 chance that person will be born hungry. Nearly 1 billion people in the world go to bed hungry each night.’’ WFP

Let’s make a rough turn to the question: What did The Arab World gain and lose at the end of The Arab Spring? Algeria lost his Mohammed Bouazizi who was a young man at the age of 27 and street vendor to make a living for himself and his family. How easy to say that he caughed fire and burned himself saying that ‘if you don’t see me, i’ll burn myself!’in order to prevent the police coming over him to take his goods from him. It was initial fire of the Arab Spring and Bouazizi died in pain soon after setting himself on fire in protest. On the following days we witnessed that The President Zine El Abidin Ben Ali and The PM Ghannouchi were ousted from their duities. Nowadays New Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, promised to make the constitutional reforms. In details, Algeria seemed to have the pluralistic democracy and  it cost thousands of people’s lives and million dollars.

Just after the Tunisia, Arab Tsunami spread its wave to Egypt and afterwards we watched nearly the same protests, crackdowns and violent clashes in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and the other Middle East countries. Likewise it was called ‘Facebook Revolution’: “I’ve always said that if you want to liberate a society just give them the Internet,” said activist and Google marketing manager Wael Ghonim.

Besides these all, in 2011, the western world dealt with the economic crises which tended to disrupt the European Union. Particularly Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy had to declare that they were financially in huge debt burden.

The activists and the common people had a start of  ‘OCCUPY WALL STREET’ movement in  New York because of the unfair distrubition of income, economic inequalities and fast-growing scarp between poor and rich. The activists set up their tents and thus occupied the well known squares of the big cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Greece, London, Madrid, Sydney and so on… According to me, we could have a big chance to select the most democratic countries in the world which let them organise and protest with their meaningful banners.

What happened more? NATO troops collaborated with Libyan opposite groups and they arrested The Ousted Leader Muammar Gaddafi alive & killed him later without judgement. NATO troops also killed many civilians during the operations as they did in Afghanistan.

Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US Forces in Pakistan without judgment and Obama declared proudly that the world was saved from The (Tailormade) Frankenstein by adding that ‘’justice is done…’’

Japan was terribly hurt by the destructive Eartquake and Tsunami on the 11th of March and soon after that it has been started to be discussed about the safety and necessity of the Nuclear Power Plants in the world. Photos can tell you everything much better than me.

The worst drought and famine disaster in half a century hit the East African country Somalia and 750.000 Somalian died because of the disaster which we, rest of the world, support indirectly…”Droughts will happen. They always will, but they don’t have to be disasters. They can be managed,” Oxfam’s Philippa Crosland-Taylor said in neighbouring Kenya.

‘Right wing Christian Terrorist’ Anders Behring Breivik bombed government buildings in Oslo, which resulted in eight deaths. Just after the blast he arrived at a youth camp in police uniform and opened fire on 69 young people with full of dreams, hopes and loves to life…A few months later the mass killer was declared that he has been found criminally insane.

US declared that Irak War came to an end as of november 13…(???)

Israel released 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli captive Gilad Shalid.

*Palestine  Government applied Unesco in order to have the full membership as a free state and the application was approved 37 years later. The Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas has also submitted their request for the UN membership to UN commitee.

North Korean ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong II died of heart attack due to physical and mental over-work and the world opinion have been curious and concerned about his son who took the place of his ‘God Father’ whether he would have the key to getting better results for the public prosperity and national happiness or keep on challenging the world by the nuclear weapons.

In 2011, unfortunately domestic violence against women and waves of detensions & long prosecution process which the journalists, writers,  military officers and academics have been arrested, carried on and it has still being discussed about the expression of freedom of thought and peculiarly ‘democracy’ by the close followers and public opinion in Turkey. Furthermore, 7.1 Mw earthquake in Van province took 604 lives and left up to 40.000 people homeless.

I can continue typing the events which took unforgettable place on my mind but i don’t want to bore you with recalls but i need to emphasise what my points were when i looked back to the recent past and i will appreciate if you add more headlines in addition to my article in order to be aware of our pictures in the world’s memory…

I wish you a magical year with full of hopes, peace, happiness, justice, democracy and equality and…(Please fill in the blanks..) A year in which the International Law is not violated by the Global Monsters.

Thanks for reading my ‘long’ post and being a part of our dream world.

Kind Regards…

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