Bigger crimes, smaller fines!!!

In Afasia's corner... on November 29, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Same always I am questioning out-loud. If Anders is criminally insane, why do they keep thousands of sick people in Guantanamo without even a prove.  They are just thinking to release(it´s same for me, releasing or putting in a 5 star hospital)! Our prisons are full of criminally insane, sick people. Do they also can have same chance to receive a similar treatment? So isn’t it a real bad example for the society? Knowing that doing small crimes brings bigger fines and if you are in a trouble with a big crime nothing really happens to you!

What about the fathers, mothers and brothers lost their relatives for this ignorant racist sick person´s fault? Would´t they question your understanding of justice?

We already know that we are living in an unjust world! PLEASE stop reminding us!..

Thanks and Best Regards.

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