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Bigger crimes, smaller fines!!!

In Afasia's corner... on November 29, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Same always I am questioning out-loud. If Anders is criminally insane, why do they keep thousands of sick people in Guantanamo without even a prove.  They are just thinking to release(it´s same for me, releasing or putting in a 5 star hospital)! Our prisons are full of criminally insane, sick people. Do they also can have same chance to receive a similar treatment? So isn’t it a real bad example for the society? Knowing that doing small crimes brings bigger fines and if you are in a trouble with a big crime nothing really happens to you!

What about the fathers, mothers and brothers lost their relatives for this ignorant racist sick person´s fault? Would´t they question your understanding of justice?

We already know that we are living in an unjust world! PLEASE stop reminding us!..

Thanks and Best Regards.


In Fanny Lulu's diary on November 24, 2011 at 4:08 pm

I should make myself believe that this modern slaughter will end up somehow and ‘’you’’, mass murderers, can not stand in front of a large number of humans which are called ‘billions’ in the earth unless you tend to use chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons which are not logical for me…

How are ‘’they’’ given the licence to kill the ‘others’ who have the right to live? What gives them the licence to demolish the crowds in order to build up ‘’democracy, freedom, justice and all the other good things’’? We, the people who have the same & repeated words, are quite aware of what you have been doing to the poor and weaks for centuries and i believe that it will end up when mother nature does not respond to your never ending abuses and the people, whom you don’t give a chance to continue their living in humanitarian ways, do not exist in numbers anymore…

What is going on in the world? I don’t feel like talking about ongoing incidents in Middle East countries such as Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and…Yeah…I had better thank to you for bringing ‘’democracy and freedom’’ to those countries after Arab Spring like you did in Iraq in 2005…So, can you hear the sound of the common pains and the screams? The same reactions are echoing through the media tools in all over the world which are ‘’ Hungary? Eat a banker!’’, ‘’ Robin Hood was right.’’, ‘’Everything is okay, please continue shopping.’’ and so on…The very common question is ‘’What will happen to us tomorrow?’’…It is almost surely believed by the billions of people living in this world that the future is uncertain and insecure.

The sources of  problems are known very well by the Global Monsters but the new found solutions don’t work out for some reason in the way we, %99 of the people, desire…Who cares about the poor though…? The matters which paint the world black are mostly based on socio-economic problems and according to me, the religion, class & race distinction and the other differences are at the second tier …We need to survive by feeding ourselves, drinking water, sheltering, at least having the basic human rights and …Yes, it seems to be a simple remark on this significant global issues but to be honest the people have been fighting with each other for their economic situation up-to-date and in the future. Because the supply which is supported by purchase power is limited and unfair as you may be aware of the daily news from the outside world of us. There is lack of employment as a major problem to be solved for the people to be integrated in to the society and life and the main issue which is to be thought over is to make people live in stead of destroying their lives for natural resources, the service of arms industry, international political conflics but of course we do need to have inner conscience while taking our actions in public services and international fields. Otherwise we will be forced to kill ourselves by ‘’your’’ orders like we did entirely during the 2nd World War or the other bloody games which are so-called ”War” between the global monsters.

This is just to remind ourselves that we must realise the dirty hands on our brains, bodies and lives…

This is just an alarm that we must think about  internalizing the global problems which are presented us in the blurry pictures that we can not see the real big picture…

Thanks and Kind Regards…

Attack me too!.. I am just thinking out-loud and I have some oil in my car!..

In Afasia's corner... on November 20, 2011 at 8:21 pm

a quick question;

Why there is no manifestation in Iran? Why there are no rebels? Why no one affected by ME Spring there in this country in despite 100 eyes looking at them from outside to pull the trigger ? Why no one trying to get Ahmedinejad down? Do Iranian people respect him? Because in some countries, it’s quite difficult to make people against in-between. For example, in WWI they have tried this in Turkey to win the war. But was so difficult because the rebels was stopped by the village, not even by the military or police or whatever. Until 1980. On 1980, people of  Turkey started killing each other for politic reasons. Right to left and left to right even brothers were killing each other. On 12th September 1980, a coup d´état done by Military ended this situation. This was faxed to the US government by CIA as “our boys did it”.

This also happened in Iran between politic groups. They killed each other. Brother’s blood spilled out everywhere. And that was democratic Iran’s end. Once upon a time Iran was a democratic modern country same as any European. Till Islamic Regime which took place at 1979.  As you also know that many of those leader’s came by coup d´état in all those countries were their men. You can ask me who are Their? They are Italy, France, UK, USA etc.(I am sorry if I am missing any). So they always left an extreme government behind with extreme character leaders. Each time happened the same. They said stop doing this(this could be anything) or we will come and stop you, those extreme puppets said come and stop me. Yeah those are the last words before all and each war in this zone. Why would a crazy leader just woke up on 2 August 1990  and remembered old cured wounds, suddenly felt a lot of  pain and thought that the only way to stop this pain is to conquest Kuwait. Ahh! of course we should not forget to add that it was a kind of oily pain. Before I explained who is Saddam and how he became Iraq’s leader, check please

Same in Iran, the Islamic revolution’s leader Ruhollah Khomeini was a Greek mythology student.  This well studied young (I repeat that because I just want to give you an idea that the situation in Iran now is totally different than when he was a student in University. Women and men could study together, they could read(if they would have in this time) Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter, they could dress however they wanted and they could maybe have gay relation) was a soldier of Islamic Rules preparing the revolution. But first he was known as terrorist by his country and he could not travel to Iran because it was forbidden to him. First Iraq accepted him. For some time living in Iraq, he moved to Turkey and lived there for a while. And as many of those crazy leader’s common characteristic  he was living in a European country. France. Then the doors of Iran was open to him again. However it happened. A flight to Iran brought him back on 1979.  A flight company named Air-France. He was back to his land and welcomed by 5 million people. So the base of revolution was well prepared before his arrival to Iran.

Weirdly just 1 year later than his arrival to Iran and his first year of leadership, Iraq’s crazy leader Saddam decided to conquest his old friend’s land. What a surprise. This war took 8 long years. Iraq was supported by USA. Yes, it’s not a joke. Iraq was supported by USSR, Brazil, Egypt, USA and Arab Union. Iran had no support from outside. About 1.400.000 Iranian and 300.00 Iraqi was dead(Included soldiers and civilians) . Iran and Iraq both spent US$ 1 trillion. And no one really knows the bloody reason for the war!!! Then, same supported Saddam hanged on 30 December 2006 by his supporters.

So, let’s come over to my real question and conclusion. What is the reason that there are no manifestations? There is no war since Iran started producing Nuclear Weapons? Are you afraid of your hand made leaders who may throw one of those nuclear weapons just on top of your head? It’s why you want to use Israel instead of going there by your own armies? One more time you want to make them kill each other like Iraq – Kuwait, Iraq – Iran etc etc.? Why Arab world cannot stop this oily invasions to avoid their people’s death?

Yes I know, my questions are useless! They will anyhow begin the fire and kill many civilians. But makes me sad that there are no people going out like in Vietnam war. Like those discriminated hippies when they were singing songs against Vietnam War. I don’t know how and when we become that irresponsible, careless for many children’s lives waiting to be taken there by war creators. By those blind for money, for oil. By those imperialists and materialists.
Thanks for reading.

Behind and beyond! While we divide into you and we!

In Afasia's corner... on November 14, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Behind and beyond! While we divide into you and we!

Before bringing freedom to rest of the ME countries, please check the ones you have already done.

Taliban’s soldiers in Afghanistan – Ghazni stoned a woman and her daughter blaming of adultery.

Can you see the future of Libya now? They just declared in Libya that they are going to govern the country by Islamic Rules! Can you see the future of Iraq now? Can you see the future of Syria now? Do you see a future now?

Then we are looking at politician’s propaganda on election time. For example they win by saying those words in Spain; Romanian or Pakistani people are not very welcome if they are not coming to work here. They prepare to win by using racist videos and images. People go and vote them. Same people’s representatives sign a pact to bomb Libya or Afghanistan or etc. etc. You may not be conscience of your responsibility, but we are all responsible of each and all moves happening in our planet. Just use your right to say STOP. At least, say stop instead supporting them on their bloody and oily actions.

PD: By the Islamic rules of Taliban, mixed wedding celebrations with music are forbidden. Women at home and men outside can celebrate it without music. Thanks USA! Thanks Europe! World is a better place by your support!

When the war knocks your door!..

In Afasia's corner... on November 3, 2011 at 3:49 pm

Yes, still the same topic. Iran have some nuclear weapons.

Somehow we have to avoid this and keep the oil save. Imagine they got an accident and one of those weapons explode and we loose a grand oil reserve there in Iran. How horrifying even the idea of it right?

So, what do we have to do next?

“KILL THEM ALL” to ensure all nuclear weapons are destroyed.

“THROW AN ATOMIC BOMB” to save our world from any terrorist nuclear attack from Iran. (We must remember and teach to our children what has happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

Use Agent Orange/HERBICIDE? (Vietnam estimates 400,000 people being killed or maimed and 500,000 children born with birth defects due to this chemical weapon used by US Army/Vietnam War 1955 – 1975).

etc. etc. etc.

Yes, you are right. You may ask the same question and doubt -how a country with such criminals can organize to save the world. I want to think that they got the lesson from their past actions! But all we know that’s not true!..

Today we got a new lovely move from Israel on same. They are preparing their weapons and directing them to Iran.

So, reading above link and the lovely conversation between very pretty foreign ministers of both countries really make your blood freeze inside your veins. Shortly they are just trying to show how far they can pee. It’s kind of power show off. If you read their lovely words, you can easily understand that they don’t give a shit if one side or other starts the fire, may hundreds or thousands of civil die.

At the other hand, Sarkozy and Obama are dealing to force Iran not to keep any nuclear weapon or produce. Same actors again in the same movie. All we know it’s a remake because we have seen it before on cinemas.  Our fathers have also seen a different version of it. Their fathers and our grand grandfathers too.

So, I would like to know why Sarkozy and Obama or others don’t go and ask the same thing from Russia or China. Someone can reply this simple question? I know some of you already asked this question before but did anyone get any answer? I also desire them to destroy all Nuclear/Atomic/Chemical weapons in all countries but not by using them please!!! Why it has to be by killing innocent children, women and men? Why leaving behind an angry generation?

Just say no to any operation before it gets late for all of us!..

Thanks and Best Regards

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