Are you one of those who don’t become exhausted of killing?: The rights are not taken by blood.

In Fanny Lulu's diary on October 21, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Dear guests,

I believe that ‘There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people…’

And I am one of  those who feel like a real human being but also can’t do anything concrete to stop the crime against humanity,

Those who defend the right to life of the others,

Those who are against injustice in any form whatsoever,

Those who take side of  peace, justice and liberties which are in accordance with democracy…

Those who are not conditioned to die and kill,

I am not talking about 60’s synthetic Hippie slogans, i am just saying that there must be found out solutions for ongoing terror attacks all over the world.Today is the the day of  LAYING DOWN THE ARMS for ETA, The PM Zapatero declared that ‘This is the victory of democracy, law, intelligence and diplomacy.’

September 26th in 2005 was the day of  LAYING DOWN THE WEAPONS for IRA, The Cease-Fire was very significant developement for not only Irish- English community but also rest of the world to realise the possibility of ending a radical terrorist organisation.

Yesterday, november 20th, was the day of The FALL of A Great Dictator Libyan Gaddafi, he was killed by the armed rebels at the end of the civil conflict which started 9 months ago. Most of the Libyan seemed to be very happy with the breaking news but i hope that ‘Democratic’  Libya- The Oil Paradise- does not turn out to be like North Iraque under Amerikan mandatory and they finally welcome the expected democracy.

In Republic of Turkey, we have been suffering from  separatist terrorist organisation PKK for 27 years and now i will let you know about the statistics of this bloody-cross border game:

Since 1984 till 2011 october the number of the martries who turned into numbers in the statistics : approximately 6700,

The number of the people who lost their lives during the PKK attacks: approximately 5800,

PKK Terror cost totally 41900 lives as martries, civils, terrorists who were captured dead…

21700 is the number of the people who were wounded throughout 27 years,

When we mention the total lost of the sides the number reaches to the top and the statistics point at over the number of 63443.

When we have a glance at the total amount of this bloody years in economic sphere, we see the reality that the economic cost of  PKK terror is about 350 billion dollar as the governments gave the lion’s share to the Defence Ministry for over 27 years in stead of allocating the budget among the health, education, social services and social security…

PKK terror doesn’t seem to be solved by our government & general staff unless L’empire des Loups fall down. It is obviously known that PKK terror organisation has been controlling by Western States such as Germany, Belgium, Norway, Holland e.t.c, Russia, U.S.A, some Middle East countries (like Beshar’s Syria and Ahmedinejad’s Iran) and these ‘friendly’ states have been directly or indirecty supporting PKK  by trade in arms. According to the Turkish intelligence sources and released Wikileaks documents PKK is financially fed by the Western States and USA.  Moreover it is  disclosed that US Army sees members of the terrorrists Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which is classified by the US as a terrorist group, as freedom fighters (?)…

It is also very well known that PKK has been dealing with illegal drug trade between Middle East and Europe.  As you may see even if the ugly truth is known by Turkish government and the  ‘states which are the sides of this wicked game’, the results do not change for years.

In conclusion, i hope that the Fall of  IRA and ETA will be taken as an example of the Salvation from Terror in my country. I need to believe that our officials will take the Ireland and Spain’s diplomatic methods into consideration to end this mortal combat.

If  Turkish government, neighbour states and PKK itself do not tend to sort this complex question out,  mass deaths will continue and we will be the witnesses of  the painful life stories after the people are gone…

Thanks and Warm Regards…


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