In Afasia's corner... on September 9, 2011 at 2:34 pm

This year I wanted to skip this topic and forget about it . But then when I thought about the countries which US still inside or against, I felt I should remind once again possible future terror attacks to this continent’s people just not to blame others instead their “OWN” voted Politicians as those are all results of their politic moves. Just let them remember that, this is the reason why they are living in fear. This is the reason why they are afraid of everything. This is the reason why they have beloved ones lost inside or outside country, inside or outside US Army. I would honestly say same thing for Spain(Attacks in Madrid Metro March 2004) or for Turkey (HSBC Attack Nov 2003) etc. etc.

Our countries, our politicians are preparing this situation by sending troops to other countries or/and by not trying things in democratic ways. We have an important role here while we are voting. We have to ask our politicians not to send troops to other countries for oily reasons. We have to ask them not to make our hands get same dirt on. We have to let them know, we are not stupid and enough aware of things going on to avoid many other 9/11 like the one sadly ended with 3.000 death and more than 6.000 injured civilians.

You simply have to know your responsibilities in this game, otherwise you can be the next one died or killed by your own hands.

Thanks for your understanding and sensibility.

Best Regards


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