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‘In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.’

In Fanny Lulu's diary on August 24, 2011 at 7:40 pm

Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, ‘DR’ Congo…The Black Continent.. is a mournful land;

where the death gets routine and just becomes  mere statistics,

where the innocent children are victims of the ancient colonization and drought crisis…

those unlucky children whom their graves were digged by the colonial powers  years ago,

those who embrace the misery along with the wealth,

those who are tired of living, sad and most importantly,

the millions who see ‘’to be violated by the  white men’’ as a destiny.

Somalia is an African country where the one child dies within six minutes,

30.000 of childen who melted down till their cells and died within three months.

Those are the children of a country which i dream it to be a part of the ‘United States of Africa’.

Africa…the lonelinest and the most beautiful continent of the world…

My country, Turkey could not remain insensitive and speechless just in that way. In fact, they did not remain silent and could not remain as well…The millions shared what they had in the face of this painful view touching their hearts even though they knew the fact that this was a temporary solution for Somalia which some of its parts became gangrenous…

Somalian people could not receive financial and moral support from the Western countries as much as i expected but the millions of my country offered their hands to those who needed humanitarian aid and relief throughout the Holy month Ramadan. Besides a muslim should have been helpful and well aware of the others’ lives around themselves. It was totally the right time to take an action.

Turkish people donated approximately 300 billion TL for Somalia and  Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılayı), journalists, civil society organisations and the other volunteers went to the country to witness the survivors’ conditions in Dadaab Refugee Camp of UN where thousands of  Somalian people live under inhuman conditions with lack of food and drinking water. The witnesses stated that they were ashamed of their mankind when they saw the dramatic struggle for life.

Futhermore it was underlined that there should be done fundamental transformations in the country which will stop the civil war, teror attacks and the terrorists who put the barricade in  front of the people in need of aid.

The most important thing is that the government has to do is to make  constructive policies  to stop the increasing hunger, thirst and violence events; to struggle with the drought crisis and population growth. Unless the life conditions are convenient for the people living there, it should be forbidden to have babies more than two. Otherwise it should be applied some sanctions to make people conscious of the hard situation.

The other complicated issue is to stop the attacks of the Somalian pirates in Gulf of Aden. The government and the international public opinion has to move and be in a good cooperation with each other. ( It has been 11 months since 3 Turkish and 15 Georgian crew were captured by the Somalian pirates asking for  million dollars ransom and unfortunately we are still unable to receive any news from them after they took the control of the vessel 11 monts ago…We as Turkish government has to recover the diplomatic relations with Somalia government to save the crew if they are stil alive…)

In conclusion, you will easily remember that ‘UN Goodwill Ambassador’ Angelina Jolie once came to visit Syrian Refugee Camp in Hatay in July and this news made a huge sensation on the world channels but nothing’s changed in Assad’s Syria after Jolie’s visit as expected…Recently she has gone to Crotia in order to support Crotian areas to be cleared of mines. Thanks to you Lady Sweetheart but i think you are a bit late to visit Somalian children…I hope you can find some time to spread your  impressions from the black continent to the rest of the sleeping ‘’beauty world’…

Now…let’s be aware of the dark side of the moon and do something to make ourselves more human…!


Let’s bring down the new Berlin Walls all over the world..!

In Fanny Lulu's diary on August 13, 2011 at 3:00 pm

50 years ago…They built a shame wall which separated the Berliners from each others. It was not only a self defense fence but also a challenge to the Iron curtain countries and the Soviet ideology…

Friends, sisters, brothers, beloved ones fell apart and put their clocks back as if they were living in the former Hitler’s era. They say the wall was built to prevent East Berliners from fleeing Soviet control but in fact  they tried out to prevent the spreading bullet proof  ideas by propaganda.

 The ideas were contagious according to their ideology and the best way of suppressing oppinions was to put them under quarantine. The millions had to be seperated in order to reestablish the public order and in case of necessity they used to be humiliated, tortured and killed, the brave ones fell victim as they attemped to flee across the Berlin Wall just to see their precious relatives or friends on the otherside of the strip..The wall was exactly just like a prison for the East Berliners..

 Yeah, the ideas might be taken in to consideration by the community and could go a step further to change the system ‘which has been operating for the common interest for years.’

 In 1989, they tought that they won the competition and distributed the proceed of crime among the public generously by knocking down the wall. .Well, would the ‘new package of the old’ have worked out?

Yeah, Soviet Regime in Russia finally collapsed and the danger largely fade away. But it was not that easy to keep the eyes and minds closed. The German Democratic Republic (GDR/East Germany) joined the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG/West Germany), and Berlin reunited into a single city by the Grundgesetz constitution Article 23.

The reunification brought accumulated  plans, varying expectations along with itself and opened new horizons for the immigrants, the millions living away from their homelands and people looking for a safe land to continue their living in good conditions.

The reunification could not resist the transformation in the society and as a result of this the East Berliners welcomed the shimmering world of capitalism and let’s say they went along with the new world order.

50 years later…We have been still building brand new shame-walls all over the world, the best and the unique example is Israeli West Bank Barrier which is constructed in Gaza Strip. There is only one sentence i can use  in this case:  As long as you increase the pressure level upon society, the reaction and resistance get as much as that…That’s what Israel will face in the near future.

Let’s bring down the new Berlin Walls  all over the world (even if there is a brutal system behind the walls…)

BLOOD-MONEY per child´s death

In Afasia's corner... on August 11, 2011 at 6:45 pm

75Million$ for 200 children in Nigeria . 11 death. This is the price of purchasing Nigerian children there. This is the price of buying hopeless poor human flesh for our own interests. Testing cures to heal high level human being on “low-level life forms”(I am really sorry for mentioning this with such irony but it´s how they think, or at least I believe. Otherwise they wouldn´t do such a thing.) without caring secondary effects of tested medicines. This is the price of “KILLING”, “POISONING” children only to have cheaper test dummies and earn more money from their “health matter” business. I don´t know if is that different from the war business? One kills to cure other and the other kills to protect the other. What I understand from that is poor must die. Thanks for making us sell our lives. Hope not to sell our souls. For what? NO IDEA!!! Maybe to keep something own.

We have to stop this mentality of still using those poor people for any kind of our interests. And please Africa, WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! THE ONE IS DYING NEXT TO YOU IS YOUR OWN CHILD!! DON´T LET THEM DO THAT FOR EVEN 1.000.000$ PLEASE!!! DON´T LET THEM ABUSE YOU!!!

Thanks and Best Regards



In Afasia's corner... on August 5, 2011 at 5:01 pm


10.000 children died per month at past 3 months means 30.000 children due to hunger. Somalia’s government and some terrorist groups don´t let the arrival of humanitarian aid in country. People leaving their houses, killing each other to reach some help but no way to keep their children alive. A woman was keeping one of her child´s death body for some weeks without informing organizations which helping them to receive food for 2 children to have more food for her other boy.

I would love to know where the hell are all those organizations and union of countries which trying to keep world a save place by fighting against hand-made terrorist groups in Iraq, Libia, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,  etc.? Where are them and why don´t they fight against those invisible terrorists appearing time to time to kill innocent Somalian children and steal their foods? Is there any politician still bear a heart in his/her chest or even without a hearth would say stop to this.

Take a look to above photo taken by and think that tomorrow might be your child´s turn. We never know nature´s plans for us. No water means no food. They already know how to survive with almost no food. We have no clue, that means the tragic end of european nation in world. Simply,  just make an empathy and help those children.

I call all those countries and organizations which are working for “world´s safety” to do their duty.

Thanks and Best Regards

Question: Which one is more fatal: being within the fight or staying out of the fight?

In Fanny Lulu's diary on August 3, 2011 at 2:51 pm

”You can’t be succesful, unless you steal…”

Remember that you are surrounded by the capitalist world and it wants you to ‘embrace the skin you are in…’

I  hate the calming effect of capitalism and destructive power of the money. Moreover my rage against human nature is pushing me to search more about  ‘why we are killing each other; why we worship the money this much and why we are in need of having much more than we really need. I can not stand the truth that ‘happy and carefree minority’ deliberately creates poverty, hunger, thirst, limitless insensitivity and political blindness. As we witness on the tv screens the political decisions based on repeated lies drag the communities in to an unreasonable consumption and  at the same time drag the poor majority in to the tsunami of death. Finally the modern world & its humanity (including happy minority) will welcome the natural disasters because of its greed and ambition.

Let me remind you something related to our future and generation next: We will produce hundreds of millions of weapons for the communities to kill each other by making war without needing any causes. We will produce much more drugs, pills, alcohol, tobacco and anti-depressants for our people by presenting them as a good solution of stress and our exhausting lives. We will waste our natural sources madly and unnecessarily just like digging our own graves. We will make up new  and creative lies and excuses to overturn the leaders & presidents when  they don’t agree with our current policies. We deliberately destroy the nature all together with food chain which will turn our lives in to the hell.

As the photographer Walker Evans said years ago: The structures which have been rising up vertically for years, symbolize the merciless and cruel power of capitalism and the system assimilates the cities & life styles into itself with its entire advancement and brutality…

In every land there is death and decay, you can easily see suffering crowds and you can easily be accustomed to be unconcerned as long as you do not spread your ideas to the rest of the world. (Taking an action would be asset but taking the risk of being killed would be your self sacrifice.) Happy minority does not tend to comprehend the others’ miserable lives and we will all be exposed  to the same disasters unless we stop consuming and destroying everything around us like bloodthirsty vampires.

We will pay them all forward as long as we live in this new world order. But my question is how far we can go with this wild system which supports apathetic and selfish determined consumption and inequality with the conclusion of millions dying each year from poverty and deprivation of standard goods such as home, food, safe water sources, home etc…

Let’s think about the system which transforms each one of us in to ‘Frankenstein and which will destroy itself in the near future.


In Afasia's corner... on August 1, 2011 at 8:57 pm

A man gave birth to his  tragic life on 28 April 1937 just 74 years ago. The one who didn´t know one day he will mislead, mistreat, lie, kill, torture etc. his own people. The one who  used by out forces and hanged again by same powers right 69 years later. They gave him life and they took it away from him by same. Like god. So you expect me to believe in evolution in a place which human act as god(or maybe not as, maybe our only god in the universe)?

Year 1959. Saddam Hussein, 22 years old, used for the first time(by The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party (the name sounds weird because later Saddam Hussein didn´t even acted once as a socialist)) to assassinate the Abd al-Karim Qasim. The attend was not so succesful, Saddam got a shoot from his leg and he could escape from death with the help of CIA and MOSSAD. He was trying to kill a man who has come to govern Iraq by coup. Same as Saddam Hussein´s tragic beginning and end. UK´s and USA´s lovely puppets. The ones who forget easy who pays the bill. Saddam Hussein forgot his young actions and went into a deep, rich, lovely dream of ruling a country. But the country which never has/have been his/their.

Like Muammar Gaddafi, like Qaboos bin Said al Said, like Idriss Déby(his name in worst dictators list with Robert Mugabe who has been honored by Queen Elizabeth II in 2008 as Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Bath) shared on )

All those dictators could have reach the sweet chair by this “secret power´s” help and now you want us to believe in Arab Spring(Arabic Revolution). You want us to keep trusting your words. You want us to shut our mouths and watch your bloody actions which millions of children and women are dying. Presidents like Nicolas Sa rkozy can pop-up and say easly, yes we´ve provided guns to the Libian rebels. They can provoke wars, they can support terrorists, they can support assassinations, change other countries presidents, move dictators and they keep ruling as presidents. We give this easy lifes by our hands to those exploiters!..


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