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Israel using phosphoric explosives on Philistine

Closing your eyes won’t help you to not see the disgrace or to forget this shame and your children will pay for this bloody testament. Planting bad (hate seeds) seeds will return you as flowers of pain and sorrow in your gardens. …… What will be your answer?  Those poisoned children one day will grow up and ask their revenge. What will you say to them? Sorry for destroying their entire life? Sorry for murders of their families? Sorry for being on their lands just to suck natural resources for over 100 years? That is the way how we are planning to apologize from those children? Just try to make empathy. Just try to make good justice.

Israel uses phosphoric explosives on Philistine which is totally forbidden by Geneva Convention and it’s protocols since 1949. Those protocols were written right after some bloody experiences to not repeat them once again. We should not forget those mistakes and we also must remind those who break the pact. I feel responsible for their treatments on civilians and I share the pact by

Thanks to Wikipedia and Google too for being such a great resources.

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  1. what a shame!
    i hope our words will create a difference and world will be a better place for children. (yes i’m foolish)
    i love your dramatical style, please keep writing.

  2. I wish we could do much more than writing! But this dirty game on scenario since long long time and they know really well what they are playing on. I hope at least we can learn how to respect children and civil while killing each other 😦 Sad to wish this but at least this is a wish which could be completed!.

    Thanks a lot for following us and thanks a lot for sharing your opinions!..

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