In Afasia's corner... on June 12, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Some countries are asking their rights against dictators and some other countries are voting for their dictators! Choosing the one who rules their life!  Who limits them! Who cuts their resources, rights! Who keeps them under control!

So, the people used it´s unique democratic authority to select their only dictator with majority of the votes for the 3rd time. The people said; we are totally agree with what you were doing until now and we support you for your further actions, crazy projects and the possibility of  converting the country from laicism to Islamic law! Even the idea of having one more Iran freaks me out. One more country between Europe and Asia, ruled by radical Islamist s order!  And a lady, buried until the waist waiting to be stoned only because she was reading a book or cheating her husband, or for whatever reason. I hope this isn´t the end of this lovely country called Turkey!

At the other hand as an artistic point of view, Turkish artists won´t expect anything for next 4 years either. As you will also remember Erdogan´s acts against some sculpture to brake down due to their nudest appearance or only because he didn’t like the statue. So now I want to ask them; do they really feel something sexual to a nude statue or sculpture? So I am afraid they do feel same for your 5 years old  daughter´s mini skirt too right? You maybe think that I am exaggerating but I am really worried about Turkey´s next 4 years!

I hope the people  know what they really want from the government!.

I hope they will never find the exact number in parliament to change the constitution!

Thanks and Best Regards

  1. To be honest, i don’t feel insecure about the regime and many people i know, do not have much concern, too.
    In my humble opinion, they will keep making much more rehearsal regarding to many subject heading which we have doubts and fears but the changes will not be related to the religion revolution by direct or indirect ways.
    In addition, this political party freaks me about economic programs which are not efficient enough to increase the employment rate, increasing energy dependence, intervention policies which they are not able to be responsible for and diplomatic aggrements and signatures which are not transparent to the public, Kurdish autonomy issue and actually everything about anti-democratic implements…
    I want to believe that the government will do the necessary revises through referendum system but we will be aware of that the majority which they have & democracy will be by their side again…
    It is a kind of dilemma…So i just can wish that :

    ””’hope the people know what they really want from the government!.””’

    It is all about the millions ( and their points of view) living in this country…

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