If you feel like drowning in think ”tanks”, the only tip i can give you is to change your paradigms in your lives…

In Fanny Lulu's diary on June 9, 2011 at 7:52 pm

Have you ever questioned yourself  whether you were the part of the governments with bloody hands which have the power to shape the tailor-made new world order?

The world has been still burning in the gun powder storms, never ending conflicts, mortal combats and spinning around the disproportionate strength.

I got to be more pessimistic about our future and the generation next nowadays but furthermore i am afraid to say that i got to be accustomed to spectate the bombardments of Nato in Palestine, Afganistan and Libya for keeping the peace, death news and ongoing civil wars between the government forces and the demonstraters (most of them are from democracy front against dictatorship) in Syria and Yemen.

In addition to above all, i could not be that much glad for the arrest of Ratko Mladic who are called ‘Butcher of Sırbia’ because of some Sırbian crowd who protested his arrest and could not digest that he would surely be on trial within the following days. As we clearly see that there are still extremely nationalist people defending blood,tear, death and decay and this naked reality makes me sad and hopeless about ‘wind of change’ in the West side Story . We will not be able to build up a new world which gives all of us chances to live in fraternity and peaceful coexistence unless we knock down the Walls of Shame existing in our hearts. I know how this dream place  is called in public: ‘’Utopia’’…and there is no place like Utopia on this earth which we have been proud of occupying for ages…

Well, who are those bloody minds which blockade our castles? Have we ever thought that we were the voters who gave them the opportunity of using the violence and all the other rights which they can have the total control of our lives, manupulating our choices, ideas, dreams and everything up to our existence. Who are those men in black seizing our future according to the vandalism laws? Let me kindly give you the answer, those who make the world reversed are the deputies we vote in the process of  the representative elections in the states which are governed by democracy. ( There is no chance  to vote for the deputies but making revolution in the states which are governed by dictatorships…)

As i mentioned before, 99 is not 100 and thus before you choose your representative in the parliament, go in to your inner self, be aware of  the importance of contrubuting for the integrity in public and being organised, finally try to find the  pure truth away from populism which are easily afforded to be injected in to your mind.

So maybe tomorrow…you can change something little by little and be a part of an ordinary world which will be turning round.

Vote in front of your concious and mind court!!!…

  1. We are now following several “weird” stories around the world, all around. In the past years, we were used to see those kind of scenarios but it was rare, ok, not this much.

    From E.Coli to new generation revolutions there are several different “games” on different levels are being played right now or it’s just my paranoia.

    My question is does it really matter whoever comes to lead right now? My concern is no, it doesn’t matter at all. I think the people behind this wind machine don’t play on one man, They don’t even believe in one man except themselves . The cover and the way it looks may differ but the stop which they are trying to push us is same.

    • Yeah, as we witness the news through various resources, the world and we, humanbeing are getting wilder and wilder in every passing minute, i have no need to overstate what i see, hear and predict…but it’s indeed like we emphasize and most probably more than we cry out…

      My second yeah…It does not matter whoever takes the leadership in a match which does not have a fair referee…actually i am not talking about just only one man, but also underlining how important to be well organised. One real man does not have enough power to change the corrupted situation but the wise ideas of that man may be contagious if s/he knows how to operate and go further with them all step by step.

      Remember Mandela 😉

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