Tayyip’s democracy?

In Afasia's corner... on June 7, 2011 at 3:16 pm

Turkish elections going to take place on 12 June 2011 and the politicians are on streets to ask votes and wash people’s head. It seems this year’s elections going to be really stressful because more than 3 political party want a piece of sweet chocolate chair. 1-Extreme Right Islamist(Current government) 2-Middle Left 3-Radical Nationalist As you also know in general there is economical crisis in all countries and of course youngsters are blaming the current government about the situation. Each city Tayyip Erdogan(prime-minister of Turkey)  visits there are celebrations and manifestations. Both are great in my opinion. A loved person may also have people who hates him. As a person I would wounder if all say you are perfect. I would ask me what is wrong with me everybody around thinks that I am really great. There is something wrong. But the current prime-minister(Tayyip Erdogan) thinks opposite. People who talk bad about him are in jail now or people who illustrate him ugly are front of a Judge. Doesn’t really matter even if you don’t talk about him but he would love to control and to limit their internet. At the moment the quantity of forbidden websites in Turkey about 5.000 or 10.000 and they want to add 60.000 forbidden content to prohibition(to avoid search of words related to porn, sex, gamble etc etc).

All those prohibitions came to a sad conclusion on 31 May 2011. People went out to protest prime-minister in one of his demonstration. Military and Police already were there to stop protesters of course called by government. Between 100 of people, there was a retired teacher who was also against prime-minister (which is totally wrong being against a dictator). Without knowing that Metin Lokumcu also wanted to go squares and make his voice heard by politics. Probably his son, daughter or brother was without job and that was disturbing him a lot because he could not stand seeing his brother’s child crying with hunger(who knows) . Police came with a barricade to stop them and as usual people didn’t want to stop. Like what has happened in Barcelona, an order came from government to beat them all. But they didn’t know that Metin Lokumcu had a hearth problem before throwing some gases in the field. Due to an hearth attack he died only for protesting Turkish prime-minister.

So it’s the story of how Turkish Government kills his people only for manifesting them. This is the endless story of Turkish government’s liberty mentality. I believe it’s time to show them that we don’t want dictators anymore anywhere in the world. We don’t support any king, sultan, prince, princess. It’s time to say “NO” on 12.06.2011.

Thanks and Best Regards

Recep Tayyip Erdogan by Medi Belortaja

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