Ilaria Alpi 24 May 1961 – …

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Ilaria Alpi  24 May 1961 – …

I wish I could celebrate her birthday on time just about 2 weeks ago but like her story, like why she has been murdered, I also forgot her birthday.

Italian Journalist Ilaria Alpi was born on 24 May 1961 and killed on 20 March 1994 with her cameraman(Miran Hrovatin), because they were the only evidences of Italian toxic waste which left on Somalian and Haitian beaches.

She suspected a dirty business and as a  journalist, she was investigating the delinquents because the children specially in Somalia were having some body deformation like deformed big head, skin problems, having second penis or additional hole which they could urine from. Unfortunately, Somalia is an extremely poor country which we should try to help. But what we were doing instead helping them is destroying their life by leaving our toxic wastes.

Why do those people have to pay our mistakes? Who has that power to give that Somalian child´s health back? Unfortunately there is NOBODY enough brave to stand against mafia, like Ilaria did more than 17 years ago. There is actually a way to pay back. Finding culpable s  and making them pay back million dollars they have earned from their ugly business to those children and families.

But there is one thing we can´t ever bring back or heal is the environment. There are animals also dying because of their dirty earn.

As a conclusion, let me celebrate Ilaria´s birthday and give our condolences to her family. She was one of those who really consider the importance and the responsibility of being a Journalist.

Rest in peace Ilaria.

Thanks and Best Regards

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  1. What a dramatic story. We can see how can the money (greatest invention of mankind) be the greatest enemy of us.
    Are we really need to more people die for continue of human race?
    We have 200 years only if we keep using the world resources like today (Stephen Hawking)

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